Alaska Airlines Adds 13 Flights from Seattle

Alaska Airlines announced Tuesday that they will be adding 13 daily flights to their roster from Paine Field in Everett, Washington. Most of the flights will go to California; new flights will be offered to Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco and San Jose. Additional flights will also go to Las Vegas, Phoenix and Portland.

In May 2017, Alaska Airlines first announced they would be flying out of Paine Field. However, company representatives stated that they would only be offering 9 daily flights. With their new announcement, they have since expanded that number to 13.

The airline expects to start the new nonstop flights in fall 2018, when Paine Field will begin providing commercial service. Paine Field will also be the site of a new $20-million passenger terminal constructed to service Alaska Airlines passengers. Alaska is not the only major airline to move into the airport. United Airlines announced in August that they will offer six flights from Paine Field, starting in 2018.

Founded in 1932, Alaska Airlines is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. The legacy carrier has earned the top ranking for customer satisfaction from J.D. Power and Associates every year since 2007. In 2017, its mileage rewards plan was also ranked first by U.S. News & World Report among American airlines.

Currently, Alaska Airlines flies out of Seattle–Tacoma International Airport, the region’s largest airport. By adding flights from Paine Field, Alaska Airlines hopes to attract customers who do not wish to make the hour drive south to the larger airport.

President Trump and Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey

The co-creators of FrontPage recently spoke out about a recent pardon by Donald Trump for Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are very familiar with this person. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

Ten years earlier they were raided by this same sheriff’s orders. On the surface the whole story appeared to be one thing, but it seemed it was far deeper than anyone else had imagined.

Back then Michael Lacey was working as the executive editor at a newspaper called the Village Voice where Jim Larkin was the acting CEO. Both were accused of revealing information pertinent to a grand jury case.

It seemed that Sheriff Arpaio had his investigative gun aimed at the two who had been speaking of him and his department for some time. The vendetta was nothing new. Apparently the Sheriff had a few issues which he did not want exposed.

Front Page covered a story about the whole decade of drama which Lacey and Larkin had experienced with Arpaio’s department. It seemed that the Sheriff had a history of bad behavior while he was in office which allowed for some serious accusations against him. Read more: and

Those accusations were piling up faster than he was able to manage. It looked like his department had been accused of cuffing mother’s who were in labor to their needs while incarcerated. That was one accusation alleged against him during his reign of alleged abuse.

Then there were the accusations of racial issues against minorities, which President Trump has himself been guilty of as most people have publicly seen in his speeches. It seemed he was pursuing a vendetta of sorts for many people. Lacey & Larkin were two of the people the sheriff had trouble eliminating.

A civil case against the sheriff resulted in a settlement back in 2017. Larkin and Lacey presumed it was all handled. The settlement funded a campaign which the two newspapermen set up to help those who needed legal help when things like this went down.

Back in November it looked like karma had finally caught up with the Sheriff when he was not re-elected into office and he ended up being charged himself with contempt charges from the original civil case. He was completely above the law in his eyes and the judge did not agree.

Then came the snub from President Trump. That’s right, he was pardoned. Trump was not a fan of the karma which had fallen on his buddy, the former sheriff there and now Arpaio was able to get away with his crimes.

This snub is not one which will be taken lightly by the pair. Only the future can show what will be the end result of this pardon.

Shasta Lake, California

The city of Shasta Lake, California, shares it’s name with, you guessed it, a lake! Not just any like, though, but the biggest man made reservoir in California. Originally founded as a housing ground for government workers on the Shasta Dam, Shasta Lake City has a long, and storied past with the great man made body of water. So much so, the county hosts a festival yearly called Damboree days, in celebration of the dam itself, without which there would be no Shasta Lake. The lake itself is home to a variety of water activities in the hot, dry summers, including waterboarding, fishing, jet skiing, and house-boating.

The various hiking trails that surround the lake showoff the incredible natural scenery of the area, and may even present travelers with a view of some of the indeginous wildlife, which include Ringtailed Cats, Blacktailed Deer, and elk. Hopefully not so much the Black Bear, Mountain Lions, and Bobcats who also call the area home. One of Shasta Lake’s most pursued past times, fishing, is made even better by the variety of fish which live within the lake itself. Several different species of Trout, both Large and Small Mouthed Bass, Blue Gill, and various other breeds have been reported in the area by fishermen.

