Success Academy From the Big Apple and beyond

The education system in urban communities has not always had the best reputation. Well Success Academy, a network of schools based in New York City has flipped the script on educating children.

Success Academy’s scores in Math and English among students is a testament to why the academy lives up to its name, scoring much higher on exams than students at traditional schools. This is due to Success Academy’s new approach to molding young minds. Take for instance their curriculum on wooden blocks. Kindergarteners are instructed to construct buildings from wooden blocks. They are shown pictures of real life buildings for ideas, but the child’s project is their own. This simple activity is not only fun for students, but is also a great learning experience.


Success Academy also implements a Language Arts curriculum called Think. The curriculum consists of reading workshops, guided reading, reading aloud, and shared text. The shared text portion, for example focuses on literacy and finding meaning in the writing. Success Academy’s Math curriculum is just as effective, consisting of planned lessons, set goals, and activities. Teacher’s show the students how and why concepts work in real life situations, instead of just telling the students to figure out a problem.


Another Success Academy school is opening up at the Alliance Neighborhood Center at 405 S Linden Avenue, which sat vacant for over a year. The school will be an alternative for children with disabilities, or those who have had disciplinary problems. Teacher’s will work with therapists and counselors to give children attention and support alongside their education. This not only gives help to children who would have otherwise had none, but also makes good use of unoccupied space in the community.


Success Academy also encourages parents and community members to be involved in the students progress, offering the Leadership Fellow Program. The great thing about this program is that a formal education background is not required. This opens the door for more adults and parents to step in and make a difference. Success Academy is more of a way of life than it is a school.

Bruce Bent II And Money Market Funds

It was the year 1970, when the financial market was too by surprise from the introduction of the world first money market fund. The proposal idea of a mutual fund was that it could generate rates of return while approving for zero market risk. The purpose of the fund was to provided investors the opportunity for direct financial resources and security for their money directly above all. Therefore, in 1970 the introduction of the first ever money market fund was commenced, the Reserve Fund. Presenting the chance to receive a return of money for giving money at an affordable rate. These could have seemed comical but it wasn’t, it was the idea that made a mesmerizing imprint in finances.

Money market funds are an investment. Investors aim at grossing interest while sustaining a NAV (net asset value) of $ 1 per share. The fund is contained in a portfolio; a portfolio is a collection of property in the categories of stocks, bonds, and cash equivalent. Financial advisers and investors manage the portfolios. The purpose of a money market fund is to secure a financial safety net for an investor. The popularity of the resource to incoming investors was that it was less hazardous compared to those in the financial market. An average Joe can make and short-term investment in a money market fund by taking advantage of T-bills and certificates of deposit (CD). Taking benefit of a money market fund can be lucrative for many people. Bruce Bent started a mecca of commercial possibilities, stating that the money can indeed work for you.

Bruce Bent II is a successful financial businessman who understands retirement funding and money market funds. He has been recognized as a great leader in the financial industry. Bent II attended Northeastern where he recieved his Bachelor’s degree. Thereafter, he started his career as an entreprenuer and knowledgeable businessman. Bent II currently works for Double Rock Corporation where he oversees as president and vice chairman.

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Why Did Andrew Rocklage Become the Owner of a Sky Zone?

In the old days, people often found steady employment right out of college and tended to work for the same employer for decades. Times have certainly changed. These days, it’s not unusual for people to move from one employer to the next in rapid succession–especially when the economy and job market are good. That has certainly been the case for Andrew Rocklage, who started out with an interest in sports management, segued into a law career and ultimately decided to become his own boss. Today, Rocklage is the proud owner and operator of two successful Sky Zone locations in the state of Florida. Find out what drew him to this career by reading on below.


At a certain point in high school, students have to start thinking about what they’d like to do with their lives. For many, this means selecting a college and, in many cases, deciding on some kind of major. A Boston native, Andrew Rocklage was lucky in that he could take his pick from so many terrific local colleges and universities. At the time, he was primarily interested in sports management, so he applied to and was accepted at the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.


In 2009, Rocklage graduated from UMass with a Bachelor of Science degree in sports management plus a minor in economics. After interning in public relations at Major League Lacrosse, it seemed obvious that he was on his way to a career in the sports industry. However, Andrew wasn’t quite ready to launch his professional career. He still had more to do in terms of education. He had been fascinated by the field of law for many years, so he threw caution to the wind and applied to the Suffolk University Law School, where he graduated in 2013 with a Juris Doctor degree.


