Ted Bauman’s take on bitcoin’s success

The business world today is excited about Bitcoin. The fact that it is independent from banks and governments gives the promise to escape from unwanted attention from the bank and the government. Investment in crypto assets also gives a high rate of returns compared to the traditional methods of investments. Despite the promising future it has for the economy, bit coin is taking rather long to catch on in the market. Financial experts like Ted Bauman, believe that this is because of bitcoin’s lack of scalability.

Look at it this way; you go to this fancy restaurant for dinner, you realise you left your purse home and your credit cards are not being accepted for some reason. Luckily, you have bitcoins you can use. To pay for your dinner, you may have to wait forty minutes or an hour for the transaction to be complete. Imagine the discomfort! The time it takes for a bitcoin transaction to be completed is too long. For this reason, bitcoin is losing against Visas and MasterCards. When you have a MasterCard, the transaction takes mere minutes. This has made it difficult for people to move to crypto currency from the traditional currency form. Read more at ezinearticles.com about Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman also gives a suggestion of ways in which bitcoin transactions can be made faster. He says the makers of bitcoin can either increase the size of the data blocks they use or reduced the amount of data needed to make each transaction. This will allow people to use bitcoins in their everyday transactions other than just using them as a way to store up investments.

Ted Bauman is an expert in finance. He is one of the few people who have enjoyed success investing in crypto assets. He has come to learn the ins and outs of the market and has gathered knowledge and experience that make him an authority in crypto currency. Considering his success in the traditional trade and in crypto currency, Ted Bauman set out to share his knowledge and experience in the trade with other people. He now is an editorial director at Bayan Hill Publishing. Here, he sheds light on matters revolving around finance and investments in crypto assets.

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Recreational Marijuana Is Now Legal In California!

People who are traveling to the West Coast might feel enlightened to know that, starting in January of 2018, recreational marijuana became legal in California. In fact, recreational marijuana is now legal up and down the West Coast of the United States, including the state of Alaska. So California, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska are places to go to if you want to get your smoke on, your vape on, or your eat on.

Of course, there are restrictions and regulations to buying recreational marijuana. For example, you cannot be twelve years old and buy pot from a store. There are age restrictions, and people must show their identifications.

On Monday, January 1st, many retail marijuana shops opened their doors in California for the first time to usher in the New Year with legal, recreational marijuana. Because of legal regulations, only a handful of cities in the state of California had shops that sold recreational marijuana. So, on January 1st, 2018, San Diego, San Jose, Berkeley, San Diego and others had recreational pot stores. More municipalities were set to issue licenses. These included San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Even though this is considered a great victory by many people, it creates more tensions between the federal government and the state governments. Many people in the federal government tend to be against legalization of marijuana, and there are federal laws that make it illegal—or at least provide grounds for people to get into trouble if they are caught possessing it or using it. These laws contrast with the lax state laws of places like California where recreational use is now legal.

Avoid The Desert Flash Floods!

When you go to the western United States you must take note of the natural disasters that can sneak up on you. Some of us live in regions that are void of horrendous disasters, so we may not even realize that huge dangers lay ahead of of us when we go out west. One of the major dangers is flash flooding.

Interestingly, flash flooding happens quite a bit in deserts. You would not think, since deserts have a reputation of being hot, dry and void of water. A person will be standing in a safe, dry, hot desert. Without notice, a flow of water may randomly creep up. This flow of water can easily become a powerful stream of dangerous debris and water. In this situation, it is a good idea to get to higher ground before you find yourself swept away by a raging current. One must not underestimate the power of water. Even if water appears very shallow and safe, it is not. The best idea is to avoid water flows as much as possible. Flash floods usually happen when there is either a storm nearby, or a storm far away that has dumped rain onto the ground.

If you visit any of the desert areas in the southwestern United States, you must be aware of this problem and not be caught off guard. In 2014, a man in a vehicle was swept away by flash flood waters in Joshua Tree, California. His car went into a ravine. People were only able to get to him when the waters went down and by that time, he was dead. On a normal day, Joshua Tree is a desert with low hills, low shrubs and homes that people live in.

Is Dr. Mark Mckenn An Unsung Hero?

Did you know that some of the most intelligent people on the planet aren’t household names? Did you know that some of the most successful people in society today are unheard of or unknown? Yes, this is true and Dr. Mark McKenna is living and breathing example of this notion. Dr. Mark McKenna may be known to people that live and work in his immediate communities, but for the people who live life outside of this bubble, they don’t have a clue of who he is. This man is very talented, he has a huge heart, and he has conquered multiple industries at the same time.

Thanks to having an educational background in real estate, he has been able to help a plethora of people during and after Hurricane Katrina. This tropical storm devastated his hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana. Unlike other high-profile people in the area, this advocate and dedicated community servant has lived up to his own hype. Dr. Mark McKenna put together an effort to rebuild the city. Fortunately, he was able to help his local community by rebuilding low-to-moderate income housing for those who needed it. Though he lost many of his personal belongings and contacts, this extraordinary man pushed through the barriers in hopes of helping others who had lost the same things. This is a trait that can’t be taught. You either have it, or you don’t have it.

