Studying Fantasy Football Rankings

If you are bored and looking for a hobby in the autumn and winter months with your buddies, look no further than studying fantasy football rankings and getting your own team going with friends. It is a hoot for those who try it and all say they wish they did it much sooner.

Poker with No Workers at the Table

It can be a little scary hearing fantasy football rankings compared with a poker game with no dealer. It makes it sound like a free for all. It isn’t quite that rough. The name of the game in fantasy football rankings is preparation.

Study Ahead

You are picking from a roster of real football players for fantasy football rankings. It can be hard to predict at the beginning of a season who should be on your team of players you would consider your fantasy football rankings superstars if you could pick a team of players in real life who you think would work the best together.

Research Ahead

These are human beings with human emotions and human bad days. Remember that. Watch who is most steady on the field week after week. Check out last year’s fantasy football rankings to see possible good choices.


West Coast Road Trip Along The Pacific Coast Highway

Many parents sit back and wonder what exactly they should be doing with their kids over spring and summer breaks. It is a lengthy amount of time to be spending in doors or staying local. One fun vacation is a road trip. If you live on the west coast you are in luck, there are so many sites to see and things to do with kids of all ages. There are also a plethera of adult only road trips to take. Speaking of adult only, how about the Portland Oregon pub crawl or a Napa Valley Winery tour?

Those seeking site seeing and excitement can take a trip up the Pacific Coast Highway. The PCH has an expansive 650 mile stretch where major cities like Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and San Francisco can all be seen. While on your road trip in San Francisco you can view such sites as the Golden Gate Bridge, you can take an architecture tour and ride a cable car. If you have plant of extra time take a trip out to Alcatraz. Back in the car and heading towards Santa Barbara you’ll enjoy splendid views of the Santa Ynez Mountains while taking in some upscale dining and shopping. If you are taking this Santa Barbara road trip with children the Lotusland botanical gardens would be a fun experience to share with them.

Los Angeles may be one of the most family friendly and exciting destinations on a west coast road trip. Children and adults alike can enjoy visiting the warner brothers studios, the TCL chinese theatre and the iconic hollywood sign. Many studios offer back stage tours and there is a wide variety of local dining from casual to elegant. With so many options for entertainment, a west coast road trip will not disappoint.

Omar Yunes Says His Employees Matter

The Best Franchisee of the World (BFW), held in December 2015 recognized Omar Yunes as the best franchisee in the world. The event was held in Florence, Italy, and it attracted people from 34 countries. Omar Yunes works with the Sushi Itoo brand, which he has used a lot of innovation to expand to 13 new regions. Omar became a franchisee in the venture when he was only 21 years. He employed the core values of hard work, innovation, and aggressiveness to achieve his goals in the company. The branches, which have emerged under his franchises, are in Puebla, Mexico, and Veracruz. The 13 branches form a tenth of all the branches under the Sushi Itoo brand.
At the time of receiving the award, Omar stated that the trophy belonged to the 400 employees, who worked in the 13 branches. He said that the company would not be where it was if it was not for these workers’ hard work, determination, and innovation. He would not be recognized for the brand success without them.
Diego Elizarrarrás, the organizer of BFW Mexico said that they recognized Omar in that place because he played an important part in franchising. Omar’s efforts in employee motivation, excellent levels of services, hospitality, management skills, and company control were also recognized. He also said that the BFW function was recognized internationally, and it created more awareness where the represented brands were concerned. Thanks to the function, Mexican brands are no longer regional, but international.
Omar Yunes
Omar Yunes is a Mexican investor, who is mainly involved in the food business. Since the tender age of 21 years, Omar became a franchisee with the Sushi Itto brand. Omar has garnered massive success in his work, scooping many awards for his exemplary contribution as a franchisee. He has also employed many people, whom he values closely. Omar Yunes reveals that his employees are an important asset to him, and they are the source of the company success. Consequently, he motivates them and remunerates them handsomely to keep them working in the vision. Omar also allows the workers a high degree of innovation in the firm.

Choosing the Right Spot to Visit on the West Coast of America

A trip to the West Coast of America might be all you need to relax. The West Coast is characterized by all manner of scenery, thus causing a heavy burden on your shoulder when it comes to selecting the right spot for you to visit. On the West Coast, there is always something for everyone. Hence, money should never be a determining factor. Unlike the East Coast, the West Coast has magnificent beaches, better cuisines, historical sites, port lands, weather, sports culture, scenery, and the best people character wise. Thus, there is no doubt that the West Coast is a place worth your visit. With the above in mind, let me show you how to select the right spot on the West Coast for your vacation.

