Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: Promoting Rights for Migrants

Migration has been a hot topic around the world today. Migration has been a natural instinct for humans thousands of years ago. Humans would migrate in search of food, or when the climate starts to shift. The same with animals in the wild, humans have the right to go anywhere they wanted. However, as the society advanced, borders were created and visas were introduced. Humans have been prevented to roam freely around the planet, and the freedom that humanity once experienced has come into a halt. Endless wars in the Middle East and poverty in Africa have forced its population to move to Europe as refugees; high rate of illegal drug addiction, poverty, and the war on drugs in Latin America forced its people to move north, into the United States and Canada; and persecution against the cultural belief and traditions have forced some ethnic groups to move to more accepting states. The migration crisis that the world is experiencing have only created more gaps against races, and spread hate among nationalities.


These problems that the modern world is facing have opened the eyes of two brave Americans, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The duo is known for helping migrants coming from Latin America, and they are being backed financially by a private fund that they have established, called the Frontera Fund. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have seen the crisis unfolding in Europe, and they do not want the same thing to happen in their own backyard so instead of pushing away the migrants, they are doing their best to educate them about the life in the United States and how they can easily adapt. The private fund that they have on hand amounts to $3.75 million, and they have been using it ever since to help those who needs their assistance. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are successful in transforming the lives of the immigrants. Some have found a stable job and a nice place to live, and some have started their own businesses and their own families. These people that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin helped often give back by adding up more finances to their private fund. They have stated that the two are really compassionate, and they wanted to show their gratitude by donating money to their private fund.


The Frontera Fund that was established by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin originated from a lawsuit that they have filed against the Maricopa County. Back in the year 2007, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin published an article regarding the scandal that the Maricopa County sheriff has come into. The Maricopa County sheriff is being accused of corruption, and the county attorney stated that they might file a case against him. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were being accused of publishing the decision of the jury, and the private address of the Maricopa County sheriff, so they were arrested immediately. Local media companies sympathized with Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, and they published the same information on their websites. Because of this outrage, the two were later released for lack of any evidences, and they filed a counter lawsuit. This amount of grant given to them by winning the lawsuit has helped migrants.

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How Madison Street Capital has Built its Reputation in the Corporate World

Madison Street Capital is a company that has grown to become one of the leaders in the global investment banking industry. The Chicago-based firm has been hired by several middle market businesses that need corporate advisory services. Its competence, experience, and integrity have enabled it to earn the trust of customers. Madison has helped many firms in developing exit strategies, connected buyers and sellers, and also handled several complicated transactions. It is trusted for its exceptional expertise in private placement advice, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, tax compliance, and bankruptcy solutions. Learn more: http://epodcastnetwork.com/qa-with-charles-botchway-ceo-of-madison-street-capital/


The enterprise serves corporations from different parts of the globes. It has divisions in Ghana, India, and Oregon. Madison utilizes comprehensive approaches when addressing its client’s issues. Its executives are competent in analytics, markets, and have developed excellent relationships in different industries. The firm has served several local and multinational businesses.


DCG recently sought the corporate advice of Madison Street Capital. It is headquartered in Pennsylvania and needed the investment banking firm’s guidance in merging with the Spitfire Group. DCG is a software analytics company that was founded in 1994, and its primary services include project management and valuation of software. The DCG and Spitfire merger has been beneficial to both companies since it has helped in increasing their worth (https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/madison-street-capital). The Spitfire Group’s premises are in Denver. Its specialty is in developing custom made programs, technology architecture, and supervising projects. The company has developed various cutting-edge products that solve different technology-based problems that its clients face.


The Dowco Group is one of Madison Street Capital’s main customers. The firm recently acquired Acuna and Associate, and it needed the guidance of the investment banking enterprise to complete the deal. Dowco has specialized in construction and steel modeling solutions. The acquisition transaction was successful, and it led to Madison Street Capital’s nomination to the M&A Advisor Awards.


Madison Street Capital has also served ARES Security Corporation. ARES is an excellent developer of security-based software, and it helps government and private companies that need to protect high-value assets. The company needed a reliable financing partner that could support it to expand its business. The investment enterprise linked the ARES with a financial firm that would enable it to achieve its long term goals. The Madison Street Capital reputation has been growing over the years due to its success in significant transactions. Its employees have also been acknowledged for their career accomplishments.


Felipe Montoro Jens An Iconic Figure in the Brazilian Business

The universe of fund incorporates a few distinct regions and in addition particular aptitude in each of these. There are a few people working in back, and they are in each side of the world. The field of back incorporates ranges like managing an account, ventures, secured loaning and in addition acquisitions. There are people working in ventures who need to guarantee that the cash and supplies of their customers are secured. Indeed, their customers ought to have the capacity to make a lot of cash through these ventures. These customers can even be business pioneers or enterprises or multi-million dollar organizations. They make huge speculations as this is required so as to gain for the partnership or organization and make it effective.