One of his most successful businesses is known as OVME. This is a medical aesthetic company, and it connects healthcare providers with aspiring individuals. This direct-to-consumer-platform has taken the industry by storm thanks to its technological-advancements. With its boutique type of vibe, OVME gives consumers the opportunity to choose between a number of high-quality, cosmetic services. Dr. Mark McKenna sure isn’t a household name, but he has done more for society than 98 percent of your favorite entertainers combined.

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David Giertz Understands The Importance Of Social Security To Retirees

David Giertz is noticing an alarming trend with financial advisors as it relates to Social Security. He is sees that advisers are skipping over the topic when briefing their clients during the financial sessions. This is because the Social Security rule book is very complicated. There are more than 2,700 line items that need to be thoroughly studied in order to explain it properly to a client. Advisors are looking to bypass such a daunting task. However, David has discovered that retirees are becoming frustrated with advisers who are not knowledgeable about Social Security. They are aware of the fact that if they do not apply the benefit properly they stand to lose a great deal of money over the coming years. Giertz is determined to rectify the problem and make sure that his firm remains the leader in financial advisement services.

David Giertz has been working in the financial services industry for more than 30 years. His experience and skills promote the type of profitable growth that is expected from his clients. David was the President of Nationwide Financials Sales Distribution Organization at one point. He elevated the company’s bottom line from 11 billion to 17.8 billion in revenue during his leadership.

David Giertz is a business coach that led Financial Institutions Bank Channel in 2004. Financial Institutions Bank Channel went on to acquire the Warehouse Distribution Channel by 2009.

David Giertz became a member of the Nationwide team in 1999 and took on the title of Regional Vice President. He was based in Miami with offices in seven states including Puerto Rico. David pushed the revenue number by 40%. Gertz was with Citigroup prior to coming over to Nationwide. He began as a Financial Services Advisor. David later moved up to Area Director and then earned to the position of Executive Vice President of Sales.

David Giertz is a recognized member with community organizations such as the Board of Trustees and the Budget Finance Committee at Millikin University. David also sits on the Board of Directors for the Girls Scouts of Broward County

David Giertz has an excellent education that includes a bachelor’s degree from Millikin University and also an MBA from the University of Miami.

Find out more about David Giertz: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=232405062&privcapId=359385

An Unusual Heat Wave Has Been Hitting California

This past Monday (January 29th, 2018) , there was record-setting weather in Southern California. The temperatures became abnormally high, reaching 88 degrees in Santa Ana, 90 degrees in Vista, 85 degrees in Newport Beach, 89 degrees in LAX, 91 degrees in Long Beach and 89 degrees at UCLA. At 93 degrees, Lake Forest was the warmest sport in the United States.

Powerful winds prevailed. In some peak and canyon areas, winds hit around 50 miles per hour.

Due to the hot, windy conditions, a small brush fire erupted in Malibu. On Monday, a number of firefighters were on a hillside in Malibu, spraying water and mopping up places that they thought were hot spots. The fire reached someone’s backyard, but the firefighters were able to stop it before it did any damage to the person’s property. In total, under three acres of land burned in this fire.

It’s abnormally dry in California for this time of the year, and the temperatures of days and nights are breaking records that have been set years and decades ago. To an extent, the winds are normal because of the Santa Ana wind phenomena.

It is good to know about these dry, hot conditions if you are planning activities on your trip to California. Extra-hot days make good beach and pool days. If you are sensitive to the heat and prefer not to be outside, you may want to visit a place that is air conditioned–like a library or museum.

Look Out For the Debris Flows When You Go To California!

Some of us are California-dreaming, though we may forget that a lot of things must be taken into consideration when it comes to California’s landscape. Some parts of California are prone to mudslides. Scientists refer to these events as debris flows.

This last month, California saw deadly mudslides that killed about 21 people and injured many more. The neighborhood of Montecito, recently ravaged by wildfires, experienced the brunt of this natural event.

There are very narrow water channels in the hills that surround Montecito. On a normal day, these channels are usually about a meter wide. However, when a storm pours water on the area, these channels become raging rivers of mud, water and debris. This is exactly what happened in January of 2018.

What exacerbated this natural phenomena was the fact that the landscape had dramatically changed from the recent wildfire. Much of the living flora that was holding the soil together was destroyed, making the soil more vulnerable to erosion and being slippy. If you look at aerial views of Montecito before and after the wildfire, you will see a significant reduction in the amount of trees and plant life. Of course, there are still trees and plants around, but not as many as before. If the wildfire didn’t happen, the rain that fell on Montecito would not have caused so much damage, and people may not have died.

