Understanding the Physical and Spiritual Realms with Kabbalah

Kabbalah is one of the world’s most ancient spiritual wisdom. The teachings of Kabbalah teaches of the secrets keys of the universe. Additionally, mysteries of human heart and the soul are revealed through its teachings. The teachings also expound on the complexities of the material and the spiritual part of universe. Kabbalah also gives an intricate detail about the physical and spiritual realms of all humanity. As a matter of fact, the teachings have, in detail, methods of navigating the vast terrains with the aim of eradicating any form of chaos, pain, and suffering.

According to the Kabbalistic sages, every human being is born with the potential for greatness. It is, therefore, the role of Kabbalah teacher to identify and activate the potential through the Kabbalistic teachings. Learners of Kabbalah are advised not just to learn it, but to use every aspect of its teachings in their daily life. Incorporating the teachings of Kabbalah in one’s life brings clarity, understanding, and freedom to our lives.

The Kabbalah Center was founded to teach about Kabbalah. It is a non-profit organization that seeks to spread the principles of Kabbalah to the world. The center began in 1922 under RavYehuda Ashlag. Over time, the meaning of Kabbalah has been understood differently by different generations. It also means differently due to the various interpretation that has been done to enhance the message. The Kabbalah Center, which has now grown to over 40 locations around the globe, supports all these interpretations. The center also has a strong online presence. It has embraced the use of technology and internet to spread the beneficial teachings of Kabbalah.

The Kabbalah Center International encourages everyone to attend their lessons no matter the situation. The center offers scholarships to students with a strong desire to study but lacks the means whatsoever. In the beginning, Kabbalah was only taught to men who were married and who had attained the age of 40 years. The approach was sought due to the understanding that the wisdom of Kabbalah was so sophisticated for the young to understand. Today, the teachings are made available to everyone with no consideration to age, color or religion.

Thinking About Traveling to Sunny Southern California This Winter? Think Again

Southern California, long famed for its mild, comfortable temperatures and sunny weather throughout the year, may not be the ideal winter destination this time. The region is facing an unusual spell of cold weather this winter, which means that many prospective tourists may set their sights elsewhere if they’re looking for an escape from the chilly winds and heavy snowfall that have recently come to the Midwest and the Northeast. In years past, southern California has been one of the most popular destinations for winter travelers – the warm weather combined with the huge number of theme parks including Disneyland and Legoland mean that the area is crowded year-round.


The usually crowded beaches and parks have been deserted lately, though, as record low temperatures have moved into the area as a result of a winter storm. The thermometer in Lancaster, CA hit an all-time record low of 16 degrees on Sunday, and many residents were caught unprepared. This area rarely sees temperatures below the low 50s or high 40s, even in winter, so many residents do not even own clothes suitable for the frigid temperatures that they experienced this weekend. As a result, the few people seen outside were bundled up in several layers of shirts and sweaters – and, frequently, ski jackets and face masks to deal with the piercing cold winds. These cold temperatures are expected to last for at least a week, but may stick around longer depending on when the next warm front arrives. Residents are hoping it will be soon

Web Marketingville Announces New Online Marketing Services

A popular Cincinnati-based marketing and management company, Web Marketingville, recently announced that it would begin servicing small and local businesses with full-service reputation marketing solutions. The company will now be offering services to help businesses develop and maintain 5-star reputations online and help them attract new business.

Web Marketingville is a well-known online marketing agency. The company knows that reputation marketing has become fundamental for businesses that are trying to attract new customers. In recent studies, it has been found that consumers tend to trust online reviews more than TV, newspaper, or radio. Upwards of 72 percent of consumers will even trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations by family or friends.

In order to help businesses reach their full potential and reach 5-star reputations online, Web Marketingville has launched full-service reputation marketing solutions within the company. The company can ensure that these businesses gain an edge over their competitors and maintain their good reputations.

These Reputation Defender review services will be delivered by experienced and knowledgeable team members that draw on the company’s proven services. These systems and services will include unique review branding commercials that will help businesses establish their 5-star reputations, and then help the business market them online.

This agency’s proven process includes proactive training that will help businesses create their own reputation within their organization. Not only will they assist the businesses with creating that reputation, but they will also make sure everyone in that business is able to maintain and manage that reputation for a long-lasting reputation status, helping them achieve growth and success.

Businesses can request consultations with Web Marketingville’s team by calling them directly or reaching them through their website. Also available on their website is a full range of their marketing services. These services can include SEO, and local visibility solutions. Businesses can also view the agency’s proven track record for success through their website.

Web Marketingville founder, Ken Geers, believes that it is important that these businesses establish a good online reputation before wasting their money trying to be at the top of Google searches. The first thing businesses must do is establish a good reputation and a good position within their industry. Reputation marketing is an offensive move that must be done before the defensive move, reputation management.


Underwater Artwork For Tourist Divers In California

Doug Aitken created underwater pavilions off the shore of Catilina Island to display artwork underwater. Visitors are required to fully suit up and dive into the ocean to reach the sculptures. The exhibit was previously featured in the Los Angeles Times back in September.