One such rumored back proficient is Felipe Monitor Jens. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Energizer Captacao S.A. He has skill in speculations and in addition back. He has likewise worked at Santo Antonio Energia as its Director.


In 2010 Felipe Montoro Jens was named as the chief of Braskem S.A. He worked there till 2013. He was a board part with Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal. At that point he was chosen and turned into the Chairman of the board.


He spends significant time in foundation. This is the reason he gave his perspectives on the organization of the administration of Brazil with BNDES, the National Bank for Economic and Social Development. He has dependably been worried about the high waste level in states. This is on account of it takes away the financial abundance of the state. Henceforth this is a major issue which should be handled instantly. This current association will prompt a diminishment in squander. It will improve essential sanitation and also put a top on the deplete of budgetary assets. Along these lines it is a remark amped up for. http://www.consultasocio.com/q/sa/felipe-montoro-jens

Roberto Santiago: A Move in the Right Direction

Life is always a mystery that has to get unraveled day after day. To succeed in life, you have to take one day at a time and counter every challenge separately. History has recorded Roberto Santiago to be the greatest ‘inventor’ of all time, having created Manaira Shopping Mall, the biggest trading complex in all of Brazil. Since its inception more than two decades ago, Manaira Shopping Mall has been the place to visit, especially if you are a Brazilian national. If it is fashion, design, technology, or glamour you are looking for; the Manaira Shopping Mall is the place to visit. It is a great facility in standing that hosts dozens of malls, restaurant, and a range of entertainment joints. Above all, Manaira Shopping Mall hosts a modern-day college.

For years, Manaira Shopping Mall has been a great contributor to the Gross Domestic Product of Brazil. As per the 2015 national statistics, shopping malls in the country recorded a financial percentage increase of 6.5%, with more than $150 million being profits made. Although many new malls have gotten developed over the years, there is none that has been able to topple Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Mall legacy. For years, Manaira Shopping Mall has been able to endure financial crisis emerging victoriously in the end. In an industry that employs more than one million Brazilian citizens, Manaira Shopping Mall takes the lion’s share.

Today, Manaira Shopping Mall leases more than seventy-five square meters to retailers from across the board. One factor that has made Manaira Shopping Mall thrive over the years is its ability to provide multi-purpose functions to its full range of customers. As of 2015, Manaira Shopping Mall accommodated more than two million visitors, a staggering number for a trading complex of its magnitude. In 2014, Brazil opened its doors to yet another one of Roberto Santiago’s invention, the Mangabeira Shopping Mall. Just like the Manaira Shopping Mall, the Mangabeira complex can accommodate close to 350,000 visitors while at full capacity. Since its inauguration in 2014, the Mangabeira has increased capacity relieving pressure experienced by existing malls due to an influx of the numbers of consumers. Despite public concerns that opening Mangabeira Shopping Mall would cause redundancy in operations at the Manaira Complex, Roberto Santiago, the owner of the two businesses assured Brazil that both entities would function in isolation hence no adverse effects. Since Roberto Santiago set his sights on real estate, he has helped create significant developments that have not only contributed to the nation’s economic growth but also brought a sense of commitment and fulfillment among local communities. Thus, Roberto Santiago is a man who has influenced Brazil to move in the right direction, inspiring other people to invest in businesses that can benefit the community as a whole.



The Logarithmic Parental- Teacher Engagement Is Scoring High at the Rocketship Education

I have never seen the kind of parental involvement in a learning institution like one exhibited at the Rocketship education. Rocketship education chartered schools is a chain of learning institutions, 13 in number, with the first school having been established in 2007 at San Jose. It has a blended learning style that is of interest which has made it receive global attention and be featured on mainstream media platforms. The rationale of parental involvement emphasized at the school is something people are keen to watch.

The Rocketship Education’s parents are actively involved in the hiring process of teachers by being incorporated into the interviewing panel. Christopher Smith is one such parent who has attended several interviewing sessions for the school and reckoned the system. In fact, his five-year-old daughter is part of the pupils learning at the institution. Perston Smith, the Rocketship Education chartered school Co-founder, and CEO says they can determine which families to conduct the interviews or call for a meeting for parents to choose amongst themselves.

Jermaine Carter, a parent who has routinely conducted interviews, says that there is no greater joy than to determine who you entrust your kids with. The hands on touch allow parents to weigh the personality against qualifications of various candidates long before the school resumes normal learning from holidays. This unique and a rare kind of thing but somewhat seems to work quite well.

