Ross Abelow Helps Homeless Pets in New York

Ross Abelow is a New York attorney. His law office specializes in commercial real estate, litigation and civil rights law. Ross is a graduate of Brooklyn Law School, and has practiced law in New York for several years. Ross Abelow is a senior partner in the law firm of Abelow and Cassandro. He has created several legal blog sites and is active on social media sites such as Facebook.

Ross Abelow recently created a Go Fund Me page. The purpose of the Go Fund Me campaign is to raise money for homeless pets in New York. The funds raised from the Go Fund Me campaign will go to local New York animal shelters. The launch date for the campaign was January 16 2016. The funds raised by this campaign will provide additional support for the homeless companion animals in New York. Most of the funds generated from this campaign will provide additional benefits such as: food, vaccines, medicine and other supplies for pets. Many of the pet shelters in New York are filled to capacity. Most of them are no longer able to accept additional homeless pets, due to a lack of basic supplies. The additional funds will help shelters provide more support and assistance to homeless pets.

Attorney Ross Abelow chose to help his community by creating the Go Fund Me page. It is part of his commitment to being involved in the local community. Winter is a very difficult time for homeless animals. With sub zero temperatures and no food or shelter makes it very difficult for homeless animals to survive in New York. All contributions will be put to good use to help homeless animals. Some of the funds raised by this campaign will be used to expand local homeless shelters. Increasing the capacity for the homeless shelters will keep more homeless pets out of the long cold winter season. Part of the proceeds raised by this campaign will help provide adoption support for homeless pets. The shelter is a temporary solution for homeless companion animals. The ultimate goal is finding a new forever home for all homeless companion animals.

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How ClassDojo is Revolutionizing Learning

The current fast-paced nature of life makes it hard for parents to monitor the activities of their school going children. Traditionally, this was done through slated meetings between the parents and instructors. Such meetings were however time consuming and hectic to plan because they entailed parents going to the learning institutions in person for the discussions. An upstart is however planning to put all these scheduled meetings to an end. It has introduced an application, which is emerging as a simple way of building an amazing learning community.

ClassDojo aids tutors, parents and the little ones to share enticing learning moments in a way that has never been seen before. This is basically a communication platform that has ground up change within the learning community. Using the platform, parents can monitor whatever their kids are doing in school through instant messaging via videos and pictures, which are taken by the tutors. All that is required is a compatible device and internet connection.

Benefits of the App

ClassDojo has emerged as one of the easiest ways of building a positive culture within the learning context. It has been proven to have the ability of helping learners to have skills such as teamwork and diligence. It also gives parents an opportunity to be part of their children’s learning process wherever they are. Time that would have otherwise been spent organizing meetings is saved when using the platform.

Owing to the fact that instant messages are used in the communiqué, each parent can be reached privately through direct messages. Any communication meant for parents can be easily conveyed without the hassle associated with writing letters or making phone calls. A single message can be forwarded to all parents at once.

The Uptake

Since its inauguration, the app has been fairly received within the education sector. It is currently in use in nearly two thirds of learning institutions in the United States. This is a quite impressive feat considering the fact that it has only been around for only a few years. Parents and teachers who have used this interactive platform have attested to its prowess to provide a unique connection and empowerment tool between the three parties that are involved. It has also been acclaimed for its compatibility with Apple, Android and Kindle Fire devices, and computers. The application is easy to use and cost effective, which makes it a must-have for stakeholders in the education sector. With the effects of technology spreading to education, ClassDojo has already positioned itself at a vantage spot and is likely to benefit from such advances.


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San Francisco Shows Resolve Over DA Allegations

San Francisco has shown resolve in attempting to resolve issues concerning their DA and police department. An old police union official says that the DA has not acted in good faith for the good of the people of the city, and the city is going to investigate the charges to see what is going on. The city has a reputation for being very progressive, but they cannot keep up that reputation unless they are willing to take this seriously.


The city has been open and welcoming to everyone, and they want to make sure that the city has the image that they have always had. The American public believes that San Francisco is a nice place to live where everyone is very tolerant, and the city is not willing to allow one person to sully that reputation. They will look into the case, and they will make sure that they have addressed the allegations so that there is no doubt that it was taken care of the right way.


Everyone who is interested in social justice will be able to come to the city with the confidence that it is going to welcome them. There are a lot of people who are going to appreciate the city because it has roots in helping people, and the city is helping itself by taking care of the situation correctly.


There are a lot of people who do not know what to think about how the city is policed, but they can be sure that San Francisco and its leaders like George Gascon are going to handle the problem the right way. Anyone can come to the city to enjoy a peaceful life by the bay, and they will be able to take in everything from historic sights to great sporting events. There are games for teams like the 49ers, Raiders, the A’s, Giants, Sharks, and Warriors, and there is award winning arts all over the city. That is what the city wants to be known for, and they have done a lot of work to make sure that the city is a fun place to visit.

