Scenic Train Rides on the West Coast

Desperation motivated my first train ride. My car had broken down in Stockton, California and I had just a few hours to get to work in San Jose. 75 miles never seemed so far. Ruling out the bus (too slow) and a taxi (too expensive) I found my way to the A.C.E. train station. A commuter train, the Altamont Corridor Express runs daily from Stockton to San Jose and back. Boarding with the low expectation of a boring ride, I was instead treated to a gorgeous scenic journey through pasture lands and lush canyons. And I could relax with my coffee and actually enjoy the scenery. The short trip opened my eyes to train travel. The following are two of my favorite west coast train rides.


Amtrak’s Coast Starlight


The Coast Starlight makes an epic 35-hour trip from Los Angeles to Seattle, winding its way through some of the most picturesque parts of California, Oregon and Washington states. The train boasts an observation car with floor to ceiling windows and comfortable, outward facing, chairs to take in the grandeur. The route parallels the California coast before heading inland through rolling hills and vineyards. Although a portion of the journey occurs overnight, you can still witness many amazing lakes and waterways including Lake Shasta, the Columbia River, the Willamette River, Puget Sound and more. Amtrak also permits you to get on and off the train as often as you like, allowing for an extended tour if desired.


 Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad


The Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad offers a charming 90-minute trip on board a steam-powered locomotive. This small, tourist train offers a fully open car, a covered car and a fully enclosed and restored passenger car. You can even ride in the engine car for a small additional fee. The train ride is family friendly and allows dogs in the open car. The views of Tillamook Bay are unsurpassed and the surrounding marshlands also offer unforgettable views. The most popular train ride goes between the towns of Rockaway Beach and Garibaldi, with a brief 30-minute layover.

Igor Cornelsen’s Investment Advice

Igor Cornelsen is a renowned investment banker known for his work in major banking institutions in Brazil and around the world. Igor was involved in managing a huge percentage of Brazil’s gross economy. Igor is currently a consultant for both investment and banking industries. He also formed Bainbridge Group, an institute that offers advice and direction to up start investors. Based in South Florida, Igor spends most of his time golfing and occasionally returns to the investment markets. Let us look at some of the tips that Igor offers to aspiring Investors.



Avoid Investments that Translate to Losses



Investment involves the risk of losing money. However, even though you cannot avoid some risks, you should significantly reduce the chances of suffering from any given risk. If an investment is costing you more than you are earning, get out of it. One of the rules of investments is not to lose money.



Do Not Waste Time



Investment is not age sensitive. Anyone can invest in a profitable venture. Igor Cornelsen advises people to start sooner than later. He advises against putting off investment for the future and encourages people to do it now.



Diversify Your Investment Portfolio



According to Igor, investors should be able to commit to different portfolios. This helps one minimize their risks. At least when one venture pays off handsomely and another ends up in losses, you are able to break even. On the brighter side, a person with a diversified portfolio is likely to earn revenue from many different sources. While an investor should make sound investments, they should also engage in risky ventures.



Get Professional Advice



Igor has been in the investment business for quite some time to know that to succeed you need professional advice. He believes that it is only after you have gained a wealth of knowledge in investment that you can be able to do it on your own.



Investment is not easy task and takes knowledge of the markets and patience to succeed. Igor Cornelsen defied the odds to become one of the greatest investors in Brazilian history. The tips Igor has outlined above will help any wanna be investor succeed in their venture.



Felipe Montoro Jens Sources Government’s Plans On Basic Sanitation Services

In a recent development, Felipe Montoro Jens interviewed the president of Trata Brasil, Edison Carlos, to get more details on the Brazilian government’s plan to implement concession on sanitation services by collaborating with BNDES. Carlos said he expects the recent move would make a total improvement in the resource, structural, and management areas. He pointed out the fact that as many as 90 percents of the sanitation services in Brazil use public power, and state-run organizations serve at least 70 percent of the services. Per Carlos, both private and public sector can complement each other and bring greater efficiency and quality in services.


Edison further explained the commitment of BNDES to provide customized plans to each state to leverage the requirements in each place. The services are also focused on avoiding the wasting of water through cutting edge measures. The private companies can play a bigger role as it has more resources like advanced technologies and can effectively make working plans to stop water being wasted. There is also a need for more private players in the sector as it can also improve the financial situation of public companies. Edison also pointed out the requirement of setting clear goals while entering the contracts with private players and frequent inspections should be scheduled to ensure the targets are met.


