Jim Hunt Bringing Education Forward with VTA Publications

Jim Hunt has been known to do a great many things in both the business community in general as well as the finance world. And, while he has also come to be known as one of the top minds within the industry of finance, he has found yet another way to reinvent himself and be successful with the business teaching others. Not only has Jim Hunt figured out how to create something simple yet eloquent with his new system, but when you boil it down to the specifics, Jim Hunt has created an application that also will grow the market and let more people than ever jump into the finance game with confidence.

When you think about the world of investing, the only real reason that people are unable to view the it with confidence is because they learn enough over time. The experts are only so called experts because they have acquired knowledge. Jim Hunt’s system is about taking a lot of the guessing out of the equation and will instead plug in real variables based upon real industry data. In short, his specific system with VTA Publications will help any potential investors to find out the potential revenues that they will receive on their investments for a potential portfilio.

When you think about the world of investments as well as the world of education, it only makes sense that the two are able to combined. People are completely able to understand things as long as they have the right training system in place to truly teach them not only how things work, but why they work as well. If you can take general information and knowledge and put it into concepts that are relatable then you already have an edge on the competition. However, when you throw in the idea of connecting multiple points of view then you will most certainly be able to teach real knowledge that will last for the long haul. That is exactly what VTA Publications does and that is exactly the reason that so many people are praising the VTA Publications method of training, teaching, and mentoring others when it comes to complex subjects.  MoreMoneyReview has more on the story.

Talk Fusion Leading the World into the Future

In a recent article published by PR Newswire, a new feature of the popular Talk Fusion system was announced. Talk Fusion is using a new technology for recording high-quality videos for video Email. The system works for FireFox and Chrome browsers. Read the full article here: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/video-marketing-leader-talk-fusion-launches-webrtc-recorder-300275680.html?tc=eml_cleartime
Talk Fusion offers an all-inclusive video system for recording and sending videos to friends, family, and business customers. This new dynamic idea and marketing tool lets subscriber businesses effortlessly relay information to customers in a video format. Talk Fusion was established in 2007 by Bob Reina who is the CEO and president. Talk Fusion’s system is marketed by independent associates around the globe. They offer free 30-day trials of their Video Marketing Solution.
Reina and Talk Fusion have a commitment to the communities where they do business and donate to local charities benefitting residents and animals. Potential customers are invited to their website to learn more.
Talk Fusion offers this effortless marketing and correspondence system, and their endeavors have changed the way we do business today. Now customers of a business can receive colorful, entertaining visual and audio information about products available from the business, instead of simple Emails or the long ignored, time-consuming, and expensive hand written letter.
With the acceptance of Talk Fusion, the world will be fully immersed in the future as was imagined by science fiction writers from the 1950’s. Just imagine being able to send a video and voice message to one friend or a connected circle of friends from your cell phone anywhere in the world. Your Talk Fusion video can be saved as simply as calls going to voice mail.
It has become a social media frenzied world and Talk Fusion could very well lead us all into the future of convenience and communication. For businesses, Talk Fusion will soon become a must as a way of generating future business and keeping in touch with a business’s customer base.

Kevin Seawright Filling Belvedere Square

Kevin Seawright, through RPS Solutions LLC, has succeeding in filling the Baltimore community of Belvedere Square with affordable homes that first time homeowners can easily afford and purchase. The introduction of affordable and attractive locations in Belvedere Square has drastically increased the size of the community. This had been Kevin Seawright‘s goal since he parterned with RPS Solutions LLC in 2015. Explicitly, he aimed to tackle the affordable housing market and as a result, strengthen the community in Blatimore, Maryland. He aims to surpass the city home-ownership rate of 48%, and plans on doing so just like he did in Belvedere Square; by providing affordable and attractive homes for buyers. He hopes that this will improve the community and lives of those in it.

Seawright told LocalTalkNews he sees the filling of the neighborhood of Belvedere Square as a fundamental first step in achieving a better Baltimore, as it is a significant increase in the city’s current home-ownership rate. That hasn’t satiated Seawright, however, as his goal is to make it possible for all those living in the area to purchase affordable homes, as a high home-ownership within an area offers numerous economic and social benefits.

Seawright works to accomplish his goals through RPS Solutions, which assists potential home owners in connecting with mortgage lenders, aiding in the construction of new properties, and offering renovations on underdeveloped units in the area. It was found in 2015 with the goal of increasing the home ownership rate in Baltimore, meaning that the join partnership is dedicated exclusively to improving the quality of life in the area.

Seawright is not inexperienced in this area, as he has a history of local government participation, education, and real estate development in the surrounding areas. Currently, he is an accounting and project management professional.   Read more via XRepublic.

George Soros Foundation Fouls Sabotage Attempt

George Soros founded the open society in 1979 after he had made enough money. His success was from his hedge fund business. Soros has always been a promoter of a free society and his ambitions lead him to form Open Society Foundation. The organization aim was to liberate people from authoritarian forms of government. George Soros understands that the world is imperfect, and consequently founded Open Society Foundation.

Open Society Foundation has in the past faced numerous challenges due to its pro-democracy stands. Many governments have always seen open society foundation as a threat. In Russia, the organization was banned and accused of posing a threat to the state and the Russian constitution.

Recently the organization thwarted an attempt by James O’Keefe to infiltrate it. O’Keefe plan was discovered after he failed to hang up his phone. In the audio, O’Keefe is heard identifying himself as Victor Kesh. He left a message after he had made the call but then forgot to disconnect the phone after the call. O’Keefe blander lead him to be discovered as he is heard telling an identified person of his plan to infiltrate Open Society Foundation.