The artwork is designed so that people can swim through and around it as if it were a part of the ocean. They created the sculptures with rocks with built in mirrors. The point of the mirrors is to let people get a glimpse of the poor health of the underwater world in the area. This will give tourists an idea that the radical disruption caused by human meddling with the sea. The entire construction area is 12 feet in diameter.


The Los Angeles’s Museum of Contemporary Art is aiding Aitken’s efforts in providing this monument for tourists. Parley for the Oceans is also giving support for the project since it is helping expose the environmental issues in the ocean.


All of the materials used in the construction are derived from environmentally safe sources. Algae is starting to grow on the structures so it is starting to look like a natural part of the ocean. Even though the contruction is not entirely complete, visitors are welcome to dive and take a look at it any time. The island can be reached by visitors via ferry from the city of Los Angeles. The installation will also soon be a part of music performances near the Catalina Casino.


Redefining the Subscription ECommerce Model: Ressler and Goldenberg


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have had a long business partnership. Since meeting at Intermix, they have built a massive e-commerce fashion company and populated numerous clothing brands under their group TechStyle. Ressler came to Intermix after he sold fitnessheaven.com in 2001. Goldenberg came to Intermix after selling Gamers Alliance in 1999. When they met, they found they had a partnership and mindset that would turn out to be profitable.


Together they left Intermix in 2005 when it was sold to News Corporation. Their first venture together was a brand generator called Intelligent Beauty in 2006. This brand incubator helped to establish several health and beauty brands as ecommerce leaders. This first venture inspired Don Ressler to create a new brand popularly known as JustFab. They wanted an interactive online personal shopper type service.


JustFab became their latest creation with personalized shopping of high quality and affordable fashion. For today’s busy but discerning fashion consumer, it was just what they wanted. They knew it could work as long as it engaged the client, was socially interactive, and had an affordable price tag. They decided to expand Intelligent Beauty, hiring personal shoppers and organizing a subscription type business model. They also had to add the personalization piece to the shopping experience, so customers received exactly what they desired and paid for each month. They wanted to keep JustFab fresh with new and trendy brands and an engaging and interactive shopping experience. They saw how other subscription models were failing and wanted to ensure JustFab’s success. Many subscription models were not delivering as promised and JustFab wanted to make sure it was successful.


As JustFab grew, it’s brands grew. They added ShoeDazzle as a profitable partner and Fabletics as a trendy and affordable athletic brand. Kimora Lee Simmons, known for her fashion, joined as the Creative Director. With the success of JustFab and the other brands, Ressler and Goldenberg moved the company to the next level. They expanded JustFab globally and brought all their brands under one roof. They called it TechStyle. Over 4 million members and counting has shown that their model and way of doing business has helped redesign the subscription based model.  Read more about Don Ressler on Entrepreneur.Wiki, or connect with him through LinkedIn.

Alexandre Gama the Advertising Guru

Alexandre Gama is a Brazilian businessman, investor, and entrepreneur born in Rio de Janeiro in 1958. Gama is the CEO and the founder of Neogama agency that deals with communications and advertising, and has associate offices across the world.

With Gama’s leadership, Neogama has been featured on the list of top 20 advertising agencies in the world. Other than this, Gama is the only Brazilian businessman in a board of six global creative leaders of the global holding agency. He is also the Global Chief Creative Officer of the British-based network agency, and he was the first Brazilian to lead in such a position in the agency.

After attaining his bachelor’s degree in communications and advertising from Armando Penteado Foundation, Alexandre Gama immediately kicked off his career path by joining Standard Ogilvy & Mather in the position of a copywriter. Later, he moved to DM9 in the same position of a creative director and copywriter until 1994. In 1996, he worked for Young & Rubicam as CED, CEO, and a council member of the global board.

In 1999, Gama founded Neogama Company, which is scaling to international levels very fast.Gama has initiated many other agencies recent being VIOLAB, which is an instrumental music class dealing with acoustic guitar lessons and recording.

Source: https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexandre_Gama_(publicit%C3%A1rio)

Oregon: Spotlight on Tourism for 2017

The state of Oregon is shaping up to be one of the hottest American destinations for domestic tourism in 2017. Travel industry analysts predict that the West Coast of the United States has the potential to attract a substantial amount of tourism in the near future, and the Oregon Tourism Commission is getting ready to welcome visitors.


Travel Oregon, the commercial arm of the Oregon Tourism Commission recently announced a new partnership with the Weather Channel for the launch of the Oregon Weather Compass, a unique mobile site for travelers. This new site focuses on the unique geography and micro-climates of Oregon, which may result in snow falling in one region while another spot is getting sunshine during the same winter.


With the Oregon Weather Compass, state tourism officials wish to target travelers located within 300 miles of the state boundaries. Similar to California, Oregon offers mountains, deserts, forests, and coastlines, which may all enjoy different weather patterns in the same season.