The Public Schools at the Washington D C has since time memorial practiced the traditional elementary school system such as the Stanton Elementary School. It is one of the best schools in the Locality. The Rocketship Chartered schools will trigger competition. Worthwhile in the 13 locations the school has subsidiary operations; they give priority to the kids in the hood while reviewing applications.

About Rocketship Education

This educational center is committed to offering quality education to kids from the Disadvantaged neighborhood. They have priority for such kids following a study that areas with less property tax revenues receive relatively low funding for education. They are currently on a project to launch a campus at the Antioch and put up the necessary infrastructure for security reasons.


Porfirio Sanchez Galindo: A Business Executive

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo is a real inspiration to his colleagues and co-workers. He is currently working as a Chief Executive Officer of the Editorial Televisa. He was born and brought up in Cruz Manca, Mexico in the seventies. He graduated from Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico also known as ITAM. He received his applied mathematics degree from this institute. After graduation, he started his career in the field of business. He also attended the famous Stanford Graduate School of Business and took admission in Stanford Executive Program where he studied Executive Education. He was also an alumnus of an Institute for Software Research known as Carnegie Mellon University. Since Porfirio was very fond of education, so apart from gaining degrees, he went to some institutes in Mexico to learn professional skills. He is very much interested and skilled in subjects like Business Strategy, Strategic Planning and Spanish Language. That is why he is considered as one of the most knowledgeable people in the society.

Porfirio also worked for the ministry of Finance for quite some time where he was responsible for managing financial problems of the state. Being a humanitarian at heart, he worked as a philanthropist with doctors without borders and other charity organizations. He is very well aware of the importance of helping the society and indulges in such activities that benefit the society. He also helps to create infrastructure for communities.

He started working in Editorial Televisa last year being appointed as a manager. Through his hard work and commitment, he was able to help the organization to achieve success, and that is when he was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of that company. He also worked with World ban, but he got his motivation from Editorial Televisa which helped him to stay and work for it.

Porfirio Sanchez has always welcomed innovation and new ideas for his growth as well as the growth of his company. He believes in taking risks that can help him to grow and succeed in life. He leads the company by example by working really hard and is a source of inspiration for his employees.

The Mission of Talos Energy in Mexican Waters is Greatly Rewarding

Talos Energy, a Houston-based oil exploration and acquisition firm, is making waves in the Mexican waters with greatly rewarding offshore explorations. The company, joined by Premier Oil, based in London, and Sierra Oil & Gas from Mexico, has also created history when their consortium started drilling in the Mexican waters after a long period of 80 years as private players. It should be noted that the Mexican oil industry was nationalized in the year 1938, and since then, all the exploration rights were granted to Petroleos Mexicanos, the state run firm. The consortium started drilling the well named Zama-1 on May 21, 2017, located near Sureste Basin away from Tabasco. The statement issued by Talos confirmed that the well could produce 100-500 million barrels of oil.

It was also confirmed that the drilling was expected to complete in 90 days. Interestingly, the companies secured the rights in the year 2015, during the first round of bidding that opened Mexican soil and water for private players. Elaine Reynolds of Edison Investment Research, a leading research firm in the oil sector, confirms that the industry is keenly watching the outcome of the drilling and refining process as the first non-Pemex attempt in the Mexican waters in after long years. Interestingly, the basin structure brings the possibility of “high geological chance for success.” It should be noted that Talos Energy is acting the role of oil well operator and holding the 35% stake in the venture. Further, Premier holds 25% stake, and Sierra takes 40% of it.

Talos Energy was founded in the year 2012 as an independent crude oil and gas company. It has exploration and production services in the U.S., Gulf Coast, and Gulf of Mexico. The energy firm gives greater emphasis to exploration, asset optimization, and exploitation to drive high-value outcome from each of its missions.

The company is formed by the partnership of Riverstone Holdings and Apollo Global Management. Though Talos was founded in 2012, it learned the expertise required for the industry quickly and started innovating in all areas of its operation. It also commits safe, environment-friendly operations and implements various measures in its systems to support it.

Bob Reina Propels Talk Fusion to Greater Heights

Bob Reina, Talk Fusion’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer has over 25 years of experience in network marketing industry. He shares his vast experience in network marketing with Talk Fusion’s associates through motivational videos and written resources. Recently, he has launched Talk Fusion University, a private virtual hub to share his over 25 years of experience in network marketing. Previously, Bob Reina worked as a police officer in Hillsborough County in Florida. He was introduced into network marketing in the 1990s. He became a top earner in the industry through his duplicable four-step system.