For a while, Andrew Rocklage was confident that he wanted to spend his career working as a lawyer. He found the work satisfying and challenging enough to keep him interested at first. Before too long, though, he realized that the work didn’t provide him with the autonomy that he craved. Although he held a prestigious position as legal counsel for EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals, he found himself yearning more and more for more freedom. Increasingly, the idea of being his own boss and of owning his own business became irresistible.


During his time working as a lawyer, Andrew Rocklage worked with several startups. As a result, he gained direct experience with launching a new business. Starting a business from scratch is incredibly iffy, however, so he sought other opportunities. He was already familiar with Sky Zone, a chain of indoor trampoline parks, because he had been to a location in the Boston area. Through the grapevine, he heard about the amazing potential that existed for those who were willing to get in on owning a franchise of the popular chain, which has more than 110 locations around the United States.


In a perfect world, Andrew Rocklage would have opened a new Sky Zone somewhere in the Boston area. However, the company felt that the local market was already quite saturated, and they advised him to look at the state of Florida. Although Rocklage had never really considered leaving Boston before, it became pretty obvious that he would have to in order to take advantage of this opportunity. After visiting Daytona Beach, where the new Sky Zone would be opened, he knew that he had to make his move. Before he knew it, he was the owner and operator of the new location right in the heart of the city.


Andrew Rocklage bought a home in Jupiter, Florida, and threw himself into running and managing his Sky Zone. He put together a highly qualified team, including more than 70 enthusiastic and friendly crew members and a handful of managers. As he had learned in his business dealings in Boston, he surrounded himself with high achievers who wanted the very best. When combined with the state-of-the-art facility, which includes many great attractions across its more than 28,000 square feet, the crew has helped to make this Sky Zone location a major hit in the area.


Given the incredible success of the Daytona Beach Sky Zone, it is reasonable to say that the more than $1.8 million that went into it was money well spent. As experienced as he is, Andrew Rocklage quickly saw that his gamble had paid off, so he went ahead and jumped on another opportunity. This time, he bought a Sky Zone franchise in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Today, then, he owns two Sky Zone locations, and odds are that he will purchase additional locations in the future. In the meantime, he is enjoying running his businesses and spending time in the beautiful Florida weather.

Taking a Look At The Career of David Giertz Up To Now

David Giertz aged 52 is the president National Wide financials sales and distribution organization (NFS Distributors Inc.). His job entails formulating strategies in the organization. He also has the task of seeing the targeted group adopts other services like the insurance and the retirement. His skills and efforts have seen him get promoted to various levels in the organization on Bloomberg. He joined the firm in the year 2004 as the president of financial institutional distributions channel. After servicing in the sector for more than five years, he was added the task of warehouse distribution channel before being promoted to his current seat.

David Giertz’ success has been contributed by him being a product of the University Millikin where he got is an undergraduate degree in business administration and management. Later he joined the Miami University where he got his master’s in business. It prepared him well for the challenges in the workplace. In the workplace; he has also been seen to have the skills in life insurance, finance mutual funds retirements planning among much more.

David’s views on social security

He believes there are many misconceptions regarding the topic of the social security fund. A study conducted showed that a significant number of persons who were retiring were not conversant about the issue. David thinks that the social security fund is meant to help in later years and should not be seen as a retirement plan. He urges the persons to try to find or formulate retirement plan. He believes that the confusion arises in the coincidence of the retirement age and the age at which you start taking the social security fund.

A study conducted by his firm indicated that the health factor was a primary cause of failure to have the planned retirement benefit according to The corresponded stated that the ailments caught up with the earlier hence they were unable to plan well for their retirement. It got noted that working with the advisors played a significant role in having a successful retirement plan. The expert encourages one to delay collecting the social security funds as they usually have high interest in later years.

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Greg Secker’s Learn to Trade Helps More People Attain Financial Freedom

Many people know Greg Secker as an entrepreneur who made it big and retired in his late twenties. He is a master Forex Trader whose prowess has been recognized and appreciated by many. He is also passionate about sharing his success story and tips with those who would like to gain financial freedom.


Greg’s career started off when he was a trading technologist for a company called Thomas Cook Financial Services. His job entailed coming up with and developing trading systems with a bid to expose any profits made in the Forex market. It was while he was at Thomas Cook Financial Services that he developed a trading system called the Virtual Trading Desk. The trading system won many awards after its conception.