The Oregon Weather Compass works by placing a smartphone or tablet on a flat surface and selecting the type of weather they plan to enjoy. Travelers are then taken to another section of the site that highlights things to do around Oregon based on weather preferences.


Aside from highlighting benevolent weather, tourism officials also want to put Portland in the spotlight. This metropolitan area is unlike any other in the United States; it is blessed with agriculture and a sophisticated way of life that favors diversity. Portland is filled with ethnic and fusion restaurants, craft breweries and performance spaces.


The Versatility of Shea Butter Will Amaze You


No matter what the weather conditions may be your skin deserves to feel good. Still, we often find ourselves having to switch out products seasonally because what works great in the colder months doesn’t work too well in the middle of summer. This is what makes shea butter such an amazing product, it has the versatility that can be used any time of year in may different ways. You don’t need a cabinet full of half-used beauty products that expire due to lengthy periods of non-use. Shea butter has everything that your skin needs, all year long. You’ll enjoy the benefits of using it so much that you won’t want to miss out on a day of rubbing it into your skin.

Shea butter is especially effective as a skin moisturizer. The shea nut from which shea butter is derived has a host of vitamins and antioxidants that delivers maximum hydration to your skin that will not only keep your skin from being dry in the winter, but you’ll also notice healthier looking, more supple skin in the summer. Speaking of summer, the levels of SPF in shea butter also makes it a great product for protecting your skin from sun exposure.

Those who suffer from psoriasis or eczema know how much a pain either of these conditions can be in any season. Applying shea butter to areas affected by psoriasis or eczema can help to heal these conditions much to the delight of users. The anti-inflammatory properties will help you to soothe away severe dryness and bacteria with ease.

If you need to stock up on shea butter, don’t just grab any brand. Get the best. Eu’Geneia Shea is one of the latest additions to the shea butter market, but the locally sourced ingredients used in each jar proves that this is a brand that only operates in excellence.

You can choose the size and level of shea impact needed to suit your personal needs best. Eu’Genia Shea uses raw unrefined shea butter from Ghana. The company was founded in 2014 by a mother-daughter duo who are committed to maintaining the legacy of their beloved ‘Grandma Sunshine’s’ shea butter secret as they help women locally and all over the world to look and become the best versions of themselves.

Air Lingus to Increase Travel to West Coast USA

The states in the western coast of the United States have always been a popular option for tourists. Major cities and beach communities in California, Oregon, and Washington have always attracted to domestic travelers and those from Asia. However, getting to the west coast from Europe and other parts of the world has benn tough due to the lack of direct flight.


According to a recent news article (https://news.causewaycoastcommunity.co.uk/local-news/sales-blitz-west-coast-usa-boost-tourist-numbers-causeway-coast-2017/), this trend could be changing in the near future. In order to boost travel to and from Ireland, Air Lingus has announced that they will now offer direct flights from Dublin to several major cities in the US. For now, these flights will be limited to a daily flight to and from Los Angeles and San Francisco each day during the summer months. However, in the coming years the amount of flights to and from the West Coast will likely increase and expand to other cities throughout the year.


The new agreement is likely to increase travel to both countries. This is not the first time that the Irish airline has offered new travel offers in an attempt to get new customers. The airline has previously offered similar promotions to and from a variety of other cities in the United States including Chicago, Boston, and New York City. The new air offer and promotion is part of a massive tourism push in Ireland called the Jump to Ireland promotion. Those who take advantage of the promotion could also receive hotel and activity discounts.


Visit California Wants To Attract More Affluent Travelers

At the most recent International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM) in Cannes, Visit California presented a marketing initiative entitled “California: The Golden State of Luxury.” This paper and the accompanying video were targeted at travelers who make more than $250,000 a year.


It’s clear from this initiative that California wants to remind the world that it was the first premier luxury travel destination in the modern world. The team at Visit California said that they view their travel plan as “laid-back luxury,” which means focusing on local food, outdoor adventures, as well as the traditional spas and high-class resorts one associates with luxury travel.


Visit California’s main goal with this paper isn’t to exclude budget travelers. Rather, Visit California wants to remind more affluent travel agents and travelers that the Californian luxury market is still very strong in terms of cuisine, hospitality, and originality. Visit California executives reminded the panel that Californian wines were the first to successfully compete with European wines, and California was the birthplace of the artisanal food phenomenon.


Today, every luxury destination in the world has copied the innovations made by California in the 1980s. Such features as outdoor dining, environmental sustainability, experimental architecture, and a focus on healthy cuisine all started in the Golden State.


This new paper from Visit California argues that California is still a unique luxury travel destination. The Visit California staff wants all tourism offices in the state to focus on communicating that message to high-end luxury travelers.


Although the so-called “super affluent” only account for three percent of California’s consumer base, they make up a whopping 14 percent of its revenue.


The way Visit California wishes to bring high-end travelers back to their market is to emphasize California’s unique “laid-back” brand of luxury. This means the Visit California advertising will most likely focus on the natural wonders of California and vacation options with less glamorous pretense.