Washington State Plans to Launch Tourism Marketing Authority

49 states in the US currently have a state-sponsored tourism marketing program. The only one that doesn’t is Washington. This could all change if the state legislators pass a new bill.


The bill calls for allocating $15 million over the course of two-year periods to fund a Tourism Marketing Authority. This official organization would be responsible for creating and executing plans to showcase what the state has to offer to visitors.


Seattle has seen its tourism industry boom in recent years, but this growth hasn’t been reflected in other regions. The group will be expected to identify areas that could benefit from enhanced marketing and then get the word out that the four corners of the state are all attractive to visitors.


The money for the new agency would come from taxes in addition to private funds. Those taxes would be generated from general sales taxes on travel items like hotels, restaurants, and rental cars. In fact, those taxes are already being collected, and the bill would simply reappropriate how they are allocated. This makes it a win-win for everyone. More visitors bring in more money, and the economies across the state should hopefully experience benefits.


The state used to have a tourism office, but it was forced to close during the recession in 2011. At that time, budgets were tightening in multiple areas, and the organization didn’t make the cut. After a period of hiatus, the tourism group can hopefully relaunch and become successful once again.


LA Will House George Lucas’ Art Museum

After a long search for a home, the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art has found one: Los Angeles. In earlier rounds, some cities, notably Chicago, actively turned down the proposal. In the final round, which also included San Francisco, organizers chose Los Angeles since the museum would impact the area more positively than it would have in the proposed area in San Francisco.


The label “narrative art” reflects the nature of Lucas’ collection, which focuses on items that tell a story. Without a doubt, Star Wars memorabilia and artwork will feature strongly in the museum. But the collection will extend to everything from comic book art and Mad magazine covers to paintings and photographs from over the centuries. The museum’s curators will attempt to blur the boundaries between highbrow and lowbrow art.


The museum will represent an estimated investment of $1.5 billion, which will include the construction costs, the artwork, and an endowment. Lucas is paying for the museum on his own, which made it an attractive offer for many cities. The Los Angeles Exposition Park eventually won out, possibly in part because it already houses three other major museums.


Architects plan to complete the sleek, contoured building, which is reminiscent of something out of Cloud City, by 2020. In addition to being near the Metro line, it will come equipped with parking spaces for 1,800 vehicles. The galleries will be located on an elevated terrace, leaving room for people to walk below. Construction will begin later this year.



Arthur Becker: Man With No Limits

Arthur Becker is a one-of-a-kind leader in the modern technology world. As an investor in real estate, https://therealdeal.com/2016/08/30/tech-mogul-arthur-becker-gets-trio-of-townhouses-for-stake-in-soho-project/, Bio Tech and Info Tech, he has done more for his company than most other managing executive members alone can say in their lifetime. In fact, he is also Madison Partners LLC’s current top managing member.

Mr. Becker earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Bennington College in 1972. He continued his business education at Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth in 1972. Greater and higher things were in store for this exceptional leader, and “time” itself would be the determining factor. It was only a matter of “time” before Mr. Pecker became CEO for Navisite in 2002. It was but another step up the ladder before signing on with Madison.

In his recent interview with US Magazine, he shares much on the importance of strategic planning in all levels of business implementation and execution for long-term success. He identifies talent as the main contributor to full success. He also mentions the importance of having a vision and sharing it in a way that makes it contagious and widespread in all levels of a company, affecting even the employees at the very bottom of the corporate ladder. In his many years of study, training and experience, his wisdom and insight gained have been well taken into account by all present in the daily discussions at corporate headquarters.

Mr. Becker mentions the initial idea of the origins of Madison Partners LLC as having sprung from within. It sprung from his desire to grow in the vastly-rising field of biotechnology, which had been increasing more and more in popularity at the time. He had both a vision and a desire to jump on-board and grow in this ever-growing field, and the result is what is seen today as a multi-million dollar corporation leading the way in new ideas and innovation for all biotechnological pursuits. As is usually the case, there is far more to come. Both Mr. Becker and his company are not done in their plans and goals for greater achievements in days to come.


Legislative Effort in Washington State Seeks to Restore Tourism

Over the last few years, the tourism industry of Washington State has mostly languished. The Evergreen State is not the first choice for prospective visitor who wish to discover the wonders of the West Coast of the United States; most people think of California and Oregon, but Washington is not often mentioned.