Experts on landslides say that these kinds of events are unpredictable, and that you can’t really blame local officials for anything.

Plushies from Lime Crime Helps Make Your Natural Look Beautiful

Lime Crime is a company that has been delivering bright and bold makeup products for nearly 10 years. That’s because the founder, Doe Deere, realized that there was a lack of bright colors at drug stores and online. She is someone who treats makeup as an art form and she wanted all people to have access to the colors that they desire. That’s why she came up with a line that features lipstick colors not found in nature, hair colors that are as magical as unicorns, and all the glitter you can imagine.

Lime Crime is now doing things a little bit differently. They’re releasing a more subtle product compared to the bright and bold colors that people are used to. January marked the launch of “Plushes” which Lime Crime says is the new generation of nude lips. Instead of the blues and yellows that Lime Crime is famous for, Plushies comes in hues of red, brown, and pink. Plushies compliment a softer and more natural look. Lime Crime says they’re used to help enhance a nude lip.

That isn’t to say that Lime Crime is shying away from the bright colors. Instead, they are giving people more option! When people are at work or other business settings, they sometimes like to have a lip that is a little bit tamer. That’s where Plushies comes in. It still makes the wearer feel beautiful in magical, just in a more subtle way. Plushies also pair well with a bright-colored eyeshadow. Plushies are the perfect way for people to switch up their look depending on what day it is.

Like other products, Plushies leaves lips feeling soft and hydrated. It only needs to be applied once and it stays put for the whole day. If people want a more intense look, they can apply multiple coats. It’s completely up to the person wearing the product! Plushies is also infused with a blackberry candy scent. The Plushies line, like all others, is still vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. They’re the perfect look for anyone who wants to add a little pizzazz to their natural features.

A Cancer Warning On Coffee In California

California is known for slapping a cancer warning on everything. Well, the next time you buy a cup of coffee while on vacation in California, you might see a cancer warning on or near your cup o’ Joe.

California has a list of chemicals that have a potential to cause cancer. A chemical that is produced when roasting coffee beans, acrylamide, is on that list.

In Los Angeles Superior Court, a lawsuit was first filed in 2010 by a nonprofit called Council For Education and Research On Toxics. The lawsuit targeted a number of businesses that sell or make coffee, including 7-Eleven, BP and Starbucks. According to the lawsuit, these businesses are guilty of not warning their customers of the presence of acrylamide in coffee.

The court documents claim that these business fail to follow Proposition 65—a 1986 law stating that businesses must make consumers aware of harmful substances in products.

The lawsuit is requesting businesses involved in the coffee business to provide warnings and explanations about acrylamide to customers. If this suit wins, stores will have to post details about acrylamide on walls and counters where people would be able to see them when buying coffee.

There is a whole debate surrounding how safe acrylamide really is. Some people claim that the health benefits of coffee outweigh any negative effects that it might have. Another pro-coffee argument is the fact that drinking any beverage that is too hot damages your mouth and throat. Much of the harm that people’s bodies are subjected to when drinking coffee may be because they are not waiting for it to cool down. People who are concerned about acrylamide say that studies on rodents have shown it to be carcinogenic.

Building Better Communities Is What Troy McQuagge And The HOPE Initiative Is All About

The USHEALTH Group has come a long way since Troy McQuagge took over leadership of the company. Not only has the company seen new levels of success and growth, but they have been making a great impact on the community at large thanks to Troy’s HOPE initiative. This program was started back in 2010 shortly after Troy joined the company and became president. HOPE has been majorly successful thus far, and Troy wants to continue spreading HOPE’s message further by expanding internationally. Today, HOPE is the defining feature for the USHEALTH Group, as the whole company and its staff shares the same values and work to impact their communities. Learn more at corporationwiki.com about Troy McQuagge US Health.

Health insurance sales have never been higher for the company since Troy took over the company, and more success has been coming from the efforts of HOPE. This is not the main intention of HOPE of course, as Troy’s main mission has always been to help others and give back to the community, which can be seen throughout his entire career. HOPE was first kicked off when they received the okay to take on disaster relief in the New Orleans area, which had been devasted by Hurricane Katrina years ago. As one of the worst hurricanes in history, it left a huge number of people without any possessions and nowhere to go. HOPE dedicated hundreds of hours rebuilding homes and fixing up lots that had been flooded to help restore the community. Following this project in 2010, HOPE took to charity in 2011 when they donated thousands to the Crisis Nursery through clothes, bottles, formula, food, and much more to aid the needy kids and families of the Pheonix and Scottsdale community.

When it comes to the USHEALTH Group and what they truly stand for, Troy McQuagge Ushealth has stated that companies have souls. This soul defines a company and what its core values really are. HOPE is the soul of the USHEALTH Group and Troy McQuagge. Helping others is just as important as growing the company and for him, there is nothing more rewarding than giving back and bettering the community for everyone. Read more:https://www.resumonk.com/troymcquagge