Agora Financial Shows Investors Where the Money is in Investing

Agora Financial is a company that is certainly going to make the investment process much more convenient for investors. People all over the world are looking for opportunities to make better investment choices, and they want to know what information is going to be relevant to their long-term investment prosperity. What the market watchers and editors do for Agora Financial is provide information on how these companies that are part of the stock market are performing. These editors are acknowledged for bringing about information that can provide income boosting revenue for anyone that is trying to develop a plan and more information click here.

The biggest part of the investment process is creating a plan based on research that has been done for your investments. Agora Financial is definitely going to make it easier because this company has a number of editors that are creating literature that is providing a unique outlook. The investor that wants to put a lot of time into researching can spend hours on Google and never really find everything that they need and learn more about Agora Financial.

People that want to maximize their time and spend less time doing research, however, can connect with Agora Financial. They can take the advice of those editors from Agora Financial that have already pounded the pavement. These are the people that have looked for the information for better investment strategies, and they have done with it takes to make the investment process so much easier and their Linkedin.

Investors need not spend a lot of time losing sleep over the market and what companies are doing. It is going to be better to rely on experienced investors that have gone through the trial and error of researching the market and bringing the best investments into focus. Wise investors look to companies like Agora Financial to help them make better financial decisions and Agora Financial’s lacrosse camp.

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White Shark Media Review Showing Why It’s a Leading Digital Marketing Agency

White Shark Media is excellent at AdWords Management. They are a Google AdWords PSP (Premier SMB Partner). The Premier Partner program includes only hand-picked agencies. They meet the most stringent eligibility, plus training requirements of Google. You can also benefit from their proven AdWords expertise, same as the other thousands of SMBs.

The Google AdWords PSP Program was formed to help medium and small sized businesses who do not have the resources and time for managing their advertising campaigns. Their PSP partners such as White Shark Media provide experience, expertise, as well as end-to-end customer service so that business owners could concentrate on operating their business.

White Shark Media is known to be a leading agency for digital marketing, delivering solutions concerning online marketing fitted for the medium and small sized businesses. It’s recognized among the agencies with an amazing fast growth rate in North America. Their growth derived from the company’s stature of engineering quest marketing operations bringing the best possible profits while they provide a customer experience that’s is known to be world class.

Their once ‘boutique agency’ is praised because it has helped numerous firms across the Americas in growing their businesses by utilizing their online marketing tactics as well as their proprietary marketing tools suite. Another key ingredient of their recipe for success is tracking all their marketing efforts of their clients in great detail. With proprietary reporting software, competitive intelligence, Google Analytics integration, keyword-level call tracking, White Shark Media ensures they are entirely accountable to all their clients every month.

One of their clients called Kevin H. from Education Services based in Ohio gave testimony, saying that their company had been working with the agency for around one year, and they were gratified with the gradual and constant improvements in their campaigns that have extended reach as well as conversions while decreasing the costs. Aaron V. E from an E-Commerce Store located in Iowa said that their customer success team at the agency had helped them to grow their business consistently.

Todd L. from the Painters situated in Canada said that White Shark Media is going to be the only company he will use for the life of his company and recommends people to do the same because he benefited from their services. Catalin S. from Jewelry Stores based in New Jersey praises White Shark Media for being, responsive, great, as well as up to date regarding knowledge.

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Revolutionizing Finance Advising, Vincent Parascadola

The economic world of today has many players and those players all have different roles within the structure of free trading markets. One of the unsung heroes of this area of commerce is the financial advisors of the world. These leading professionals are responsible for advising large companies on the routes and avenues they should take to increase their productivity and revenue.

One such advisor is the current Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors, Vincent Parascandola. Vincent Parascandola holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Pace University in New York and has currently returned to school to prove that it is never too late in your life or career for more education.

His career in the financial sector began relatively early in 1987 when he was an agent for Prudential. He worked so hard and learned quite a lot during his time there, so much so that he was named the National Rookie of the Year while employed with Prudential. He moved on to MONY Life Insurance Company in 1990 and stayed on with them, furthering his knowledge and experience until 2004 when he decided to join AXA Advisors.