Jens is a noted infrastructure specialist based in Brazil but also has experience working European countries and North America. He has decades of experience in property and related infrastructure development by working with various firms in Brazil. He completed his graduation in Business Management from Fundao Getlio Vargas and further did Masters in International Business Management from the Thunderbird.


Felipe worked with various companies including PricewaterhouseCoopers in its consulting and auditing divisions, Enron in its international financial division, and Terna S.p.A. in its structured financial area and project development. Jens is on the board of directors of Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo, San Antonio Energia SA, Foz do Brasil SA, Fonte Nova Negocios e Participaçoes SA, etc.

Planning a Trip to the West Coast

Whether you’re going to Disney World or just want to have fun on the beaches of California, carefully planning your trip will have a huge impact on your experience. From choosing the hotel to renting the car, there are a lot of things you’ll need to do before your trip can get underway.


The Californian coast is the least crowded during the autumn months. If you’re looking to travel to the state without the huge crowds that are often present, it’s important to go during the off-season. Planning out the trip months in advance also helps you to save a lot of money as flights and hotels will offer their best rates about four to six months before your trip happens.


First, you’ll need to figure out which airline you’ll be taking to get to California. The cheaper flights will have a lot of transfers, which can get annoying but will wind up saving you a lot of money on your trip. You can also choose to drive cross country, but expect this to take about a week if you’ll be coming from the east coast.


You need to rent a hotel for the entire time you’ll be staying to have a safe, comfortable place to rest. Hotels offer frequent stay rewards, so make use of these discounts if you travel a lot. The hotel may also offer cheaper rates if you’ll be getting there during the week as opposed to the weekend.


When you take a plane to California, you will need to rent a car to get around. Even if you’re planning on staying in Disney World, you may still need a car to get to different areas outside of the park. Car rentals can be pretty expensive, especially if you put additional insurance on the vehicle, but they are a necessary evil when traveling. Most car rental companies can be found inside the airport where you’ll be arriving.


Before you actually get to California, create an itinerary of what you and your family will be doing. This ensures that each day you’re there, you’re having lots of enjoyable fun and a trip you won’t soon forget.


The Evolution of Kabbala Centre

The foundation of Kabbala Centre was established in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag, who was the first Chief Kabbalist to modernize its wisdom and make it readily available to all.He later passed on the leadership to his student Rave Yehuda TzviBrandwein, who subsequently handed over to Rav Berg.

The principal aim of Kabbalah has been to acquire the knowledge of God, and His designs for the seen and unseen universe.In the beginning, Kabbala was perceived as a having been reserved for Jewish scholars who were married and aged 40years and above. Children, women and unlearned men were never considered fit for formal Kabbala training.

RavAshlag did not succeed in acquiring a huge following as he had hoped. Until his death in 1955, he toiled to make Zohar available to the general public and even used his own resources to make this happen and read full article.

RavBrandwein yearned to carry on RavAshlag’s legacy, but due to his limited resources, he did not do as much as he would have wished. Before his death, RavBrandwein named Rav Berg the President of YeshivatKol Yehuda.

Rav Berg’s wife, Karen, was the first woman to study Kabbala and with her influence, they opened up the teachings to everyone who wished to learn, including children and women. In the early 70’s the Rav and his wife moved to Israel and set up the second Kabbala Centre in Tel Aviv. They set up the Kabbalah Centre in middle of secular Israel society and offered wisdom to tackle life’s challenges.

In 1984, Rav Berg and Karen set up the Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre. They left the passionate and wise followers in charge of the Israel Kabbala Centre. Rav Berg wrote his first books in English so as to appeal to a wider audience and learn more about Kabbalah.

The Kabbala Centre taught a non-religious audience and was seen as a spiritual, rather than a religious way of study. Currently, there are more than 40 KabbalaCentres around the world. Through the Kabbalah Centres, Rav Berg and his wife actualized RavAshlag’s vision of integrating humans from all race, religion, and nationalities. Celebrities such as Madonna, Britney Spears, the late Elizabeth Taylor, and Sandra Bernhard have shown interest in the Jewish Kabbalah.

Rav Berg passed away in 2013, leaving Karen and their son, Michael Berg, an established author himself, to run the Kabbalah Centre. They use all kinds of modern technology to pass wisdom through books, courses, and books in both online and physical Centres.

