New Offering From Siteline Cabinetry

As it was announced on Chronicle Week, Sideline Cabinetry is offering a new line of products that will peak many of our interests. Apparently, they are focusing on bringing back furniture that makes the kitchen the focal point of the house and making it family-friendly. They have designs that have a memorable impression on whoever sees it, making it perfect for conversation pieces with guests.

Cabinets That Are Made On-Demand

One unique feature of the Siteline Cabinetry is that they will make fresh batches of cabinets once they have demand. They will make your cabinets with custom designs and they will not start until it is approved by the customer. Their workers are highly skilled and know how to make a product that will last a long time. Cabinets are the product in a timely manner so that it can be sent to your house in a jiffy.

New Kitchen Cabinets

The company is offering quite the selection of kitchen cabinets for your house. Their Shaker Style Cabinets have a classic black & white looks with a refined look thanks to latest installments in technology. They also have many styles of high-tech cabinets to give your home a more modern look.

Personalize your cabinet.

It is rather common for somebody is building a new home or remodeling an old one to want customized features to match the interior. This is why the company takes special requests to include certain shapes, colors, and patterns that will fit the specific needs of the customer.

If you are going the safe route, they also have bare cabinets in white or neutral colors that will blend in with anything. These basic cabinets will match other accessories and appliances in the kitchen.

Horizontal Cabinets

Another modern trend in kitchen cabinets is having them vertical to fit tighter spaces. This is to prevent stacking cabinets and to utilize limited floor space. It also gives your kitchen an efficient and modernized look.

Any Door Style That You Want

Since it is the most visible part of any cabinet, you will want to have the perfect doors to fit the size, shape, and color that you desire. Translucent glass cabinets are also available.

In order to get the finest cabinetry from Siteline Cabinetry, check out some of their dealers like Kitchens of Denver or Lux Craft Cabinets. They offer affordable kitchen cabinets that are sure to fit any budget while also maintaining a high-quality look.

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Vijay Eswaran’s Words of Advice to First Time Job Seekers

Datuk Seri Vijay Eswaran of the QI Group inspired students at Universiti Malaya to take more risks and be their own bosses. At the students’ forum at the university, the Executive Chairman said that institutes of higher learning should encourage students to create jobs of their own rather than just to seek jobs. Read more; Dr. Vijay Eswaran – Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies

In addition, he encouraged students to embrace forward thinking and venturing on their own to gain experience. ‘In the box thinking’, as he said, led students to believe that working for someone in a company was preferred then later on ventured on their own. This, in turn, has led to the mentality of being job seekers rather than creators.

In addition, he spoke of how the Chinese, Japanese, South Korean and Taiwanese were willing to gain experience first, and then create jobs for other people while they are their own superiors.

Vijay talked of how automation, artificial intelligence and robotics has impacted the job sector within the years, saying that they are taking over. However, the world’s population has also grown within the same period.

Vijay Eswaran inspired the students to be on the lookout for jobs that were at per with their qualifications as first-time job seekers.

He pointed out that first-time job seekers would have to put some thought into joining either a start-up company or an established firm. As he said, the preferable choice would have to be one that best suits your personality and have a comfortable work environment.

Leadership and team spirit were the most needed qualities in a first-time job seeker while working at a startup.

Having begun at a startup himself, he pointed out how important it was to come up with an idea and follow it through until it was accomplished. Vijay later pointed out that considering essential factors helped towards achieving one’s goals.

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Shiraz Boghani Great Contributions to The UK Hospitality and Health Care Industries

His Work at Splendid Hospitality Group

Shiraz Boghani is the chairman of the Splendid Hospitality Group. He has vast experience in the hospitality industry as he has been part of the industry for the last 30 years. He was the first hoteliers in London to provide limited service branded hotels in the city and has helped develop more than 25 similar projects. He is the owner and manager of 19 hotels in the UK, which are under the Splendid Hospitality Group.