After his stint at Thomas Cook Financial Services, Greg’s career soared. Within two years, he was joined Mellon Financial Corporation as their Vice President. He was only 25 at the time. After working there some time, he decided to set up his own trading centre in his house. At first, he shared his trading ideas with his family and friends and then more and more people started approaching him.


Learn to Trade


Learn to Trade was an initiative which Greg Secker thought would benefit more people who wanted to learn about Forex trading on their own. Most people think that they must sit in front of their laptops or computers the whole day. This is not the case.


With Learn to Trade, you can teach yourself the art of trading in currencies. The official website provides every learner with tools which they can use to sharpen their trading skills. The website also makes available some tips and techniques for risk management. If you need advice when you are stuck, the experts are there to help you.


Attaining financial freedom is as easy as finding something that can propel you in the right direction. Forex trading worked for Greg Secker and it can work for you too. All you have to do is follow the strategies and attend the workshops on the Learn to Trade website and you are good to go!


Nine9 and Your Success

If you are an aspiring model or actor you know how hard it can be to get noticed from the typical talent agencies. Spending hours trying to get in contact with them only to have no auditions or interviews. Statistically speaking, only 1 percent of aspiring talent are represented by an agent. That leaves 99 percent of aspiring models and actors trying to figure out this competitive industry alone. That’s where Nine9 comes in. Nine9 is called the “unagency” because they pride themselves in being useful for that large percentage of talented people that are not represented by a standard agency.

Nine9 helps aspiring talent get their foot in the door, without an agent. Nine9 has developed a four-step method that helps the unrepresented talent gain more exposure, build their skills in the industry and actually get casting calls and auditions. Additionally, Nine9 works with aspiring actors and models ages three and up.

First, Nine9 will set up the aspiring talent with a professional photo shoot. This important step helps to build your portfolio so you stand out to potential opportunities more than the competition. The professional will guide you through what to wear to help you look your best on the big day. Clients should be on time for this photo shoot, just like everything in the business. Punctuality is a big deal in the talent business. Our coaches will also direct you on what to do, and what not to do during your auditions. It is important to be polite, But the most important key to success that Nine9 will help with is having fun while exploring what you love to do!

Don Ressler, a Man of Vision

Don Ressler was on his way in 1997 when he sold his successful business to Intermix, the parent company to MySpace which he now owns. Now, it seems he’s on a real roll, having founded TechStyle corporation with his partner and co-CEO Adam Goldenberg. Making a bold move, the two clothing moguls set up shop in El Segundo, California. Having access to an international airport, room to expand and close to the beach to boot, they decided the move was brilliant and haven’t looked back since. Find on

Mr. Ressler has taken on the role of rudder for TechStyle as he controls the companies customer experience, company talent, and vision. Speaking of vision, one of the subsidiaries of TechStyle is JustFab, an all inclusive, E-Commerce business for women’s clothes of all shapes and sizes. The quality of the clothes are second to none and at an affordable price. Sizes range from XS to 3X and are designed to flatter any woman’s shape. Originally carrying only clothes, JustFab has branched out to include accessories, basics, and wide width shoes.

Read on: Don Ressler, CEO of Fabletics by Kate Hudson- Our Interview

Like the captain of the industry that Don Ressler is , the product line has since gone global, with markets in the U.K., France, Germany, Sweden, Canada, Denmark & the Netherlands. Going global may not have been possible without the $33,000,000 funding from Matrix Partners they received in 2011. In 2012 they received a combined total of $76,000,000 from Matrix Partners, Rho Ventures, Technology Crossover Ventures and Intelligent Beauty, another company owned by Mr. Ressler.

Just when you think Mr. Ressler’s plate can’t get any fuller, he has now partnered up with the actress Kate Hudson and made a new line of athletic wear for JustFab called Fabletics! In an interview from Brandettes, Mr. Ressler States on, “Our competitive edge is that we are making a premium performance product – I would put our pants next to Lululemon or Athleta any day – but we have done it with style and at a price that makes you feel good buying it.” It’s clear to see, Don Ressler is a force to be reckoned with in the E-commerce clothing industry.

Ms. Betsy DeVos – The Great Reformer And An Activist

Ms. Betsy DeVos is the 11th educational secretary in U.S. She got the confirmation in the American Senate on 7th Feb. 2017. She got nominated by President Mr. Donald Trump. Ms. Betsy DeVos was active in framing the education policy some three decades back as an ardent support for children and a great voice for the parents.

