A Savvy Investment Banker Provides a Detailed Account of What Happens When an IPO Transaction Occurs:

The public offering of a company also goes by the relative term of IPO. Once the investment banking house or banker begins the IPO process a most precise set of steps occur. The selected underwriter or investment banker is responsible as to the proper facilitation of all phases of the process.

1–An IPO team is formed. The group consists of the underwriting organization—in this example–the investment banking house; a lawyer or lawyers, CPAs, and SEC consultants.

2—Informative data, regarding the organization, is compiled. The relative data includes the: financial performance of organization; and the futuristic operations of the company. The preceding data becomes part of the prospectus of the company. The Prospectus is, summarily, circulated for review.

3—The financial statements of company are provided in order to be officially audited.

4—The prospectus of the company is filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC. The company pre-arranges a fixed date as to its offering.

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