Legislators who wish to revive the Washington tourism industry are pushing for a new marketing campaign and a revitalized office to tap into this important economic resource. Although Washington is blessed by the strong economic contribution of the Seattle Metropolitan Area, lawmakers believe tourism could add even more revenue that could be directed to smaller communities.


Washington House Bill 1123 was recently discussed by the Committee on Community Development, Housing and Tribal Affairs. If approved, the bill would create a new Washington Tourism Marketing Authority and a plan to attract people traveling to the West Coast over the next few years.


The legislative proposal would not impose new taxes. Tourism operators believe that Washington is ripe for discovery. Even without marketing, the tourism industry is the fourth largest sector of the state economy; however, this position could fall if marketing continues to be ignored.


Tourism could produce an annual gain of $21 billion to Washington State. The best part of this revenue is that it tends to be evenly distributed among sectors and communities. The new marketing program would ostensibly portray the Evergreen State as a region to be discovered beyond Mount Rainier. The program would include an introduction to Native American reservations where tourists are always welcome.


Visiting the Bay Area? Consider Oakland

Sometimes forgotten in the shadow of San Francisco, Oakland is also a city by the bay that has a lot to offer. City officials have been working hard to boost tourism. They’ve been marketing the area’s entertainment, dining, and shopping destinations, letting people know that the Bay Area region encompasses more than just San Francisco.


The hard work has paid off, and hopefully the city’s tourist industry will continue to grow. In 2015, an estimated 3.5 million people visited Oakland, pumping in $795 million into the local economy. This data is the most recent available, released in January of 2017 by the city’s tourism marketing organization. The numbers are a great sign for people who believe in Oakland’s potential as a bona fide tourist destination.


Significant chunks of money were spent on lodging and food and beverage. The demand for hotel rooms has been growing, and plans are in the works to build modern, upscale hotels to cater to both business and leisure travelers. Some of these visitors are in town for conferences or for meetings at some of the region’s tech companies.


Many neighborhoods in the city have been undergoing transformations. Restauranteurs are identifying places around downtown and other trendy spots where they can launch new establishments. Many of these places could go for a high-end feel, as the Bay Area is one of the wealthiest regions in the US.


Hunting the Best Burritos in California

Huffington Post recently ran a story on the different styles of burritos available in California. If you want to try the best burritos in the state, then buckle your seat belts as you will need to do some traveling.


Encinitas, California


Start your journey by visiting Las Olas for their charbroiled chicken and black bean burrito. Have them combine the red and green sauce unless you like things really spicy.


Mountain View, California


Hit the open highway while enjoying the scenic views on your way to Mountain View for a super carnitas burrito at La Bamba. This heavenly creation contains just the right amount of rice and guacamole.


San Francisco, California


Hit the highway again until you reach Papalote in San Francisco. Order their delicious chile verde super burrito. They let the pork simmer in a green serrano sauce before blending it with sour cream, rice, beans and guacamole. Have them top this masterpiece with their house sauce.


San Francisco, California


No trip for burritos would be complete without a stop at La Taqueria in San Francisco. Order a carnitas super burrito at this family-owned diner. You will find just the right mixture of ingredients in a burrito that is sure to leave you satisfied.


You have enjoyed some mighty fine burritos while enjoying great scenery. While no one knows for sure who invented the first burrito, many people are sure glad that they did.


Over One Million Chinese Tourists Visited LA in 2016

Los Angeles has always been an ideal destination for visitors from around the world. The warm weather, the vast shopping and dining options, the beautiful landscape, and the entertainment destinations all attract tourists. This past year, the city attracted over a million visitors from China alone. This was the first time that an American city crossed over that threshold.


Tourism in LA has been on the rise in recent years. In general, people in many areas of the world have seen their incomes rise, and a lot of them choose to spend their money on vacations. Disneyland, Universal Studios, Hollywood, and the beaches up and down the coast are all known around the world, and these big attractions help draw in visitors. Those with significant resources to spend can hit the shops along Rodeo Drive and in high-end malls. This sales revenue is a great boon for the city in terms of taxes and boosting the local economy.


For the Chinese, Los Angeles is a relatively easy destination to get to. Non-stop flights operated between LAX and many cities in China, including Beijing and Shanghai. Visitors can join tour groups, leaving all of the planning to their guides. They can be transported from the airport to their hotels and around the city, with everything down to their meals planned.


