A Showcase of Hispanic Art and History in “Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA.”

California, especially Southern California, is a hotbed for Hispanic and Latino culture. In the fall of 2017, a variety of exhibitions all over Southern California were planned to showcase the theme of Hispanic and Latino people.

Throughout Southern California and Los Angeles, 70 museums participated in “Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA.” The exhibitions included a wide variety of art, including everything from contemporary performance to real, pre-columbian gold.

There were also various types of art showcasing various types of people who lived in Latin America. For example, there was art representing Afro-Brazilians, people from Peru of Japanese descent and Chinese Caribbean people.

The art that was exhibited was made using all types of mediums, and included all types of subjects.

Mexicans have heavily influenced Southern California, so they are especially focused on in “Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA.” Some exhibitions speak about current issues, such as immigration and the border. There was a show called “The U.S. Mexican Border: Place Imagination and Possibility.”

Some exhibits celebrate the work of social justice people from the 20th century. In the Hammer museum, there was a show called “Radical Women: Latin American Art, 1960-1985.”

Some of the exhibitions were free, and some were ticketed.

The museums where these exhibitions were being shown are located in Downtown and East LA, Hollywood and West Hollywood, Inland Cities, Midcity LA, Orange County, Pasadena and San Marino, San Diego, Santa Barbara and Ventura, South Bay and Long Beach and West LA and Valley. The presenting sponsors of these exhibitions include The Getty and Bank of America.