The Splendid Hospitality group is one of the fastest growing UK hotel groups, and it prides itself on the design, construction, and operation of many hotels across various locations in the UK. The hotels provided luxury and limited service to their guests. Some of the major brands that support the group include the Hilton, IHG, Accor, and Choice. Mr. Boghani is a qualified chartered accountant and a zealous entrepreneur who was awarded the hotelier of the year award at the 2016 Asian Business Awards.

The hotelier deserves the coveted award as he has passionately been a resource in the hospitality industry. His most recent project was the launch of the Hilton London Bankside which is found at Bankside in London which cost £121m. He has also been involved in the flagship of other hotels including; York and Holiday Inn, the Conrad London St James, The Grand Hotel & Spa among others.

Born in Kenya, Mr. Boghani moved to the UK in 1969 where he trained as an accountant while working in a small chartered accountants firm. He later moved to work at KPMG, which was then known as Thomas McLintock & Co.

His Work at Sussex Health Care

Being an innovative entrepreneur, he saw a business opportunity in the healthcare industry. In 1985, Shiraz co-founded and became the chairman of Sussex Health Care which is an award-winning independent group of care homes providing nursing and residential care to people in the Sussex community and beyond. The home group currently has more than 25 care homes and provide jobs for more than 1,100 workers.

The care homes focus more on the care for people who are old including those suffering from mental illnesses and those with Alzheimer diseases and Dementia. They also offer services for adults with learning and physical disabilities. They have dedicated and highly trained employees who provide the care 24 hours daily. With facilities purposefully built to accommodate the needs of their clients, the patients in the homes are guaranteed of quality services.

His Philanthropic Nature

Mr. Boghani is a major supporter of many charitable organizations in the UK and other parts of the world, including the Aga Khan Foundation which is a charity organization registered in the UK. He also supports the global Aga Khan Development network. He supports several organizations offering voluntary services to the poor and marginalized around the world as well.

Lose Weight With These Hassle-free and Simple Tips


Choosing the right diet in a sea of choices can be very confusing and frustrating. You want to lose the weight, but you don’t know what program to choose. They all say their diet is the best and the only one that works. Losing weight doesn’t have to be complicated. These few simple, but widely known rules below will get you started on your journey and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.


There is a lot of talk about fiber. Everyone says to eat more of it. What does this mean, and what exactly is fiber? It is the carbohydrate found in plant based foods that your body can’t digest. The good news is that it does not spike your blood sugar like most other foods and just passes right through your system. It slows down the digestive process which makes you feel full even longer. If you need more than just a cracker to feel satiated, you are in luck. Fiber adds bulk to your meal, so you will likely feel more full after you have eaten.


Most people know that junk food is not good, especially in excess. No one cal live on freezer meals and energy bars. Real, healthy food is simple and usually contains just one ingredient. Stay away from foods that have a long list of ingredients on the back. A lot of the ingredients are fillers and are not nutritionally essential to your diet. On top of that, you will eat more because these empty foods are not satisfying you or giving you much nutrition. The over consumption of these foods definitely pack on the pounds, contradicting your goal of weight loss.


It is wishful thinking that you can eat all you want, what you want, and with exercise the weight will just fall off of you. Wouldn’t that be nice? Especially with those high calorie foods we all love, it takes even more exercise to burn them off. You will have to run longer after eating a piece of cheesecake, rather than a bowl raspberries. Those two and a half slices of pizza you are enjoying will take about an hour to run off. You may rethink some of your snack choices after this. The best thing to do is combine exercise with healthy eating.


We all know this next rule, but most of us do not abide by it. They are called vegetables and they are nutritionally superior to just about anything out there. Even if you are eating vegetables each day, you may not be getting the daily requirements for proper health. Fun fact: Only less than 4 percent of the population eat the daily recommended amount of veggies. That is simply shocking! The good news are that they are very low in calories, so you can eat just about as much as you want. Also, because they are very nutritionally dense, you will feel satiated pretty quickly. There are so many to pick from. If you do not like kale, you can choose something else like sweet potato or spinach. Just remember the more colorful the veggies, the better. Eat a rainbow of them and you will be as healthy as a horse.