People can also visit on their own, as LA is a city that’s used to tourists wandering around its streets. Taxis, buses, and light rail can take people wherever they need to be, and the city is filled with immigrants and long-time residents who speak Chinese.


Major Solar Eclipse Expected to Boost Tourism in Oregon

Tourism officials in Oregon are preparing for one of the largest influx of visitors to the state in decades. On August 21st, most of Oregon will darken for two minutes in the middle of the morning as the Moon passes across the Sun.


A total eclipse of the Sun has not been witnessed in Oregon for more than 40 years. According to astronomers from the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, the solar eclipse will be a major boost for regional tourism. Oregon Business, a local publication dedicated to the state enterprise, recently reported that campgrounds are being reserved at a frenzied pace months before this cosmological event.


Oregon State Park administrators are preparing for a massive arrival of campers from around the world. In fact, park rangers are hoping to create campgrounds in nature reserves that are normally closed to the public or used by researchers.


Amateur astronomers are analyzing weather patterns to figure out the best spots to watch the eclipse. Some hotel operators have explained that rooms have been booked years in advance for this event, and the favorite city thus far has been Salem. For many Oregon hoteliers, seeing this high demand is highly unusual in the month of August.


The eclipse will be visible from Ontario all the way to Lincoln City on the Central Oregon coast. The best bet for travelers who have not made reservations yet is to look for vacancies in the eastern portion of the state, closer to the Idaho border.


Hot Deals For Flights From West Coast To Europe In 2017

Travelers to the U.S. West Coast can now add a flight to Europe to their vacation for an extremely low rate. How low? Well, if travelers act now, they can buy tickets from L.A. or San Francisco to numerous European destinations for only $69.


These $69 flights were announced a few weeks ago by the budget airline WOW Air. Flight destinations include Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Stockholm, and Bristol, England.


WOW Air executives said this current deal will only last from January 15th to April 5th, but West Coast travelers might get another opportunity to take advantage of these tickets in the future. WOW Air’s founder, Skúli Mogensen, told reporters he didn’t want to announce this deal as just a temporary sale. Instead, Morgensen sees these $69 tickets as the beginning of a new normal for his company.


In addition to the West Coast, WOW Air offers a few $99 fares from Miami and Boston to Iceland. Miami deals will occur from April 25th to May 30th and later from August 31st to October 26th. Boston’s $99 one-way tickets to Reykjavík will go on sale from January 16th to April 3rd.


In addition to WOW Air’s $69 ticket announcement, Norwegian Air also announced that it will offer a few $69 tickets from the USA to Europe in 2017. Interested travelers can book a trip from NYC to Edinburgh using Norwegian Air’s services.


WOW Air was officially founded in Reykjavík, Iceland, in 2011. This low-cost airline has a fleet of 12 planes and flies to 29 destinations in North America and Europe. A few destinations on Wow Air’s list include Pittsburgh, Lyon, Amsterdam, and Toronto.


California Tourism Officials Launch Special Marketing Campaign

The former California Travel and Tourism Commission, now known as Visit California, has launched a marketing campaign to entice Australian tourists to travel halfway across the world and visit the West Coast.


According to a recent news story published by Australian marketing industry website AdNews, Visit California plans to spend more than $5 million to attract tourists from the land Down Under. Australian tourists who visit the United States have been traditionally interested in New York City as one of their favorite spots to visit; however, the West Coast is a more accessible destination in terms of distance.


The Visit California campaign relies on star power to attract tourists. The television and online video segment of the campaign features basketball legend Magic Johnson, intrepid surfer Laird Hamilton, beach volleyball star Gabby Reece, and actress Anna Faris. The attractive commercial entices single Australians who would like to balance their vacations as they visit Hollywood, nightlife spots and adventure destinations.


Another segment of the Visit California campaign is geared towards families. “Kidifornia” presents more emphasis towards outdoor tourism spots that may be more appealing to children. Although Australians have plenty of nature destinations that they can enjoy at home, Visit California is focusing on the advantage of the Golden State as a place where snowcapped mountains are only a few hours away from vineyard country and majestic deserts.


Other elements of the Visit California campaign include posters that can be seen at railway stations and bus depots. These posters feature attractive people and beautiful vistas.