World Cannabis Tours Shows The Fun and Benefits of Cannabis

The West Coast Cannabis Tours (WCCT) gives people a chance to see what is going on in the cannabis industry in San Diego.
These tours have been taking a tour of medical marijuana businesses since 2017.
When you are taking a tour, you will be on a custom bus limousine. The bus will take newbies to aficionados to a glass blowing studio, a glass blowing studio and supply house that will show people on the tour how to do rosin pressings as well as infused cooking.
While you are on the bus, you are certainly encouraged to try some cannabis, but it does not mean that you have to actually try some.
Recently, this tour has made some addition to their original tour called Intro to Cannabis.
According to Todd Green, the owner of the company, the main mission of his company is to make people more aware of cannabis by having them do fun, innovative, activities and outings. n
Green thinks that they have choices such as the Buds and Brews tour where people brew and blend cannabis The tour members are allowed to have free samples of the product. Another new offering by (WCT) is that you can do herbally enhanced yoga. This yoga adventure is supposed how people can integrate smoking cannabis into a healthy lifestyle.
WCCT has some other hands-on courses. In one course, an art teacher shows people how to make exciting, interesting art during classes titled Canvas and Cannabis. Another course shows the students how to make joints and sushi. The students of this course will hopefully get a double payoff.
Y WCCT is the first company in Southern California to do licensed and insured tours. Their tours are uniquely for open-minded and fun-loving enthusiasts who enjoy cannabis. One of the goals of this company is to remove the stigma that some people still have about cannabis.
The activities of the WCCT is supposed to help you explore the benefits of marijuana.

WCCT will entertain as well as educate you about cannabis in southern California.

Travel to the West Coast

No travel to the west coast is complete without a trip to Las Vegas.

Like an oasis in the desert, Nevada’s most popular resort town, Las Vegas, is a short drive from Los Angeles. With casinos, shows, concerts, and gambling, it is a frequent weekend destination. The strip includes many iconic landmarks (from The Luxor’s pyramids and The New York New York’s Statute of Liberty to The Flamingo and Circus Circus, the strip lights up in a big and bright way). Beginning this year, Las Vegas has become a sports town. The hometown Las Vegas Golden Knights play in the T-Mobile arena near New York New York (which makes sense for hockey!). The Golden Knights have made it to the Stanley Cup Western Conference Finals in their first season. Walking the strip on a game day, you’ll see many “Neal” and “Fleury” jerseys, showing how the spirit of the game has infiltrated the entire city. Home games include a medieval pre-show, celebrities, and lots of Vegas glamour. The family friend atmosphere makes Knights’ games a great event to attend with children.

If you find yourself visiting the west coast, head over the NHL page and check out the Golden Knights’ page. Can you fit a game or practice in to your trip? You won’t be disappointed and you’ll see a brand new type of Las Vegas show.

Which California City is a Better Place to Experience: Los Angeles or San Francisco

Millions of people travel to the west coast of the United States every year. They primarily travel to California for vacation and they go there to experience life in the Golden State. Huffington Post states that Los Angeles and San Francisco frequently get many tourists every year. Both cities have millions of residents and are loaded with lots of attractions, amazing scenery and fantastic people. Let’s take a closer look at both cities to figure out which is a better place to visit during a trip.

Los Angeles is officially known as the City of the Angels. The name is Spanish, and it comes from an early Portuguese explorer named Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo. The population of Los Angeles is close to 4 million people. This is the second largest population center in the United States. The city is also the entertainment center of the U.S. and the world. Los Angeles has many professional sports organizations. The Rams, Lakers, Clippers and Dodgers are the primary sports team in the area.

Attraction in L.A. include Dodger Stadium, Disney Land and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The La Brea Tar Pits and Santa Monica Peer are two other famous attractions. The Mexican food is outstanding in the L.A. area and the beaches are fantastic. San Francisco’s name literally means Saint Francisco and it was officially named by Spanish settlers in the area in 1776. San Francisco has plenty of attractions which includes everything from Silicon Valley, Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz to China Town and Candlestick Park.

San Francisco is also a leading technology city with lots of great restaurants and plenty of things to do throughout the year. Close to 1 million people live in this city and it has great beaches and natural scenery. So, which one is a better place to visit? Well, that will depend on what you desire for your vacation.

Los Angeles moves at a faster pace than San Francisco but San Francisco has a lot more to do in terms of family friendly fun and vacation entertainment. In short, both places make good vacation destinations. Make sure you plan your trip accordingly and you will definitely enjoy yourself regardless of which city you decide to visit.