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Martin Lustgarten Knows his Investments

Are you looking for a reliable investment advisor or other expert regarding investment banking or money management matters? Want to learn about investment banking and how you can go about profiting from this lucrative industry? Perhaps you already have an investment portfolio and are looking to grow or expand your existing portfolio.


Choosing someone to provide you with investment advice or guidance is not something to be taken lightly. When it comes to investment issues or services, it’s imperative that you do your research so you can choose a reliable firm or professional. And that’s where Martin Lustgarten can help.


Investment banking firms provide financial services that involve helping companies to secure funds and grow their assets. Bankers within this investment or financial management arena usually receive adequate training in financial and investment services, and are highly renowned because of their elite position and expertise in the industry.


To be sure you choose the right investment banking firm or expert for your needs, it is advisable to consider the experience of the advisor or firm, the firm’s resources and contacts in the investment banking field, and the level of financial or investment service that firm or professional provides. Once you choose a reliable advisor, you can rest assured that you will reach your goals.


Martin Lustgarten is a highly reputable investment banking field professional and has been in the industry for many years. He has acquired vast experience in exchange of security and equity trades. In fact, Martin is considered one of the brightest investment banking professionals. He cares about the success of his clients and he takes the time to address any issues they may have.


As Chief Executive Officer of Martin Lustgarten Investment, Martin has rendered services to businesses, entrepreneurs, corporations and high profile individuals. His clients come from all walks of life and he has a well-established track record of providing excellent services. Martin has great expertise in investment banking and has the resources to meet his clients’ needs. Martin Lustgarten has a dedicated team of investment and financial solutions professionals who can help you achieve the success you desire. Find him on Vimeo to see more of what he’s into.

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Charles Koch Intended Support To Hilary Clinton Should Be Taken As A Warning by Donald Trump

Since 1967, Charles G. Koch has held the position of the chairperson of the board and CEO of Koch Industries. Since then, the company has performed well and transformed into a diverse and dynamic group of businesses with more than 100,000 employees worldwide. 60 percent of the employees are from the U.S., and the company has a presence in about 60 countries. The company’s expansion strategy has been the acquisition of other businesses. For instance, Koch Industries has spent more than $70 billion in acquisitions and other capital expenditures to acquire new businesses.

Charles Koch is also an author of various books pursuing his interest and commitment in scientific and social progress that led to the development and implementation of Market-Based Management (MBM) business philosophy. The two books about MBM includes “The Science of Success,” that was published in 2007 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

The area of interest that has made Charles Koch famous is his involvement in politics and particularly his influence on the GOP. This year’s political field is one that is filled with controversies where the presumptive nominated candidate is opposed by many donors including Charles Koch. In an interview last week with ABC News Network, Koch expressed his disappointment with the Republican Party because of allowing party candidates to engage in personal attacks instead of focusing on ideological facts.

In the interview, he even revealed that Koch network was considering supporting Hilary Clinton if she stops being rhetoric or he might stay out of this year’s political arena altogether. According to Koch, the Republican Party nomination is being vied by terrible role models whose ideas goes against what America stands for. However, despite many people urging Donald Trump to unify the party after the recent win in Indiana, many political analysts think the priority for Trump is to engage the donors like Koch network to ensure they support him in the general election.

The donors such as Charles Koch do not only represent the financial assistance point of view; it is the reasons behind their support that is critical for them. The history of American politics has already proven that donors will continue pursuing their agenda regardless of whoever wins the election through funding activists. Therefore, it is critical that Trump engages the donors and accommodate their ideas.

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IT Staff With Higher Training Levels From DIVERSANT LLC

The training provided by DIVERSANT LLC does more than simply prepare Information Technology (IT) job candidate for a position, it actually lifts people up to reach positions that fulfill their personal potential. DIVERSANT LLC fills many thousands of positions in IT departments of companies throughout the United States. This is a company owned by minorities and is helping build the next generation business world by giving a hand up to hard working people of color.

DIVERSANT LLC came together in a merger of Gene Waddy’s DIVERSANT Inc. with John Goullet’s Info Technologies. John Goullet founded Info Technologies in 1994 out of many years of IT consulting experience. In 2010 John Goullet and Gene Waddy, both well seasoned businessmen in the IT sector decided to merge their respective companies into DIVERSANT LLC. This came after Goullet had successfully grown his Info Technologies to a $30 million company, supplying many Fortune 500 companies with well-qualified IT professionals. Goullet’s company was ranked by Inc. Magazine as the 8th fastest growing private business in the list of 500. And he did this in a mere five year span.

The Principle of the newly merged venture is John Goullet, who is the acknowledged expert in IT innovations that drive the business in that sector of professional staffing and training. He is an accomplished entrepreneur who has several start-up companies in the IT industry to his credit. He and his partner, Gene Waddy, have relied upon the experience and business savvy of selected senior executives who serve on their board of advisors. They are not actually involved in day to day operations, but are leaders of American industries who are helping direct strategic growth, based upon changes in business and technology opportunities.
Goullet has always maintained both a clear view of emerging market conditions and the innovative inventions in computer and networking technologies. He has proved his ability to adapt and create solutions in an ever-changing IT environment.