As much as a vacation is made interesting by the activities involved, you should always select your location by considering weather patterns in the area. People enjoy having a real time of a tropical type of climate that allows them to spend a lot of time outdoors, and it is my belief that you are no exception. Thus, the weather is of utmost importance, and it should dictate how you plan your visit to the West Coast.

Second on the list should be scenery. We all enjoy spending time in the natural environment, away from smog filled skies and towering skyscrapers. A vacation gives you the time to relax, unwind, and meet new people. Thus, as you plan to visit the West Coast, you should only select locations that will help make you appreciate yourself more at the end of the day. Go for places that offer energy intensive activities as well as those that encourage you to rest and relax.

As we move from one location to the next, one question keeps on ringing in our minds. Where will I sleep at day end! Since you are going to unknown territory, it is always important that you research on the best hotels and accommodation facilities on the West Coast, preferably those that are close to town and offer both accommodation and full course meals. By taking the above three steps, you rest assured of having a great time on the West Coast.

The Perfect Brewery For Your Summer Trip In San Diego

San Diego has always been on the list of prime vacation destinations on the west coast. Numerous people flock there every year to get a taste of what this beautiful city has to offer. The summer time especially sees a lot of visitors, so naturally, the list of things to do in the city also goes up. The city has something for almost every age group so that no one is left out from the enjoyment and all the fun. One of the things that San Diego is primarily known for is the amazing breweries that it has. Even though it may seem like hard tasks to narrow down the city’s best, considering how close they are regarding quality, (which is extremely high by the way) we have found the one that is guaranteed to satisfy your brewery needs.

The brewery first opened its doors in 1989 and since then has seen lots of success. Karl Strauss Brewing Co. sees people coming to them from all around the globe, thanks to the incredible beers that are brewed here. The place has an old rustic vibe to it, akin to something that would be straight out of a 1970’s movie. With some of the best beer in town, this place is a must visit for those who like a nice cold beer. The unique thing about this place is that the beer is not just served to you in a glass, it is also served to you in your dishes. A lot of the dishes that are served here use beer as one of their main ingredients.

The brewery also has special surprises for those visiting owing Comic Con that is happening in the near vicinity. The celebration goes on till the end of July, making it the perfect brewery to visit this summer.

Travelling to the West Coast? Here is Why You Should Pack Light

Summer is here which means temperatures are high and sweaty. Nevertheless, this should not stop your vacation to the West Coast of USA. If you are lucky, your destination may just have a mild warm temperature you can contend with.

The West Coast area is made up of three main states. These are Oregon, New York, and California. How hot you find your city depends on where it falls in the three states. Fortunately, only one of these states is considered to be the hottest in the summer while the other two remain cooler.

According to a forecast from the weather experts, there are 10 American cities that experience scorching temperatures during summer. We all expect cities like Houston to be on the top 5 of this list. Surprising enough, Houston came in at number 9 after New Orleans which was considered fairly warm. Florida is also on the list in case you want to take a trip to Disney Land during your summer travel itinerary.

On the top 5 of this list is a city found in the West Coast. This is New York city which ranked number one as the sweatiest of them all. Fortunately, New York city is also considered one of the top cities with central AC systems in homes and commercial establishments. So it might get a little heated up when you check in, but once you get to your hotel room, the holiday mood is back on.

Also on the list of sweatiest cities in America is Tampa and Florida. So you may actually be safe from the scorching weather if you are touring the states of Oregon and California. In fact, most tourists favor these two states for their West Coast on Holiday.

However, the rule of thumb applies for all American cities you travel to this summer. Pack light clothes, carry plenty of sunscreen, and remember to stay hydrated during your West Coast Holiday.

Goettl Air Conditioning’s New Jobs Available

Goettl Air Conditioning always welcomes new technicians who’ve got the training and certifications to its team, and in a release posted by PRNewswire it was announced that 100 new jobs would be added to their current available listings. They will be adding more service technicians as well as call center representatives to make sure they have all their customers reached. CEO Ken Goodrich is pleased that he can help grow the local economy through these job openings and believes it reaffirms his commitment to the customers as well by making their services even more available. Goettl has grown and even changed owners over the years, but it remains strong in its mission to provide comfort in the home.


Goettl Air Conditioning has been around since 1939 when the Goettl brothers first started HVAC services in the Phoenix area. The company would shift from industrial cooling services to residential and light commercial contracting and soon started manufacturing air conditioner units. The company had some financial and operational struggles in the late 1990s and early 2000s, but Goodrich bought it with the intention to turn it around and once again return it to its top rating in air conditioning and heating service. Goettl is currently a member of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America association. Visit LinkedIn to know more.


