Creating a Line of Communication Between Parent and Teacher Like Never Before

For many years, parents and teachers waited for their quarterly parent/teacher conferences to discuss the child’s education and classroom work, but now the ClassDojo app is making it where they have the opportunity to share information about the child on a regular basis. Teachers are able to share photos and videos of the child in the classroom environment throughout the week so the parents can be more involved in the things the child is doing. These things can include classwork, interacting with others, working on projects and even field trips and events. Parents are able to have a peek into their child’s life while at school and the work they are doing which in turn helps with the continuity of the education of the child.

The child is also able to share their work by posting photos and videos to their own personal digital portfolio on the ClassDojo app. This app can also be used by administration and teachers to post upcoming events and messages on the calendar so that the parents stay up to date on all school activities.

The ClassDojo app is now in about two-thirds of classrooms throughout the United States and this number is rapidly growing. It is easy to see why this app is so popular as it has bridged the gap in communication between parents and teachers and has created a communication platform that has improved the child’s education. Having the parent know more about the child’s work they are in doing in class helps the parent to be able to help the child more when the child comes home from school.

Parents and teachers are able to communicate by private text messaging through this app which allows them to have access to each other on a regular basis to discuss anything regarding the child.

Class Dojo is creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools between the ability to communicate with parents and having every one on the same track for the child’s education. It is a great time to be parent with a child in school as you can have more access to the school using this app like parents have never had before. While there still may be parent/teacher conferences set up, parents and teachers can communicate more through this app in the meantime which only improves the child’s educational experience and promotes a connection between parent and teacher and student.

Brad Reifler History to Present

Brad Reifler has had a long series of successes after graduating from Bowdoin College. A self proclaimed serial entrepreneur, Brad Reifler entered the financial service industry and has since made a lasting impression on it.

Immediately after graduation, Brad Reifler worked at Refco and quickly became one of the most accomplished traders in the business. He also created Reifler Trading Company, a business that was eventually acquired by Refco itself. Finally, he is a founding partner, chairman, an CEO of Pali Capital. Through these different business ventures, he has learned much about the financial service industry and as a result, has come to recognize the inherent disadvantages in the current Wall St. systems.

For example, the stock options that are available to the average American citizen in the current financial service industry is dangerous and risky. When accredited as an investor, you have options to private equity funds, hedge funds, and many other lucrative and safe investment options. The problem with that, however, is that the process of accreditation is very long and arduous, not to mention expensive. As a result, a very small minority can take advantage of these resources. Everyone else is stuck with a portfolio that is dangerously correlated to the performance of the stock market. As a result, the investments for most of middle class America are more often than not undesirable and can actually cause you to lose money more often than not.

Another problem with the current financial system is that firms tend to charge exorbitantly high management fees with portfolios handled. Regardless of the performance of a portfolio, brokers who manage them will still be getting the same flat management rate. This means that the brokers who potentially lose you money and handle your poorly performing stock options are actually getting rich in the process. This is not as detrimental for the wealthy as it is for the average American, but it is a problem still.

Brad Reifler has created Forefront Capital to combat these issues. With no management fees and an eclectic array of investment options, Brad Reifler helps the common man.  Check out his official website, and even his for more information.

Avi Weisfogel Helps Other Dentists Learn How To Deal With Sleep Disorders

Avi Weisfogel is a New Jersey Dentist who specializes with sleep disorders. He is the founder of Old Bridge Dental Care located in New Jersey. About half of all the patients he gets are referrals from by other dentists he works with but do not know how to treat such disorders. With much interest in continuing education, Avi usually takes about 200 hours of learning each year to learn better ways of doing his job. You can find more of Avi’s favorite things around the internet on Tumblr.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel also started “Healthy Hear Sleep” five years ago to help him and other colleagues in the profession to learn how to treat the sleeping disorders problems. Dental Sleep Masters, started two years later, was meant to teach other dentists using oral devices to treat sleep problems.


Recent research indicates that sleep disorders related to breathing are associated with metabolic syndrome, stroke diabetes, and chronic heart failure among others. However, 90 percent of people with these types of disorders remain undiagnosed. Dr. Avi recommends dentists to attend the Dental Sleep Master’s program to learn how to identify these problems in the existing model and get solutions in most of those issues.


According to Dr. Avi, the new model creates a positive environment for secondary care physicians both for the dentist and patients. Many dentists have already joined the team and they have treated more patients more effectively than ever. The program is both designed to improve the dentists’ education and clinical support in a move that aims to transform their practice.


Avi is a family person and he has six children. His love for children made him launch a GoFundMe campaign to support Operation smile in their work of performing surgical operations to children with facial deformities. The organization was started by Dr. William Magee and his wife. However, the organization attracted many children whose parents lacks the ability to get the medication due to high prices of surgical operations. Operation Smile was forced to turn to donors to find more funds for its operations. Dr. Avi is optimistic that GoFundMe campaign will help the organization achieve its objectives and reach more children that deserve the help.


Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform of 2010 Leveled the Playing Field

It was only a few decades ago that securities fraud was running rampant in corporations around the country. The issue was made worse when the owners of these companies would make it clear to their employees that any talk of such actions would be dealt with swiftly by termination in the company. The employees were basically harassed to the point they had to turn a blind eye to corruption to keep their jobs, that was until 2010 when Congress enacted what is known today as the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform.

Although the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) were well aware fraud was occurring in the market, they were helpless to expose the real criminals because employees were fearful they would be exposed to serious harassment and loss of employment by owners who could make life miserable for those who spoke up. The new reform act was aimed at these employers, giving their workers a place they could now turn safely to report violations anonymously and get rewarded financially at the same time if these criminals were brought to trial. These whistleblower programs added a barrier between employee and employer that did not previously exist.