In the voicemail, O’Keefe says to Dana Geraghty that he would like to get involved with what the organization and help them with their caused to promote European values. O’Keefe identifies himself as a Hungarian-American. O’Keefe then leaves then a contact and asks someone to contact him.

After the call, Geraghty heard O’Keefe say to another person that he was in not to say anything until he hanged up the phone. However, incidentally, he forgot to disconnect the phone and all the conversation that he had after that was recorded.

The whole conversation recorded lasted about 10 minutes, and all the plans were about infiltrating the organization. In the audio, he is heard planning how they will make many similar phone calls as the one he had made.
Read more on: BUSTED: Conservative prankster James O’Keefe exposes his own ‘sting’ on George Soros group

O’Keefe real identity was discovered after he was tried to open Geraghty LinkedIn page to get information to infiltrate the organization. But Geraghty was able to identify him as his attempts resulted in him revealing his own LinkedIn account.

Geraghty was stunned to hear the plans of these men and even shocking was that they planned to use her. She adds that the men, however, did not seem to be conversant with technology.

Afterward Geraghty forwarded the voicemail to the president of the foundation Chris Stone. Chris did criticize the attempt to scum Geraghty. He also added that the behaviors of the men were not funny even though their amateurish attempts were laughable.

The founder of Open Society Foundation George Soros is also the chairman and founder of Soros Foundation. Soros was born in 1930 in Budapest. He is a survivor of the world war II during the Nazi occupation. George Soros moved to England in 1947 and graduated from the London School of Economics. He later relocated to the United States and settled. It is while in the US that was able to accumulate his vast wealth. Source: http://www.nybooks.com/contributors/george-soros/

The Pieces to Wear This Summer

Summertime encourages everyone to embrace the relaxed, boho vibes we wish lasted all year long. Floating on a swan or unicorn shaped pool floaties with a margarita in hand is what I look forward to all winter. It’s about time riding a unicorn was acceptable as an adult. As your social calendar fills, how do you pick the right pieces that can go from the long days to hot summer nights? We have you covered.


Off-the-shoulder tops are popular on sun vacation every season and every summer because they flatter every body type. For night pool parties, we love the quintessential Off Shoulder Top at JustFab. The simple name suits the look – clean lines with a fitted silhouette. The warm pink hues in the Chocolate color will highlight your tan and sun-bleached highlights for the ultimate sweet summer look.


We will be pairing the top with lightweight, lived-in jeans and our perfect summer shoe. Make sure to pick jeans that you can throw over your swimsuit at the pool and can easily dress up after the sun goes down with a statement necklace you stashed in your purse. Cropped Slim Boyfriend jeans hit just the right midpoint – Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/justfab/


Our go-to summer shoe is on trend every summer, the espadrille. The strike the perfect balance between casual and put together. Think of Kate Middleton spending the afternoon in the English countryside. We may never live up to this image, but boy, I will always try. Espadrilles are very versatile and will make a dark dress daywear. Alternatively, they can also make a prim skirt more approachable for fun summer days.

Our favorite pair for this season are the Cianas from JustFab. At almost 6 inches, they give some serious height. I’m willing to trade my winter formal for the sun, but no one will take my ability to fake long legs. The Cianas come in three colors.

As a classic girl, I’m brown leather all the way so they will match my classic brown leather tote (visit the JustFab Summer Shop). Since I’m not bold enough, please someone be the girl at the pool party wearing the Miami hot tropical pattern. I will adore you from afar in my navy blues.

You can shop the looks at JustFab’s Summer Shop here. Tip: Sign-up for JustFab’s membership and have your personal stylist pick out must-have items each month (get more info about benefits of signing up at ShoeDazzle). Your look will always be on point without needing to scour for the latest items. The VIP Membership is a monthly subscription service that will send you each month’s best pants, accessories, tops, jeans, and handbags.

Additional details can be found on their Google+ page: https://plus.google.com/+justfab

Shaygan Kheradpir: A New and Bold Leader For Coriant


Everything has a beginning and an end, which holds some truth regarding Coriant. Coriant is a well-known network solutions company; in fact, it is one of the most successful network solutions companies. One of the things that has made Coriant so successful is that the team has been able to recognize when it is time to retool the company, which is where Shaygan Kheradpir comes in.

A Little More About Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is a celebrated business and technology expert who got his PhD in electrical engineering at Cornell University where he was also Alma Matter. He worked several jobs before he landed the kinds of jobs that he was truly interested in, like at GTE or Verizon to name a few.

Kheradpir was born in London, but he was raised in Iran by his father. His father was a source of inspiration for Kheradpir. The father was an ear, nose, and throat doctor in Iran where he relentlessly worked to help. Kheradpir learned about perseverance and believing in himself by looking at what his father was able to accomplish. These are some of the experiences that have made Kheradpir who he is today.

How Shaygan Kheradpir Got Involved with Coriant

It was back in late September of 2015 that Shaygan Kheradpir was announced as the new acting Chief Executive Officer. Kheradpir was recognized as an opportunity to inject new energy and innovative ideas into the Coriant family. The Coriant family knew just how valuable Kheradpir would be because he actually worked as the Operating Partner at Marlin Equity Partners who partners with Coriant.

Coriant already serves network solutions to more than 100 countries, but they are planning on expanding. This happens to be one of Shygan Kheradpir’s most defining talents, as he has helped many companies reach further into international markets. The people in Coriant also understood that there is a growing number of competitors that are gaining traction as well. This is true, which is another reason why Coriant wanted Kheradpir to head their company.

Coariant has definitely gained a powerful leader that is not afraid to make bold moves to step forward. There is a lot that can be said about Kheradpir, but one thing that is for sure is he has surpassed his expectations.

To know more about Shaygan Kheradpir, visit www.shaygankheradpir.com