Disneyland Announces Pixar-Themed Foods Ahead Of Pixar Pier Opening

Disney foodies are getting excited for a slew of Pixar-themed restaurant openings in Anaheim’s Disneyland Resort. According to the latest data, half-a-dozen exciting eateries will open their doors to the public in the hot summer months this year.

The reason so many of these new treats are Pixar-themed has to do with the opening of California Adventure’s Pixar Pier on June 23rd. As Disney fans undoubtedly remember, this area of the park used to be called Paradise Pier and was originally designed as an homage to California’s beach boardwalks. Once the renovation is completed, however, everything on Pixar Pier will be based on one of Disney/Pixar’s many hit films…including the restaurants, of course.

One of the many Pixar-themed treats fans are looking forward to is a new iteration of the classic “Dole whip.” Instead of being made with pineapple, this new “Dole whip” will be made with lemon and vanilla ice cream. Since this lemon dessert is being sold in the Monsters, Inc. area of the park, guests can add a bit of blue slushy to the drink to make it resemble everyone’s favorite scary monster: Sully!

A few other superb Pixar-themed treats that are set to be sold on Pixar Pier include Toy Story churros, “Angry” hot dogs inspired by “Inside Out,” and “Finding Nemo” candy apples.

For people who want to sit back, relax, and enjoy a full meal, you should consider booking a reservation at the new restaurant Lamplight Lounge on Pixar Pier’s waterfront. Disney travel experts recommend booking a table here as late as possible to get a great view of the World of Color show.

With all these new snack and dining options, it’s going to pretty hard for Pixar fans not enjoy their stay in Disneyland this summer.

Know Before You Go: Arizona Fire Restrictions

Before you head out into Arizona’s wilderness, it is important to be aware of multiple fire restrictions implemented last week over various locations of the state’s recreational areas. Arizona’s dry and warm winter has contributed to stricter fire regulations already in place headed into the busy wildfire season. Drought conditions, a drier than normal winter, and rising temperatures have exacerbated the situation and led to earlier than usual restrictions for campers and travellers. The last time the state had experienced this high level of drought was three years ago.

The latest report lists campfire and smoking restrictions throughout the state, including areas in the national forests of Tonto, Prescott, and Coconino and on various portions of public land located in the central and western parts of the state. Affected counties include La Paz Yuma, Gila, Mohave, Maricopa, and Yavapai, in addition to some parts of Pinal County. Thus far, these areas are under either a stage one or stage two level of restriction. Various state agencies including the Bureau of Land Management Phoenix and Colorado River Districts and the individual national forest protection agencies work together to determine the restrictions and enforce the rules.

Conditions are being continually monitored by state officials and weekly conferences have been implemented to assist in the dissemination of information. Officials recognize the inconvenience the bans put on forest visitors, however, urge travellers to exercise caution and consider the consequences when using fire.

Travel Industry Mavens Concerned by the State of San Francisco

These days, when we hear about San Francisco in the news, it’s usually about how Silicon Valley has been pouring money into the city. However, one wouldn’t know it by just walking around the streets of this historic city. If anything, the city’s homeless problem has only grown worse within the past few years. People with mental illness and major substance abuse problems have taken to the streets, making certain areas of the city inhospitable at times. The paradox of money and power, in a city that is plagued with problems, is not lost on those charged with the task of promoting the town to tourists. The rent has risen exponentially, but the quality of life has never been worse. Residents report rampant heroin use in the streets, with addicts shooting up in public view.

Even the president of the city’s visitor bureau has reached out with a public plea for help. Noting that he has never seen a city as bad as this, anywhere in the world, Joe D’Allessandro stated that many visitors have reached out to him after their trips to San Francisco. A recent convention led to many techies tweeting about their unsafe experiences in the city, and now others hosting conventions are unsure of whether or not they want to come to San Francisco. With an idyllic image, it seems as if the city has a lot going for it. However, if unable to conquer these recent difficulties, its glamour may reside only in a bygone era.

Los Angeles Places Restrictions on Airbnb Rentals

In L.A., the hotel alternative site Airbnb has become quite an issue for many groups. First, there are the landlords who end up dealing with the fallout from unruly Airbnb guests for rentals that they never authorized to be shared. Nowadays, many landlords have chosen to put provisions in leases that prevent renters from placing their apartments on Airbnb. However, there are many renters that choose to take the risk and do this regardless. Some say that this is what is adding to the city’s housing crisis. Because rents are inflated, more residents have been driven to live in their cars or to crash on friends’ couches.