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Keith Mann Raises Substantial Money and Support for Uncommon Schools

Keith Mann has been extremely successful in running his executive search firm Dynamics Search Partners. Keith Mann does a bit more than handle the business end of the firm. He is also heavily involved with philanthropic causes. A fantastic scholarship has been set up with Brooklyn’s Uncommon Schools, a charter school system. The scholarship is intended to help one graduating senior from each of the Uncommon Schools chapters in Brooklyn.

Mann has also worked hard at raising funds for the schools. Recently, Mann teamed up with various professionals in the financial services industry to raise roughly $22,000 for Uncommon Schools.

What is even more impressive here is the $22,000 was raised at a single fundraising event at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden.

The goal of Uncommon Schools is to help young low-income students gain access to college. College tuition is extremely expensive. Scholarships provide a vital and valuable way to lower the costs of tuition. Only through the proper academic preparedness can students effectively apply for these scholarships. Uncommon Schools is home to the proper academic environment intended to help students learn.

Funding is vital for Uncommon Schools to run its day-to-day operations in an effective manner. Keith Mann’s financial support is extremely helpful to those hoping for a means of delivering such funding.

Prior to becoming the founder and managing director of Dynamics Search Partners, Mann ran the Alternative Investments Division for Dynamic Associates. Today, through Dynamics Search Partners, Mann helps staff hedge fund entities with the skilled executives such companies require.

A great many students in the New York area are going to benefit greatly from the work all these partners perform.

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How Handy Makes Spring Cleaning a Breeze

Most people feel the need to clean their homes when springtime rolls around. Unfortunately, cleaning isn’t fun and often takes hours just to make a dent in most homes’ clutter. Most cleaning professionals recommend picking up bottles, cans, plates, and other garbage strewn across tables and desktops first. Making often-used areas appear clean is truly satisfying, providing motivation to pick up and finish other tasks.

Handy is a mobile application that lists home cleaning services of professionals locally. Customers are able to view home cleaners’ resumes, backgrounds, and work histories before hiring, as well as sort through availability windows, rates charged, and customer satisfaction ratings. By hosting a multitude of home cleaners on Handy, homeowners no longer have to sort through newspapers, phone books, and other information bases to find only a handful of cleaners.

Handy is mutually beneficial for customers and home cleaners. Home cleaners are usually independent and make a limited amount of money, barring the potential for advertising and marketing campaigns. Handy brings advertising, marketing, and hosting to cleaners at a low rate of 20% of wages earned by home cleaners. Customers benefit by having a number of cleaners to choose from, effectively encouraging home cleaners to strive for better reviews and charge customers competitive wages.

Handy is available for download in 25 cities in the United States, two in Canada, and one in the United Kingdom. Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, the founders of Handy, believe that strictly filtering through applications brings the best cleaners to Handy.

Warm, spring air usually encourages homeowners to clean the entirety of their homes, although cleaning is still, well, cleaning. Try making games out of cleaning, such as throwing dirty clothes into clothes baskets from long distances, or rewarding one’s self for completing individual tasks with candy, snacks, or a refreshing beverage. Apply to Handy now!

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Qnet: Choosing A Reliable Network Marketing Company

Qnet started many years ago by a group of friends whose objective was to provide high quality, life enhancement and wellness products to consumers. The company has been providing top notch services and products, and is considered one of the most reputable in the industry.

Qnet offers the opportunity to earn a part time or full time income, working whenever you want, from any location you want. In other words, when you join their business opportunity you are your own boss. You earn a commission by promoting and marketing in-demand products to consumers all over the world. The products you promote are well researched and designed to help consumers. And distributors earn a great income and achieve their financial goal. Numerous people, over the years, have made a fortune simply by promoting these high demand, high quality products.

Over the years, Qnet has grown tremendously and has opened up several offices around the world. The company has numerous sales representatives from many parts of the world, actively promoting their products and filling a desperate need in the marketplace.

Qnet provides simple guides for those who want to learn about their business opportunity and their amazing line of lifestyle and wellness products. When you become their independent sales representative, also referred to as distributor, you will also be required to present these empowering guides and videos to your new recruits so they can learn about the amazing income opportunity that Qnet offers.

When purchasing a product or joining a network marketing or direct selling company, such as Qnet, there are terms and conditions that you need to be aware of. Members are required to agree to these terms and conditions, so be sure to read the details or explanation, and understand what you are being asked to agree to.

Qnet is an honest and reputable direct sales and network marketing company, and everything is presented clearly to members of their organization. If there is any aspect of the company or the membership that you don’t fully understand you are encouraged to ask questions. Go through the Policies and Procedures document to learn about essential information concerning membership and how to join.

To learn more about Qnet and the business opportunity offered by this great company, simply visit their website and check out the various sections. Then send them your request to join their business opportunity.