About USHEALTH Group and Its Advisors

The USHEALTH Group, which has its headquarters in Fort Worth, TX, offers its services to the people through its capable subsidiaries of the National Foundation Life insurance and Freedom Life insurance Company of America. Through these companies, the group has been able to have a positive impact on the lives of over 15 million people for about 50 years.


Its Products


When it comes to personalized coverage, companies under this group understand that each person has unique challenges. The group believes in offering choice. That is why they have made it possible for customers to have a huge number of options from which to choose from, for their health care needs. The wide array of products offered by the group makes it possible for them to address the needs of customers for affordable, reliable, and flexible insurance cover.

For customers that may be worried about high annual deductibles before they can begin to receive the benefits of their insurance plan, they need not worry. The group has a wide array of products that offer first dollar benefits to their customers. The plans are usually quite affordable compared to comprehensive plans while still offering customers first dollar cover.

For customers that desire the security of a tailored coverage and can afford some cost sharing, the USHEALTH Group of companies has a wide selection of specific solutions. These cover specific diseases and accidents. They are designed to be flexible, reliable, and affordable, which is in line with the goals of USHEALTH.

No matter the kind of health coverage you choose, the group will assist you to enhance your cover with numerous ancillary products such as specified disease, accident, income protector, term life insurance, and vision plus.

In an insurance market that is known for its high customer turnover and low loyalty, the group aims to create lasting relationships with customers. They want to be an ally to customers by delivering consistently and being dependable at all times.


About USHEALTH Advisors


The USHEALTH Group and its family of companies have a commitment to offering personalized products to all customers. These products are delivered to its customers through USHELATH Advisors. This is wholly owned by the group, which means any agents are also working for USHEALTH Group. The agents undergo extensive training on the products that the group has on offer before they can be authorized to reach out to potential clients.

Their commitment to offering personalized information to customers has earned them global recognition. Each day, the group is seeing its customer base grow as more customers realize that uniquely tailored products are what they need to afford healthcare. It is especially so in a world characterized by rising health care costs. Contact them today to see if they have any products that might be of interest to you. https://www.indeed.com/cmp/US-Health-Group