Recently, L.A. lawmakers decided to take matters into their own hands and start regulating Airbnb. From now on, the city has declared that people cannot rent out apartments and houses that are not their primary residences. Councilman Jose Huizar, whom many have identified as an up-and-comer in Southern California politics, has been leading the charge to improve his neighborhoods and stop bad operators from destroying the feeling of community in so many areas. Recent meetings about the new restrictions have prompted lively debate. Former apartment residents came and spoke out about being evicted from their homes because of Airbnb—and then being forced to pay half their monthly salaries for rent. Citing the need to protect people’s right to housing, they brought a human perspective to the debate.

All Things Pixar at Disneyland

The long-awaited Pixar Fest is now officially underway at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. To celebrate the release of the 20th Pixar film, Disneyland went all out in true Disney fashion to commemorate the milestone and honor the legacy of all of the past beloved Pixar films. Now through September 3, both of California’s Disney theme parks will host a variety of new attractions and events designed to pay homage to all things Pixar. The five-month-long celebration will center around the unveiling of the new Pixar Pier section in Disney’s California Adventure park on June 23. The former Paradise Pier neighborhood is being transformed into a Pixar lover’s dream, featuring the revamped Incredicoaster and new Pixar themed restaurants and gift shops.

In addition to the grand opening of Pixar Pier, the festival will also feature a series of new parades and nighttime spectaculars. Together Forever — A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular is Disneyland’s new fireworks show devoted to the iconic Pixar characters and music. Paint the Night has moved from its former home at Disneyland to Disney California Adventure and now highlights many new Pixar characters and themes. The classic Pixar Play Parade is making a comeback with the debut of new additions from the movies “Up” and “Inside Out”. Never to waste a merchandising opportunity, the Disneyland gift shops and restaurants will be stocked with a myriad of new souvenirs, trading pins, and themed food items designed to make the visit as immersive as possible.

Disney to Launch New App for Park Guests

Disney is continuing to lead the pack in innovation with the launch of a new app designed to enhance the guest experience in its Disneyland Resort and Disney World theme parks. The Play Disney Parks app for iOS and Android devices will be available this summer to guests in the California and Florida parks. Five years ago, Disney launched the My Disney Experience app as a tool to assist guests in navigating through the resort, making dining reservations, and scheduling FastPasses. The Play Disney Parks app will not replace the My Disney Experience app, but will instead be a complement to the original app.

While My Disney Experience was launched as an informational app, Play Disney Parks will be more entertainment-based. Using locator services, the new app will provide users with specific activities encouraging interaction with the surrounding environment. As Disney opens a series of new attractions throughout parks on both coasts, officials are looking for a way to keep guests entertained and happy while waiting in what is sure to be long lines. The app will seek to make those long waits more bearable by making the entire resort a virtual playground. Because the app will be continually evolving, what is normally a static experience on an attraction will become a new adventure every time you walk through the queue line. With the theme park business being the only segment to grow for Disney in 2017, executives are banking on this app to keep customers coming back for more.

Dr. Johanan Rand’s Aging Solutions and Therapies

Dr. Johanan Rand is a physiatrist in Wayne, New Jersey who wants to help people with aging issues. At the Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York, his research is focusing on wellness programs like IV nutrient therapy and other solutions for conditions that could use support from weight loss and anti-aging. The treatments Dr. Rand came up with bits of help to restore health, improve immobility, helps prevent disease and helps with healthy aging. They also offer different ideas for menopausal symptoms which includes mood swings, hot flashes, and anxiety. The healthy aging recommendations address muscle atrophy, fatigue, memory loss, insomnia, and night sweats.

Dr. Rand has a diet program for patients who want fast weight loss results, a half a pound to a full pound in one day. The diet contains a low-calorie restriction, and some patients end up not feeling as hungry as they thought they would (Youtube). The reason why this diet can produce amazing results is that the hormones in the body allow the patients to eat a low-calorie diet, and they will not feel hungry. The reason why most fail a low-calorie diet is that they can not ignore the hunger they feel, the treatment Dr. Rand came up with helps the hunger pains go away. Many patients never had experience with weight loss in this way.

The patients must be well informed about the effect of aging, which other include erectile dysfunction and inflammatory conditions. These conditions greatly reduce the patients to lead a healthy and productive life. Dr. Johanan Rand sees great importance in patient education and provides the necessary information to audiences. The results show that a patient who takes control of their habits and exercising daily can be extremely successful and lead a full and very happy life. Physical therapy is also offered and uses techniques to help restore muscle and the balance of the human body.