The last rule may take a little practice at first, but after a bit you will get a hang of it. You may of heard of the saying “A calories is a calorie.” That would be great if it were true, but it’s not. Your body metabolizes a variety of foods differently. Also, some foods have more nutrition and is used by the body differently than other foods. For example, your body reacts and uses tortilla chips differently from an apple. A handful of almonds are more satisfying and nutritionally dense than a handful of vanilla wafers.


If you are looking to lose weight with a diet plan that fits with most weight loss strategies, Nutrisystem for men is a good choice. You don’t even have to meal plan because they do all of it for you. This can be very helpful for those of you who are really busy and don’t have a lot of time.To conclude this article, eating healthy whole food with portion size in mind is a key to weight loss success. Also, pairing it all with exercise will fast track your goals.

Wild Ark Conservation Vacations For Adventourous People

There are many great travel destinations for vacation. Some people prefer to go on vacation and sit on a beach but other people prefer to go on vacation and participate in activities and sightseeing. Luckily for those people who like an adventure there is such thing as conservation type vacations. Conservation type vacations are vacations where you can not only go on the adventure by sightseeing but you can also help ecosystems and see some of the most exotic animals in the world well still taking a vacation in a warm environment.


Wild Ark is a company that provides adventurous people with conservation type vacations. Wild Ark’s conservation type vacations provide people with the adventure of sleeping in tents, seeing exotic wildlife, seeing nature, and having the ability to be in an exotic place. Animals that can be seen include zebra, elephant, lions, and many more exotic animals. Wild Ark provides all meals for all trips within their pricing per trip. Trips that can be taken with Wild Ark include mana pools with bush life safaris, Botswana photographic safari’s, mobile birding safari’s, Botswana mobile tented safari’s, wildlife photography in south Africa, African wilderness trails, Eco tracking trips, Birding in the bush experience, sea turtle experience, and quite a few others.


Wild Ark’s most popular conservation vacation is their Botswana photographic safari because it allows people to let their true photographer inside out in the open. Wild Ark provides a professional photographer on the Botswana photographic safari to provide people who don’t know much about photography with the opportunity to photograph some of the most exotic animals in the world well they are in their natural habitat. Wild Ark’s second most popular trip would be their Botswana mobile tented safari’s because they provide guests with the most high-class tents around and the tents can fit a family instead of only 2 people.


For people who love adventure and making memories Wild Ark’s many vacation options provide them with a variety of ideas for things they could do on vacation when planning a vacation. If you are interested in finding out more about conservation vacations head over to Wild Ark’s website. Learn more:


Imran Haque Career in Medicine

Imran Haque is a prominent and caring medical professional who has been offering outstanding medical services to patients in the United States. Imran specializes in internal medicine, and he has already assisted millions of people in the world. He is also highly trained and at the same time licensed to practice medicine in Northern Carolina. His medical qualifications have been instrumental in his career life. According to Imran, the medical degree was received from the well-known University of Virginia. Imran Haque also went for more medical studies from Universidad Iberoamericana, based in Santo Domingo. At the moment, the medic is practicing at an institution known as Horizon Internal Medicine.

In his line of work, the businessman has been focusing on treating the people who have different types of medical conditions. For the last fifteen years, the doctor has earned a high level of experience, and he has also treated very many people. The expertise he has acquired in the last decade has helped him to deal with several complex medical examinations and illnesses from his patients. Whenever a patient visits him at the hospital, they will easily recognize that Imran is very dedicated and caring. The professional is fully committed to serve the residents of Carolina who visit him whenever they are not feeling well.

In a recent interview, Imran says that the idea of his business started when he was still very young. As an upcoming medical professional, Imran was given an opportunity to serve in a medical practice, and this gave him the opportunity to offer medical services that are not available to the residents locally. After a short while, the businessman received a lot of positive reviews from his satisfied customers. The experience inspired him to give back to the medical community, and he has never looked back.