Before rising to the station of Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors, Vincent was the President of Advantage Groups, a unit of AXA. According to Wallet Hub, at that time he was also the company’s co-manager at the AXA branch, New York Metro. This branch had over 400 officials that he lead which took and still takes exceptional leadership abilities that require one to go above and beyond the normal duty.

Throughout his over 25 year career in the industry he has been awarded several accolades for his exceptional performance. Two of those awards are the GAMA’s Master Agency Award and the Career Development Award. Vincent Parascandola is also a very highly sought after speaker and lecturer for his own company as well as GAMA’s national LAMP Meeting and LIMRA’s distribution conference.

At present his major responsibility with AXA Advisors is to seek out and employ the most skilled individuals for top positions. In addition to adding new talent he is also responsible for maintaining the productivity as well as the actual retention of the employees, ensuring their workplace experiences are positive in nature. Read more about Vincent on

Talos Energy Embarks On Mexico’s Oil Industry

Mexico is advancing the oil drilling industry by allowing private companies to drill in waters of the Gulf.. This is the first time this has happened in more than eighty years. Mexico has had a monopoly on their oil drilling since 1939. They hope to improve on their ailing oil industry by allowing the drilling company, Talos Energy LLC from Houston, Texas. to be a vital part of this new effort. Talos Energy has partnered with two other companies to make this venture a drilling and productive success. The new and technologically innovative Zama 1 well, can hold from 100 million to 500 million barrels of crude oil, and has a high potential for success. Mexico is doing this as part of their new oil reform. Mexico voted to allow private investments to do this project, and Talos Energy and partners won the rights during the first round of bidding. The well is set in the Sureste Basin off the Tabasco shore line and learn more about Talos Energy.

Talos Energy, LLC is a small company that was started around 2011 by Tim Duncan, with the equity of $600 million from some of his previous backers, and assets in the Gulf of Mexico that produced 16,000 barrels of crude oil per day. Tim Duncan is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the company. Duncan also had a team of 60 professionals committed to his new endeavor. An independent gas and oil company, Talos Energy LLC is focused on production from offshore explorations. The management and technical teams have an average of thirty years of commercial, operational, acquisition and geological experience in the Gulf of Mexico. Mexico awarded the contract to Talos Energy LLC the Houston based company, after the Historic Constitutional Energy Reform. This made Talos the first foreign company to operate in Mexico since 1939 and more information click here.

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Quality and Affordable Women Sportswear by Don Ressler at Fabletics

Majority of women who work out on a regular basis consider two choices when they go shopping for sportswear either fashion or affordability with appropriate functional support and comfortability. In the year 2010, Don Ressler together with Adam Goldenberg, realized that there existed a wanting gap in women’s sportswear fashion and functionality and cofounded the Fabletics. The goal of the company was to combine fashion, and functionality to create affordable sportswear for women. They conquered the market not by following what was already in the shops but by using focus groups and getting opinions and from the women on what kind of wear they wanted .this proved to be a breakthrough as they were able to accomplish what other companies had unsuccessfully tried; to create a brand specifically targeting the women. Kate Hudson was used as the brand’s face and it turned out sensational as she represented beauty, confidence, and friendliness. She used her position as the company’s spokeslady to bond with the customers and carried out her role so excellently that the two co-founders brought her in as a third. The journey to making the perfect outfit took a while but with Ressler’s prior experience in fashion, the company was able to overcome complexity, which was a major challenge when it came to the production of all-around functional sportswear.


Before Don Ressler invested in the brand, he started by doing thorough research on what the women wanted, his approach was different from other brands who only make their products out of their own imaginations. Don invested in market research that enabled him to know what women expected. He also learned what was wrong with the existing products and what improvements they needed.


Fabletics invested heavily to ensure a heavy online presence and a good connection with their customers .this gave them an edge over their competitors. They sold their products online and also added a marketing model called Fabletics VIP where a customer could access discounted prices, reward points for all purchases and free shipping if they signed up for only fifty dollars a month.