Any new violations to the financial security laws were now presented to the Securities and Exchange Commission by employees who were protected, and the reports began to roll in fast and furiously. Right after the reform took effect in 2010, the law firm Labaton Sucharow began focusing their efforts on providing workers a place for consultations and reporting their employers conducting securities fraud. The law firm took a proactive stance on this growing financial issue by bringing into their company international and qualified forensic accountants, in-house private investigators, as well as financial analysts, supporting counsel for the increasing number of new whistleblowers.

Workers being harassed with job security began opening up more easily about all of the fraud taking place at their jobs. The cash reward offered to whistleblowers was substantial, and according to the rules of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform program, the Securities and Exchange Commission was now paying all eligible employees 10-30% of money sanctions collected when successful SEC enforcement was over $1 million dollars. The Dodd-Frank Act stopped retaliation by employers against the whistleblower pursuant to any program rules.

Things began to change rather quickly as those employers still conducting fraud against the financial sector had to look more carefully at how they conducted business.

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Why I Went To FreedomPop

I moved over to FreedomPop because I wanted to save money, and I have been trying to find the best way to save money. There are so many companies that charge too much, and I wanted to get away from that. I started to use FreedomPop because I liked the way they offered service, and I decided that that was a better use of my time and money. The time and money that I was spending went down to almost nothing, and then I got the really cheap wifi plan that they are offering.

I have to travel sometimes, and I am going to get in the FreedomPop network even when I am overseas. My phone became the place where I got on the Internet, and then I just paid for extra data if I needed it. It is a lot easier for me to get better service for less money using this company, and I also know that I need to start using this company because they are going to be the right place to go when I have to get online instantly.

Sometimes I have sat there wondering how long I could stay online, but now I use FreedomPop because they let me stay online all the time if I want to. I paid my fee to use the wifi plan, and I paid to make sure that the company can keep me online if I am overseas. I like to keep in touch when I go overseas, and I feel better knowing that I have access to this company their plans. FreedomPop really did change my life, and I would tell anyone to use their free phone plans and their paid wifi plan. It is the cheapest way for me and anyone else to get online.

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Fabletics Expansion Reaching Beyond Internet

It’s one thing for a store to find itself doing well, and extend their line out to the online marketplace in order to reach yet untapped customers. Many stores outgrow the walls of their storefront and begin looking online for new avenues of business. The Fabletics brand, of juggernaut parent company JustFab, is breaking outside the online retailer boundaries. That’s right, Fabletics is planning to open a store, many of them actually.

Some details about this expansion beyond the internet borders as outlined in an article earlier this year, cited a plan to open between 75 to 100 stores. The popularity, sales and demand of the Fabletics line in addition to a reverse of the traditional method, where Fabletics is attempting to reach those who don’t necessarily shop online is prompting the expansion.

Fabletics and co-Founder Kate Hudson have hit the ground running, and by merchant standards are still babes in the world of retail and athletic wear. This ‘babe’, however, has taken the world by storm ever since coming under the umbrella of JustFab.

With a style uncommon to most athletic wear. A quality to rival any competitors, and offering there lines at affordable rates has created a niche in the market that has JustFab and the Fabletics line looking at revenues in the half billion dollar range. A combination of influence and star power from Hudson, and great leadership such as that provided by co-CEO Don Ressler along with great products have created a powerful athleisure wear retailer. Like on Facebook:

Keep your eyes open, it will just be a matter of time before this growing and successful retailer will be setting up shop somewhere near you. That is the point of the expansion after all, so access to some of the most trendy, stylish and comfortable athletic wear will be at your fingertips, soon – and literally.

Eucatex Takes The Civil Construction Industry To A Different Level

A half a century ago, manufacturing companies never paid attention to conserving the environment when undertaking their operations. Today, all this has changed and conserving the environment is a priority for everyone and every company. Eucatex was established in 1951 in Brazil and was the first company to consider the environment and acoustic comfort in its production. It was also a pioneer in the use of eucalyptus as raw material to produce panels and ceiling tiles. Since its establishment, Eucatex has been manufacturing and selling insulating materials and ceiling lining from eucalyptus fiber.

Over the years, Eucatex has gained international acknowledgment for its high-quality products. It has also expanded its operations in producing high mechanical and technology resistance panels to manufacture partition panels, door and other products for the furniture sector. Eucatex is currently a market leader and a leading manufacturer of doors, MDP and MDF panels, laminate floors, wall partitions, hardboards and paints and varnishes.

Eucatex currently has more than 2,201 employees and exports to more than 37 countries around the world. It also has four modern factories in Salto and Botucatu. The company has experienced outstanding progress thanks to the efforts of its president, Flavio Maluf. Mr. Maluf has seen the company evolve rapidly to meet the needs of furniture manufacturers, supply huge industrial packaging, construction, cars and toys and to the foreign market with plates and doors. Apart from being a prominent Brazilian business person, he is also a professional mechanical engineer having graduated from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation.

Mr. Flavio Maluf is also the president of GrandFood, the owner of Golden and Premier Pet feed brands. As a renowned entrepreneur, Mr. Maluf is always open to various marketable industries. Recently, the Brazilian entrepreneur announced the purchase of Jarden Corp. by Newell Rubbermaid. Flavio added that the purchase cost Newell Rubbermaid group $15.4. Regarding the merger between Pfizer and Allergan, Flavio considered it the largest transaction ever made in this industry since the investment amounted to $155 billion. He also recalls that Pfizer once attempted to purchase AztraZeneca, a British pharmaceutical company for $118 billion but was unsuccessful.  Flavio has also talked about the future of education, and how technology will play a role.