An avid historical society keeps record over the lake, which is on display at the society’s headquarters, and operates the county’s website, which you can visit for more information on the unique city of Shasta Lake, by visiting

Seattle’s Most Infamous Cuisine

Any adventurous eaters planning a trip to Seattle this year are in for a treat – a restaurant in Seattle is serving up one of the region’s most unusual and exotic foods. The geoduck is a large, sweet clam with an unusual appearance, and it’s seldom eaten in the United States. However, the animal is extremely popular as a delicacy in many Asian countries, with most of the geoduck harvested in Washington being sent to restaurants across the Pacific. In Japan, geoduck is a sought-after ingredient in sushi bars. However, one Seattle restaurant, Wataru, is serving up geoduck as part of their omakase menu. The chef claims that there is no seafood like the geoduck, making this unique dining experience truly worth the trip to Seattle!
While you’re in Seattle, there are many other foods native to the region that are worth a try. Whether you enjoy the famous Ivar’s clam chowder at the pier or check out the vast assortment of local produce available at Pike’s Place Market, there are hundreds of different dining opportunities in Seattle. The city is becoming quite the culinary mecca, with world-renowned restaurants such as Canlis that also boast stunning views of the water to be enjoyed while you dine. New restaurants are opening weekly in the rapidly growing city, so new tasty options are sure to be awaiting you by the time you make your trip! Where will your Seattle culinary adventure take you?

Snow Coming to California Mountains

When you think about taking a trip to California, you probably think about enjoying the sunshine and palm trees. While California frequently has very warm weather, there are certain areas of the state that you get a lot of snow and can provide a lot of fun outdoor activities. For those that are looking to go to California areas such as Lake Tahoe to do some skiing, there could be a lot of fresh snow in the coming weeks (

Some of the most popular areas for outdoor skiing and snowboarding in California include Big Bear Mountain as well as Mammoth Mountain. With the winter holiday weekends coming up quickly, as well as preparations for the US Winter Olympic trials, now is a great time for the snow to start falling. It is expected that the current storms coming through the area should leave well over two feet at the summit of some mountains. There should also be more than a foot of fresh powder near the top ski resorts in the area.

While the snowfall in the California Mountains is a welcome blessing for people who enjoy to ski and snowboard, it is also very important for the entire state. This past summer was a historically dry summer for the entire state and current water supply is now a big concern. The city of Los Angeles and the state will benefit greatly from the snowfall this winter as it will eventually melt and flow into existing water reservoirs across the state.

West Coast Eats

Planning a trip to the West Coast in 2018? Be sure to travel on an empty stomach, because some of the country’s most exciting new restaurants will be opening along the Pacific Coast throughout 2018. Whether you’re in the mood for Jamaican-style fare at Kaya in San Fransisco, or French cuisine at Portland’s Canard, you’re sure to find something that you enjoy. These new restaurants really showcase the innovation that local restaurateurs are bringing to the region – chefs from all countries and nationalities bring their own traditions and ingredients to combine with the fresh and vibrant ingredients of the region. The West Coast has always been a melting pot of different cultures, and the food of the region reflects this rich history.
Of course, don’t allow your excitement over these new West Coast restaurants allow you to miss out on old-standbys, either. Diners along the West Coast can enjoy a comfortable, casual atmosphere, with no dress codes to be seen whether you are grabbing a burger at the world famous In-n-Out Burger, or enjoying a special date at Seattle’s luxurious waterfront Canlis restaurant. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect restaurant for any occasion on your trip to the coast. Restaurants on the West Coast are also very accommodating of different dietary needs, so all vegan or gluten-free travelers need to do is phone ahead or check out an online menu or two and they will be guaranteed to have a stunning meal awaiting them along the coast.

Three Places to Drink This Weekend in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is perhaps California’s premier destination for wine and spirits, and the Los Angeles bar scene is a crowded and exciting landscape. It can be hard to keep up with all of the openings and changes with L.A. bars and breweries. Luckily, Eater Los Angeles has come out with a list of bars to try this weekend.

The first bar on the list is The Normandie Club, described as a moody, laid-back lounge with retro R&B cuts playing quietly over expansive, dark booths. This would be an excellent spot for a large group looking to kick their feet up and enjoy the hip vibes.

The second bar on this list is The Woods, a casual hang-out spot in an unassuming strip mall in the outskirts of Hollywood, Los Angeles. While the majority of Hollywood bars fall prey to “upscale cocktails and fancy trappings (or worse, slushy touristy drinks)” the author laments, The Woods is a refreshing and eclectic surprise, full of eccentric characters and charming decor. The drinks are strong and the patrons are fascinating.

The third and final bar on the list is located in historic Koreatown, a well-known drinking and cultural hot-spot in Los Angeles. HMS Bounty is a Koreatown bar with a long history and a nautical theme, complete with matching decor. This bar features the “Wise-man Special” Cocktail, a can of Tecate and a shot of booze. Order one of these with a friend and try to grab a dusty, moldy booth in the back.

Dick DeVos – A Leader for Change

Dick and Betsy DeVos could define the American “power couple.” Born into wealth, each has tirelessly devoted energy and resources to serving their local community, state and the nation as a whole. While Betsy may be more well-known to the American public since her appointment as President Trump’s Secretary of Education, 62-year-old Dick DeVos is equally committed to his beliefs.