Goettl Air Conditioning guides customers through the whole process of buying a central air unit and having it installed, and also offers ongoing maintenance. Goettl is also available 24/7 to repair air conditioning and heating that malfunctions even at odd hours of the night. It’s also a partner of The Sunny Plumber and recommends their services to customers who also have plumbing issues. Goettl has also benefited their communities by repairing HVAC systems for free when customers couldn’t afford the repair bill, and they’ve also sponsored community college training programs.


Making a Memorable but Cheap Trip to the US West Coast

The United States is one of the largest countries in the world with so many attractive destinations that it is impossible to fit them all in a travelling plan. Frequented by visitors throughout the year, the west coast is one of the most popular parts of the US. One of the main reasons for its adoration by visitors is its vibrant cities and different but breathtaking landscapes. While many people spend years piling up loads of money for their west coast trip, you can have a time of your life at an incredibly low cost.

Low-rates Accommodation

A big chunk of money spent on any trip goes to accommodation. There are many prestigious hotels in the west coast but you have to dig deep in your pockets to pay for their services. At the same time, there are many motels offering excellent services at a low price. Nevertheless, it is not easy to pick just the right one, and even harder to try not to find yourself in an outright dump if you have never tried them before.

A Short Distance from Attractions

According to Huffington Post, some of the little-known hotels offer as excellent service as some of the largest ones. They come with additional benefits including nearby restaurants and nightlife hubs as well as attractions, such as the Cabrillo National Monument, Crescent Bay, Salt Creek, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and art galleries. They include Ocean Park Hotel in San Francisco, Dolphin Motel in San Diego, Newport Channel Inn in Newport Beach, Three Rivers Resort in Forks and View Crest Lodge in Trinidad.

A trip to the US west coast is an unforgettable. However, it doesn’t have to leave a big hole in your pockets. You can easily avoid the crippling costs by conducting a bit of research on available accommodation before you set off. Additionally, make a list of the cities and attractions you would love to visit most.


The creative minds of Spain have done it again and this time in quite an unconventional way. We all get worked up and fatigued at work and such a long day may seem to slow us down. In most cases when this happens, you may begin to doze off loosing track of what is happening around you. Nothing works in rejuvenating the body and mind like a nap when the muscles are too worked up to be active. It is this knowledge that has informed Siesta & Go, a company in Madrid, Spain to come up with tranquil rooms for individuals to lay their heads for a nap.

At affordable prices of between 12-14 euros an hour, you can rest your head in one of the 19 rooms at the Azca based nap bar. The space is available for booking or you can walk in when the occasion demands. Do not worry about your office clothes being wrinkled because the facility offers nightshirts for nappers. You are you might oversleep? Do not mind because at the end of your session you will have one of the attendants waking you up. The company details are easily accessible from their websites where you can also book for a nap session when the need arises (

The facility offers more just in case you need to relax and rest without closing your eyes. They have very comfortable seats outside where you can quietly read your novel or flip through your newspaper as your mind refreshes in the cool fresh air. This is the trend as workers and employers alike realize the benefits of taking a break when the body demands of it. The next time you are in Madrid do not worry of the exhausting long hours at hours at work. Nap it off.

Steph and Ayesha Curry celebrate their Daughter, Riley’s birthday

Turning five years old is a big deal for any child. It marks the end of the “toddler years” and the beginning of a new era in learning. Kindergarten is usually the next step after celebrating the fifth birthday and all the fun that goes with school days, such as meeting new friends, both of the same sex and opposite sex. But if you are the daughter of the current NBA “World Champion” Steph Curry, turning 5 years old means a whole lot more.

The party is celebrated with a gorgeous unicorn cake and birthday balloons that are similar to the same balloons her famous daddy’s team “The Warriors” used for their “Super Villains party” last year– golden lettered balloons spelling out “Birthday Riley”. What birthday party would be complete without a jump house, and everyone knows a unicorn party must be complete with unicorn horns and drinks.

Riley Curry is the heart and soul of the Curry Family. With her birth 5 years ago, Steph and his wife Ayesha never imagined their little girl could be any more “ferocious, creative, confident, joyous, caring and spontaneous” as she is. Riley is an awesome big sister as well, as well as a good role model for her younger sibling.

With the passing of Riley’s 5th birthday underway, Steph and Ayesha can only look forward to the next thirteen birthday parties with all the hope and happiness of having a child brings. Steph’s biggest problem he struggles with his doing his daughters hair, but with each day, and as time goes on, he is learning how to style her hair almost as good as professional!!