According to the businessman, bringing an easy idea into life is not a walk in the park. An individual has to work hard with a lot of diligence, do thorough research and look for the financial means to make the dream a reality. Imran believes that a professional has to be patient and very organized so that they can achieve success.

Matt Badiali Joins Banyan Hill Publishing as Natural Resources Expert

Matt Badiali has joined Banyan Hill Publishing. He joins the team as a natural resources expert and will be responsible for researching and commending investment opportunities related to energy, agriculture, precious metals, and natural resources prospects, to the Banyan Hill newsletter’s paying subscribers.

Speaking on his employment, Matt stated how impressed he was with the approach Banyan Hill was taking to ensure its research findings reach a broad audience, and that he wanted to be part of such a culture. Mr. Badiali also believes that unlike investing with a private financial advisor, Banyan Hill seems a better alternative as it still allows investors to have full control of their wealth generation.

Background and Career of Mike Badiali

A geologist by profession, Matt employs a hands-on, go-anywhere, talk-to-everyone approach when it comes to his research and investments. In his line of duty, he has visited countries like Hong Kong, Haiti, Turkey, Iraq, just to mention a few. During these visits, he toured oil wells and mines, and also met and spoke to CEOS of high ranking mining companies about latest resource prospects and developments.

With over 20 years of experience, Matt Badiali has been able to share stages with prominent people such as the oil legend T. Boone Pickens, and Pan American Silver’s Chairman Ross Beaty. He also taught geology at both University of North Carolina and Duke University. Before Banyan Hill, Matt spent 11 solid years as an editor for the Stansberry Research Resource Report, an informative monthly report by Stansberry Report on metals, energy and natural resource investments.

About Banyan Hill Publishing

This publishing company was formed in 1998 under the name The Sovereign Society. It quickly gained a reputation for being an independent and sovereign asset protection and investment organization. It supplied its readers with practical investment strategies, helped them establish and use offshore accounts, helped them secure second citizenships, and even assisted with asset protection. It was in 2016 that The Sovereign Society rebranded to Banyan Hill Publishing. The rebrand also came with changes, and the firm turned its focus to give priority to investment opportunities in the U.S, income-producing investments, as well as undervalued domestic companies.

Over the past two years, Banyan Hill has seen the number of its paying subscribers rise and even pass over 200,000 members. And when they hired Matt Badiali, they made an extra investment on someone with vast experience, who strives to strives to stay informed on new developments in the industry, and takes pride in seeing his readers generating income from the tips he provides about precious metals and other natural resources.

How Dr. Mark a medical Doctor has Made it to the Top as an Entrepreneur and a Doctor

Dr. Mark McKenna is a licensed doctor based in Georgia and Florida with a license in surgery and Medicine. He has a degree in Medicine and Health from Tulane University School of medicine. After graduation, Dr. Mark began practicing Medicine with his father while also launching his venture known as McKenna Investments a real estate development firm. He also bought A universal mortgage lender Inc. The companies grew large and had more than 50 employees and offered turnkey design buildings, finances among other services. In the year 2007 McKenna went to live in Atlanta and began Shape Med Wellness.

Shape Medical Wellness center which a medical weight loss and non-surgical clinic Mark began the clinic with highly trained nutritionist’s, dieticians, and physician to help create affordable weight loss and wellness products. In 2014 Shape well was taken up Life time’s fitness Inc and Dr. Mark became the National medical doctor of Life Times Inc till July 2017.He then began OVME and became the CEO.Ovme is a technology-based medical aesthetic company which reinvents elective healthcare Dr. Mark who is passionate about his work began OVME out of seeing the medical gaps that no one had taken up. McKenna is also a member of Entrepreneurs Organization and before that he was a board member of New Orleans Jazz Festival and New Orleans Industrial Development Board.