Business Trends that Every Entrepreneur Should Anticipate in 2017

Flavio Maluf is an entrepreneurial genius and the president of Eucatex Group, a firm that produces eco-friendly products. Maluf is a mechanical engineer who completed his undergraduate education at the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. As a businessperson, Maluf is always looking to explore new frontiers in business and technology. He recently analyzed an article published by the American Magazine Inc., indicating some of the business hotspots in 2017.


  1. The technology industry


Currently, technology is used in all operations, which make everything a functional application. According to Maluf and the American Magazine, entrepreneurs who will invest in the development of platforms and tools that will ease establishment of business and management are most likely to makes significant profits.


  1. Endeavors involving the youth


The youth is the driving force of the economy. Therefore, engaging in activities that involve the young people is the way to go. Ambitious entrepreneurs need to view the millennial generation as the potential consumers by being acquainted with what they love in order to create products that suit them.


  1. Working from virtual locations


There has been an increase in the establishment of home offices, and most employers are beginning to adopt this idea. According to Maluf, in 2017, there will be an increase in jobs for people who wish to work away from the company headquarters.


  1. The health and nutrition industry


The present generation has taken a keen interest in matters of beauty, health, and the measure of general well-being. As a result, the fitness sector is likely to gain popularity through the development of apps to be used to make nutritional records and measure calories.


  1. The e-commerce venture


With the increased demand for products available in online stores, physical stores are on the verge of going out business. Maluf emphasizes that recent surveys show that 58 percent of the consumers are willing to buy more items online to get free shipping. This evolution is an indication that the e-commerce business is a significant investment undertaking.


  1. Popularity of sustainable products


Currently, matters of sustainability are of great importance. According to Maluf, the demand for products that promote the preservation of natural resources and the environment will continue to go up. All these ventures are ways to start and grow successful businesses.




Lime Crime Is About To Release Their Newest Product Called Unicorn Hair

Lime Crime is a company known for its brightly colored makeup products. The company has recently announced that they plan to release a new line of hair dyes call Unicorn Hair in a short period of time. Fans of their products are incredibly excited about this recent development. They have been hoping that the company would eventually carry colorful hair dye to match the colorful makeup products.Although the products have not yet been released, they are already featured on the home page of the company.


The hair dye comes in two different types and has thirteen shades. Some of the colors include Dirty Mermaid and Sext. The colors are vibrant and long lasting. The company states that they are semi-permanent and designed to last for approximately six weeks. There are pure intense dye colors and there are also glaze colors. The glaze colors are designed to give a more pastel look, whereas the pure dye gives deep richer hues. Doe Deere the company’s founder and CEO modeled the hair colors after her own brightly colored locks. She has been dying her hair for many years now and has become famous for her unicorn colors. She has made it her life’s work to make sure that customers have colors to express themselves and enjoy the way that they look.


Fans everywhere are eagerly anticipating the release of the Unicorn Hair dyes. It is expected that the company will sell out quickly, and as of right now there is no other way to purchase them unless they buy them directly from the Lime Crime website. Anyone the wants to be able to grab the new products should be ready to make their purchase as soon as they are available for sale. In keeping with the Lime Crime philosophy, the Unicorn Hair dye products are cruelty-free. Anyone with a flair for style that isn’t afraid of color will absolutely love the new products. They allow people to show off their individual style while using a high-quality product that gives incredible results.


Seattle Tourism Industry Seeks Improvements After Dismal Survey

By all accounts, Seattle should be a paradise for tourists; after all, the Emerald City is the home of Starbucks, the Mariners, a thriving independent music scene, a bustling tech industry, and a lot more. Unfortunately, a recent survey by J.D. Power and Associates among 26,000 people who have visited the top 50 tourism markets in the U.S. indicates that Seattle is too expensive for most visitors.


Seattle is currently ranked 37th on the Top 50 list, which means that tourists are more fond of spots such as Jacksonville, Florida and even Columbus, Ohio. Altogether, the sentiment by 600 tourists who visited Seattle in recent months can be summed up as: “Nice city; too bad it is so expensive!”


Survey respondents complained about the high costs of lodging, entertainment and transportation while visiting Seattle; however, such complaints were not made about the cost of meals. The Seattle Times looked into the average cost of hotel rooms during the summer season in Seattle and found them costly at $193 per night, and this is for national chain hotels that offer the same amenities across many tourism markets.