Business Success


DeVos, son of Amway co-founder Richard DeVos, understands the value of hard work. He began working in the family business as a child doing everything from clearing tables to public speaking. He began working his way up through the ranks, eventually becoming President in 1993. While serving as VP of foreign operations, he increased non-U.S. sales from 5% of overall sales to 50%. As Amway’s President, DeVos is credited, with his brother Doug, with overseeing a corporate restructuring that possibly saved the company and turned Amway into a global enterprise.


He demonstrated the universality of his management skills when he left Amway in 1991 for a two year stint as President and CEO of the Orlando Magic basketball franchise. DeVos rejoined Amway, serving as President from 1993 until 2002. He is currently CEO of The Windquest Group, a Grand Rapids holding company.


Civic Leadership


In 1991, there were plans in his home city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, to erect a multi-purpose sports and convention arena north of the city’s downtown. Devos was concerned that the proposed arena would be as harmful to Grand Rapids’ downtown as similar arenas had been to Detroit.


DeVos lobbied against the Grand Rapids proposal, spearheading Grand Action, a group of business leaders who were instrumental in the construction of the Van Andel Arena, the Grand Rapids City Market, The DeVos Place Convention Center, the DeVos Place Performance Hall and the medical school at Michigan State University. These destinations prevented Grand Rapids from experiencing many of the problems facing Detroit. He remains a heavily involved civic leader.


Politics, Education, Aviation and Philanthropy


As a long-time pilot, DeVos was instrumental in bringing increased air traffic to Grand Rapids. He has worked steadfastly with his wife, Betsy, in support of school choice and other educational reforms. Since 1989, the faith-based Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has focused on sponsoring leadership and is ranked as one of America’s top givers.


DeVos has many and varied interests. A few highlights include:



  • 1990: Election to Michigan State Board of Education
  • 1996: Appointment to Grand Valley State University Board of Control
  • 2006: Candidate for Governor of Michigan, losing his bid but doing much better than expected as a Republican in a heavily Democratic state
  • 2010: Opening West Michigan Aviation Academy, a charter school focused on preparing students for careers in aviation.
  • 2012: Instrumental in the passage of a right-to-work law in Michigan
  • 2017: Appointment to the top civilian Management Advisory Council which oversees the Federal Aviation Administration on matters of spending, policy, regulations and long-range planning


DeVos is devoted to his family and faith. He is passionate about his beliefs and is willing to invest his time, energy and money on their behalf. Although he generally prefers to work behind the scenes, no one should underestimate his influence. Learn more:


Debunking Stereotypes East Coast Visitors Have Of The West Coast In The USA

One big stereotype that people on the East Coast have when traveling to the West Coast is that it only includes the state of California. There are other states that make up the West Coast such as Oregon and Washington. Los Angeles and San Francisco are also not the only major West Coast Cities despite what Northeasterners may think. Cities such as Seattle, Portland, San Diego and Tacoma are all major West Coast cities with their own unique attractions.

TV shows like the Real Housewives of Orange County perpetuate the stereotype that tan blondes abound in California and the West Coast. This is actually not true. Northern states such as the Dakotas and Minnesota have more blondes than the West Coast despite TV stereotypes and perceptions. The West Coast is highly diverse. If you travel here, then you will see a lot of different people and hairs colors to come with it.

Surfing is another stereotype that visitors to the West Coast have of the area. It would seem that the West Coast abounds with surfers. The truth is that not everyone is a die-hard surfing fan. Most of the waters surrounding the West Coast are cold. Many West Coast residents also enjoy other outdoor activities such as hiking or simply spending time at the beach.

The West Coast is viewed to be as sunny and full of beaches. Actually, it snows on the West Coast and there are some major mountains. Some of the mountains here even provide excellent ski locations as well as hiking.

Dr. Mark McKenna Regrets Not Finding His Passion Sooner

Dr. Mark McKenna has taken on the work of changing up the medical aesthetics industry and he is doing a good job of that. He is someone who knew what it was that he wanted to do when he set out to found a company, and he has done a good job of accomplishing all that he hoped to accomplish. OVME is a company that was founded by Dr. Mark McKenna and that is run by him today. This company is one that does work that other companies do not and it is one that is changing the medical aesthetics industry.

There are regrets that a person can have when it comes to their career and the journey that they took to get to the place they are at, and Dr. Mark McKenna understands those kinds of regrets. He was interviewed about various things regarding his journey to success, and one of the things that he was asked was what it is that he wishes that he had done differently in his journey to the place he is at now. He shared that he wishes that he had found his passion when he was younger and that he wouldn’t have been in such a hurry as he pushed through life.

Dr. Mark McKenna is someone who is excited by a trend that he sees in society. When he was given the chance to explain something that is going on in the world that has got him excited, he shared that he is happy to see the smoking habit declining. He is happy to see that smoking is going down and that it is not as popular as it once was. As a doctor, Dr. Mark McKenna seems to feel that the world is a better place with fewer people choosing to smoke.