Dr Mark is a family man and is married to Gianine McKenna and they have two children Elle and Pomeranian Ryder and his typical day begins with having breakfast with eldest daughter Elle after which he goes to work.Dr Mark and his wife were named among the 50 most beautiful people in Atlanta in 2014 by a popular local magazine. McKenna says he practices visualization which helps him to regularly come up with goals and achieve them. As a medical doctor, he is elated at the reducing of smoking in America.

Dr. Mark is passionate about his patients and the community around him. In 2005 during the Katrina hurricane in his hometown New Orleans which on destroying his investments he was among the re-builders of the state by helping to build low moderate-income houses.

How the 22nd Edition of The Sertoes Rally Signified the Highlight of Rodrigo Terpin’s Career

In the recent 22nd, Sertoes Cross Country Race Rodrigo Terpins emerged as the third best driver. To the surprise of his fellow competitors and the fans alike, he was the only driver to have featured in the top 5 in all the seven stages of the 2600-kilometer race. At the end of the race, he was recognized as the most consistent rally driver in the event. Best among them was his great finish of the Special Section which led to the eviction of 45 drivers who failed to complete the stage. The success of Rodrigo and Fabricio Bianchini (his navigator) was no mean feat for the duo. As they still aimed for the top spot the Brazilian Cross Country Championship- which is another high octane event in Brazil, Rodrigo still hunts for more successive triumphs after the event. Visit Terra to know more.


In the previous edition of the Sertoes Rally, the duo had finished in the 8th position and coming to this year’s event aboard the T-Rex 326; they had committed to improving on their tenacity to enable them better their performance. Their quest came true for them as they clocked the best time in history with a 13 hours 55 minutes and 43 seconds cumulatively. The time was indeed a testament that if it were never for their 15-minute penal encountered in the 5th stage, they could beat their closest challengers Joao Franciosi and Rafael Capoani

Their Winning Strategy

Even as Rodrigo Terpin and Fabricio Bianchini accomplished a lot in this edition of the Sertoes, they acknowledged their frantic efforts and elongated time to practice through the hideous Brazilian thicket and earth roads. From these efforts, they got accustomed to the environment and the terrain hence their completion of each of the stages in the competition in comfortable positions. Away from this, little is mentioned about his debut at the championship as an amateur motorcyclist some 20 years ago. Since he switched to T1 category, he has grown from strength to strength becoming a household name as far as splendid performances at Sertoes Rally become a concern. He always alludes his successes to dedication and discipline that has propelled him and enabled maintain such performances. You can visit his Facebook page to know more.

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The Aloha Construction Company Enjoys being Part of the Community

Dave Farbaky’ company is patronized by the local residents and he’s built a good rapport with them through the years. The family owned and operated company has included the community as part of their extended family. There are various ways to build long-standing relationships in the community.

The company gives donations to local charities and volunteers to help at local events. The neighborhood recognizes and appreciates that a business they patronize is giving back to the community.

The Bloomington Thunder Hockey game had a group of disadvantaged kids cheering at their game. The general contractors’ hosted a charity event through the Bloomington Boys and Girls Club. They gave away free tickets and boxed seats and let the kids have fun.

The roofing and siding company continues to spread their good-will with the local high school football team. The company’s sponsorship makes sure each team member has all the needed equipment, uniforms, payments for the club fees and supports the teams various operating costs.

A foundation can sponsor all types of events for organizations and charities with the help of the local residents. This is a way to strengthen the bonds with other businesses and the community.

The idea to give four children a shopping spree was the generous gift of The Dave Farbaky Foundation. The kids’ bounty totaled seven thousand dollars worth of toys. Their next project is to sponsor a variety of events for the children in the community.

Aloha Construction has been in business since 1988 and founded by the CEO Dave Farbaky. The company’s honesty, integrity, and reliability have created more than 18,000 completed contracts across parts of Southern Wisconsin and across Illinois. They have literally taken the Midwest by storm.

The company gives free inspections and they developed and designed a “9 Step” inspection system that has proven to be invaluable. The company can replace and correct problems before and after they occur. They work with various types of roofing material such as Cedar Shake, Asphalt, and metal shingles on a steep, flat or low slope.