She has lots of passion regarding the reforms that assist the underprivileged kids in getting complete access to great quality education. She had tremendous interest in the teaching at an early age. She sent her children to school and faced the actuality that not every American kid is given a fair chance to get a good education. Read more about their foundation at

Ms. DeVos experienced what the leaders were doing in the hometown to enhance her educational options for the students and options for the parents. She was actively there in the fight to give good educational alternatives all around the country.

Ms. Betsy DeVos had been a school mentor in Grand Rapids Public Schools. She had endless conversations with the families, students, and teachers. She is a great reformer. Ms. Devos has participated in different campaigns and party organizations.

She tends to reform her family. Her husband Mr. Dick DeVos was the candidate for the Republicans for Governor of Michigan. Mr. DeVos wanted to search for some creative alternatives to some of the social issues. Ms. Betsy also worked as a chairman of the Windquest Group. it is a private firm that spends intently in technology and manufacturing.

She is known to have discovered the company with her husband in the year 1989. Mr. DeVos used to be the Amway president. Ms. DeVos goes about doing some reforms via some different nonprofit roles.

She is the chairman of Dick and Betsy DeVos family foundation. Her charitable interests have got a diverse range. She is an active member of many local boards, and those include

DeVos arts institute management at the Kennedy Center.

Betsy Devos is renowned for being a great supporter for the educational campaign. She is a chairman of the American Federation of Children and the Alliance for school choice. There are 250,000 students in at least thirty-three private choice programs in at least seventeen states.

The growth of the movement is enhancing to a great extent. The number of students in educational programs has increased by about 40,000. We viewed some of the new programs in Pennsylvania, Virginia and New Hampshire.

There was polling in at least five states, and the choice of education had great fame among the Latinos. The events are compelling people to take note due to the knowledge of the people as the traditional schools are not that successful. Read her interview with Philanthropy Table.

Travel Ban Impacting Travel to San Francisco

Under the current presidential administration, the world and United States have seen a lot of big changes. One way that the new administration is having an impact on the country is through reduced travel. Much of this has been attributed to the recent immigration policies that have been announced and various attempts at a travel ban. While many areas of the country will be affected by reduced travel, the city of San Francisco could be affected more than others (


Ever since the travel ban at times have been publicly announced, travelers from countries outside of the United States have showed a significant decline in travel to the country. This has been attributed to an overall feeling of uncertainty about being inside the United States. It has been shown that there has been a 17% decline in the amount of Internet searches related to booking trips to the United States.


One country that has shown the most significant decline of all his China. Since Chyna makes up the bulk of all travelers to the San Francisco area, this nationwide travel decline could impact this city most of all. In fact, overall Internet searches for flights from an international city to San Francisco international Airport are down over 45% since the last travel ban was announced. While the controversial travel bans have been put on hold by federal judges, it is clearly already having a major impact in the country. This could lead to a big cut into the $250 billion travel history in the United States.


Andrew Rolfe And Jacob Lief Are Reforming The Ubuntu Fund

Jacob Lief, the founder of the Ubuntu Education Fund, has decided to reform the spending strategy of his organization. Although the funding had been flowing incredibly, he realized that they were not making a significant impact towards the people that they had intended on helping.


Instead, the foundation will become more hands on with helping the children in Port Elizabeth. The fund will also deny donors that give grants with unreasonable sets of conditions. They will now be targeting individuals and companies with high net worths to negotiate more reasonable donation terms.


The model of the foundation will be to directly create plans for each family to directly meet their specialized goals. They will consider their health, safety, food, and educational costs.


Seeking out donors that are willing to give out money without complications is rare these days. There are some donors that have private interests in mind to demand the direction of funds into certain products or services. Some donors may also want to pay into the fund hoping that they will be given a position of authority within the association. Although certain donors may be helpful towards the cost, there are some that want to change the direction of the cause too drastically.


Another problem is that the wealthy may promise donations within their wills after their death. Such conditions may cause legal battles that make it hard for charities to see the full sums of the cash. It is especially troublesome when properties must be auctioned off and allocated to each beneficiary.


Charities receiving high volumes of donations may waste a lot of funds from overhead. Marketing, IT staff training, and more can be really draining from the main operations of the charity. The average charity spends around 25 percent of donations from just these overhead costs. Instead of chasing every possible dollar, the Ubuntu Fund will be putting everything into the original intention of the charity.


Andrew Rolfe, Senior Managing Director at Towerbrook, is another important executive of the Ubuntu Fund. Since joining in 2007, she has been the leader of the board of directors. His business insight has contributed greatly to the operations of the fund.