The company has really been successful in providing the modern woman with quality and affordable outfits and it promises to begin working on sportswear for the plus-size women so that they too have access to comfortable and affordable wear to motivate them and boost their as they seek to keep fit.

The Future of Business is Market America Inc.

The future of business is ever changing, but it looks brighter through the eyes of Market America Inc. People all over the nation are catching hold of this new and innovative way to take marketing to a whole new level. Before the Market America program, only the select few could find their way to the pinnacles of independent business success as an entrepreneur. But now by attending events and success building seminars, anyone can change their financial destiny and make a successful break from the pack. Simply make your dreams come true with one of the self starter programs available through Market America Inc.

There is no feeling like success. When you have it, nobody can resist it. Overall, the most successful people have got their start under the wings of those who already paved the way. This is what Market America can do for people just like you. The keys to online marketing success start with the right tools and learning how to use them effectively. The change of financial fortune is in your future, so why not let professionals show you the way? Take a chance and explore Market America Inc.

You will be amazed at what we can do to make your future dreams a reality.


Why Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Continue to Achieve Ecommerce Success

Adam Goldenberg entered the world of business when he was 15. He launched a company called Gamer’s Alliance, an advertisement network for the gaming industry. Goldenberg sold his high school enterprise to Intermix.


Goldenberg ended up leaving high school early and becoming the Vice President of Strategic Planning for Intermix. He later became COO of the same company. Goldenberg’s duties include marketing, management of internal systems, and margins. His tenure at Intermix helped Goldenberg understand the massive opportunities available in the world of ecommerce.


Don Ressler owned a website,, which was also sold to Intermix. Intermix happens to be the parent company of Myspace. Ressler’s skill in raising capital helped spark his interest to get into the fashion industry. The two entrepreneurs crossed paths at Intermix and began yet another ecommerce endeavor, Intelligent Beauty.


Dermstore is a company under Intelligent Beauty co-founded by Ressler. This initial company was the first of many projects that Goldenberg and Ressler were to work on together. Their knowledge of fashion trends and personalization led them to launch Techstyle. Techstyle is the parent company of JustFab which helped popularize the online subscription model for purchasing personalized items. For most of their careers, Ressler and Goldenberg have been immersed in digital commerce.


The pair has encountered a great deal of success with a particular brand of their, Fabletics. The subscription based model provides a way to get quality activewear at fraction of the typical price. The subscription is highly personalized to each individual wearer, learning the styles that are appreciated by the customer and curating fitness outfits just for them. Goldenberg and Ressler were committed to finding the perfect A-lister to work with Fabletics, a company underneath their umbrella of companies. They decided on Kate Hudson because she fully embodies the brand that Fabletics wants to uphold.


Both Ressler and Goldenberg have relied on Matrix Partners in order to fund JustFab and Intelligent Beauty. Due to launching these companies, Goldenberg and Ressler have experienced windfalls of success. They’ve used some of their revenue for philanthropic efforts in the community including charity events and community gardens.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers Offer Hope to Victims of Depression

One of the most common causes of mental illnesses in the United States is depression. It is estimated that 16 million adults are affected annually. It is quite prevalent among women. Though it normally begins at childhood, it can affect any person at any age regardless of the gender. Surprisingly, most people who suffer from the same do not seek medical attention. This can be attributed to the stigma that emanates from mental illness and disorder. Those who opt to receive treatment become free from the disorder. Neurocore brain performance centers have decided to shed some light to the members of the public regarding mental health conditions.

It is worth noting that there is no factor that can be attributed to be the cause of depression. It develops without the outside factors. Depressive disorders are of different types, and those suffering from them exhibit different symptoms. Depression can be said to be the second major cause of demises as well as disability among the young generation. Depression does affect your body in general. The good news is that, even in the most severe cases where even hope is lost, depression can be treated.