According to Bob Reina, success in the network marketing industry depends not only on individual efforts but combined efforts. Here, you deal with people from all walks of life, different educational background, and different personality. You have to focus on teamwork for you to succeed in network marketing industry. Talk Fusion’s new system appeals to people from all sorts of background. Over time, Bob Reina has built a massive global following that reveres his winning mentality, marketing expertise, and work ethic. He often delivers motivational messages to his Facebook page and corporate broadcasts. The Talk Fusion University has helped Bob Reina to take his training to a different level.

Currently, Bob Reina hosts over 30 videos in which he uses to expose Talk Fusion’s business opportunities and award-winning products. Bob also uses written resources and motivational videos to showcase his ever-growing journalism portfolio and company’s blog. Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion University sets itself apart from the competitors through its excellent performance and price. Bob’s expertise and knowledge of the industry have helped him to get to the top and help others get their ideas off the ground. Learn more: https://www.youtube.com/user/TalkFusionOfficial

About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion pioneered the world’s first fully-packaged video marketing solution. The firm devotes to helping its associates retain their customers, increase sales and profit, and set themselves apart from the competition. Currently, Talk Fusion distributes its products and services through its independent associates in over 140 countries. Talk Fusion uses dynamic marketing approaches to reach its customers across the world. Again, it devotes to giving back to society by supporting various charitable initiatives.


Susan McGalla an Advocate for Female Leadership

Susan McGalla founded P3 Executive Consulting after she left the employ of Wet Seal, LLC where she served as its CEO from 2011 to 2012. From 1994 to 2009, she held many different management positions at American Eagle Outfitters. Today, she holds the reputation as one of the top consultants in marketing strategies, financial stratagems, and top corporate retail fashion campaigns. Ms. McGalla sits on the Board of Trustees of the University of Pittsburgh. She also sits on the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute council.

Susan McGalla is and has always been an advocate of women in business to go beyond that glass ceiling. Ms. McGalla continues to demonstrate how women can become effective leaders. She actively supports women’s networks and platform initiatives that offer opportunities for them to support each other and which demonstrates how they can make their excellence mark in the business world.

Ms. McGalla shows how her own branding and marketing skills have taken her to professional success. Her stick-to-itive-ness has enabled her to presently hold the position of Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Even though Susan McGalla’s success seems unique, she believes that women are just as capable of working in male dominated executive positions.

Ms. McGalla notes that the enterprising organizations formed to help women in the business world are not addressing the underlying problem that is keeping change from occurring in the glass ceiling prejudices. She says that women need the total support of other successful women who are already working in the corporate environment.

Women only fill a quarter of senior management roles in businesses around the world. This means that men still hold much of the executive power in global businesses. To help better these quotas and to break the gender discrimination cycle, Susan McGalla believes that one solution is to create executive sponsorship opportunities. The executive sponsor, if willing, could help create opportunities and to recommend more women for lead projects or important assignments. In other words, a sponsor would become an advocate for women in the corporate world, to help women make upward movements and goals in an organization, just as she was able to do.

Susan McGalla states that every business should try to change because the statistics prove that when women achieve then those companies outperform many others. She says that she ignored the glass ceiling prejudices and stereotypes and gave all her concerted efforts to the quality of her work. Ms. Galla says that success is part hard work and part perseverance. However, change needs to take place and improvement for professional advancement for women still needs to happen.


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Aloha in Restoration and Construction Services

Molds, outdated spaces, or flooded basements can be a pestering issue to individuals seeking a well-organized house environment. Luckily, Aloha Restoration Company offers professional renovation services to make sure your home is in its best condition. The company offers free in-home assessment that also includes professional advice in dealing with the problem. With a BBB rating of A+, the company is mainly focused in delivering quality services.


Aloha Restoration Company majorly specializes in minor renovations and major additions. Additionally, due to their high level of expertise and experience in its team of workers, Aloha restoration is capable of transforming you house not only to its previous state but also to a better state. Further, the company’s reliable, affordable, and professional services has enabled it to achieve recognition in sectors such as fire damage restoration.


About Aloha Construction


Unexpected occurrences such storms or damages in your house exterior can be devastating especially if you do not have the services of a good contractor. Aloha Construction Company is a construction and renovation company comprising of professional contractors. The company offers services such as roofing, exterior replacement, and windows and gutter replacements. Aloha Construction offers its services to residents in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Additionally, the company boasts more than 18,000 completed projects around Lake Zurich and Lake Villa region.


Aloha Construction is known for its quality craftsmanship and high level of expertise in their field of work. For this reason, Aloha Construction was awarded with a BBB rating of A+, which positively influenced the company’s performance to better achievements. Consequently, Aloha Construction was also recognized by Home Advisor and was awarded with their seal of approval. To add on that, they were given the privilege of working with them for a period of one year, which greatly improved their skills of craftsmanship.