Great Food, Not So Great Hospitality


Another aspect that Seattle seems to be lagging in is the friendliness of hospitality staff. Florida cities seem to be leading the nation in this regard, followed by California on the west coast.


Not all the answers provided by the survey respondents were negative. Seattle visitors seem to enjoy the city despite the constant drizzle, and they also gave high points to the diversity of cuisine and cultural event. The natural sights in the Puget Sound were also lauded, but the cost of the tours was not so enticing. The cleanliness and layout of the city also got high scores.


Overall, Seattle is not doing so bad as a West Coast travel destination. Portland, the progressive city in Oregon located in a much desirable climate, scored 42 on the aforementioned survey, and similar sentiments related to pricing and a certain lack of warmth emoted by hospitality workers were shared.



The Role Of Andrew Rolfe In Tackling The Education Crisis In South Africa

Chief Executive and founder of the Ubuntu Education Fund, Jacob Lief is an individual committed to bettering the education systems in South Africa. According to him, donor funding is not useful if it comes with restrictions attached to it. These may include restrictions on spending; demanding involvement in the operations of the organization, and any other preconditions that affect how grants are utilized.


This is what influenced the leadership of the Ubuntu Fund to reconsider the type of funding they accepted. Even though most people consider the donors to be the main players in philanthropic decision-making, this is not always the case. Grantees hold the decision to accept or reject a donation that has outrageous terms. Therefore, Jacob Lief and the Board of Directors of the Ubuntu Fund, including the chairman Andrew Rolfe, decided to focus on donors who understand that controlled funding is not beneficial to the foundation.


Although this decision has significantly reduced the influx of financing, the available funds can accomplish more. It is not easy for nonprofits to secure donors who offer to fund without restrictions, the key is to carry out discussions beforehand to lay out the objectives of both the donors and the receiving organization. This will avoid tensions and conflicts caused by misplaced priorities and give nonprofits the flexibility needed to innovate.


About the Ubuntu Education Fund

It was funded in 1999 by Jacob Lief and Malizole “Banks” Gwaxula to concentrate on tackling the educational dilemma in South Africa. The nonprofit bases its activities on what is known as the “Ubuntu Model” that is founded on creating social impact beginning with the family, focusing on the community, creating lifelong relationships with the children so as to create a sustainable institution.


The Board of Directors consists of well-known civil society and business dignitaries from the U.S, the U.K, and South Africa, with Andrew Rolfe as the Chairman. Throughout his career, Andrew Rolfe has been committed to helping people, and as the board’s Chairman, he has been able to do this extensively.


Andrew Rolfe believes that children can receive a proper education if they do not worry about how their education is being funded, or who is funding it. This gives them the education, stability, and health required to circumvent poverty.


Alaska Airline Announces 13 Non-Stop Routes from West Coast the USA

Alaska Air, a Seattle- based airline, made one of its greatest announcements in early March 2017. The airline unveiled 13 non-stop routes from the West Coast USA that will begin their services on August 28, 2017. This follows the purchase of the Virgin America, a San Francisco-based airline in December 2016. The acquisition of the airline has seen Alaska become one of the dominant carriers in the whole of West Coast and the California area. The Alaska airline has in the past operated in Seattle and Portland other connections in the airport in Los Angele, California, San Jose, and San Diego.



Alaska Airline Expansion routes



Ten of the nonstop flights from Bay area will run from San Francisco International while three will operate from the Mineta San Jose International Airport for both leisure and business travels. The airline will offer 125 flights covering 42 destinations every day. Their destinations include Hawaii, Austin, Baltimore, Kona, and New Orleans. The company’s executives expressed their commitment towards creating an exceptional travel experience for their guests with a broad range of facilities that they have now acquired. The airline company will use the Virgin America all Airbus fleet and the Horizon Air’s Embraer E175 aircraft for the travel. Horizon Air already has 33 E175LRs that they acquired in February 2017, and they are still waiting for 30 more this April.



Alaska has experienced huge growth in the last five years adding to 13 nonstop routes and departing seats to the six that they had earlier announced. The six new Bay Area routes feature Orlando, Orange County, Newark, Minneapolis, Burbank, and Mexico City.



The Future of Alaska and Virgin Merger



The company’s CEO, Brad Tilden says that the two will continue to run under their brands as they make considerations on whether to merge the two into one single brand. The company terms this as one of the largest market announcement that it has had in its history. However, the executives did not give detailed information about the future look of the Virgin Airlines, although they promised to make more expansions to the combined route network.