Neurocore brain performance centers deal with the provision of data-driven, brain-based assessments and the training programs. The training programs aid children and adults to uplift their sleep, concentration and stress management. Neurocore was founded in the year 2004 and it has witnessed tremendous growth over the years to what it is today. It has a national outlook in the field of neuroscience. It has nine fully equipped centers in Michigan and Florida. Neurocore brain performance centers use the state of the art technology, commonly referred to as qEEG technology, to monitor the brainwave frequencies and to give timely feedback to the clients. Using the data from the assessment of your brain, Neurocore is able to come up with a safe, personalized program that will enable you to train and control your brain. Neurocore is very keen in brain diagnostics, customized programs and offering long lasting solutions.

Neurocore has provided treatment for matters related to depression to many people.

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Richard Blair: Founder of Wealth Solutions

Richard Blair started Wealth Solutions to make a powerful difference in the lives of individuals, families, and small businesses. Blair was interested in education as many in his family were teachers. Teaching helps a person gain knowledge, which was part of the draw for Blair. Blair has talent in finance, and he wants to help people with planning and investments. After graduation in 1993, he entered the financial services industry, founding Wealth Solutions in 1994, in order to provide well-put together advice to clients. Blair has extensive experience working towards helping others plan for retirement as well as decide how to spend their money when retirement finally does happen.


He believes in providing detached and logical advice. As an Investment Adviser Representative, Blair provides good advice to his clients. Blair’s background is also being a Certified Annuity Specialist®, a Certified Estate and Trust ® specialist, Certified Fund® specialist, certified income specialist®, certified tax specialist®, and a retirement income certified professional®. Wealth Solutions is based out of Austin, Texas. Blair is an expert in wealth management, insurance, portfolio management and mutual funds. His clients include wealthy families and individuals or entrepreneurs and small businesses. Learn more:


Wealth Solutions serves clients in Georgetown, Houston, Bastrop, and Marble Falls. Blair has many years experience in retirement planning. There are three pillars that hold up his practice. The first pillar is that he believes in establishing the strengths, hope, and customer goals to better understand what they want to do with their money. The second pillar is about a long-term strategy that helps clients reach their financial goals. The third pillar is about recognizing the insurance needs of the client, and structuring long-term care as well as life insurance. Blair has over 25 years of experience in the wealth industry. As a business consultant, Blair can help people with small businesses. Wealth Solutions has been a business for at least 5 years. Blair can help clients who are wondering how to properly invest their funds learn about the industry and invest their funds wisely. He also teaches how to adapt to the current market rather than using old data to manage the funds of the client.


Susan McGalla and the Road to Leadership

Recognizing the significance of women in leadership positions is important. People take notice of women in positions of power more if they are outspoken and in the public eye. It is not always the case, but the strength of leadership doesn’t come from gender. Susan McGalla is one of these ladies who know what they want in life. She is a smart and well-educated leader who also lead by example. She talks about the importance of education and spirit as well as the necessity to stay keep her head high and never to give up things she believes are right.

Susan McGalla lives in Pennsylvania and is an executive and a businesswoman. She was born in Ohio where her father worked as a coach for a football team. Susan has two brothers, and she graduated from Mount Union College with a degree in business and marketing. Her parents taught her that hard work and good education are the two most important stepping stones. She took it seriously and refused to give up the path towards future work in business. Her career is noteworthy, and she has quite an incredible resume. There will always be people who refuse to believe that women should be in positions of leadership but McGalla takes the stereotypes and puts them down.

She encourages women who want to achieve new heights in their jobs. The available information very often is dry and generic. Sometimes people just lack encouragement, and they need a little push from outside. McGalla tries to inspire women to go for it.

Her expertise and experience help her consult clients on marketing, brands as well as the talent pool and how to manage human resources in the business. She speaks to organizations for women such as the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh and at the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series where CEOs are invited to share their experience in their leadership roles.

She recalls her father not offering special treatment just because she was a girl. It was one of the first encouragements for her to put her head down and work harder. Today it allows her to be comfortable in her skin and not to back down from challenges.

Sometimes women can be even more intimidating in business than men, so Susan uses her gender as an advantage rather than a disadvantage and she knowns how to spot potential as well as take risks.