Air Lingus to Increase Travel to West Coast USA

The states in the western coast of the United States have always been a popular option for tourists. Major cities and beach communities in California, Oregon, and Washington have always attracted to domestic travelers and those from Asia. However, getting to the west coast from Europe and other parts of the world has benn tough due to the lack of direct flight.


According to a recent news article (, this trend could be changing in the near future. In order to boost travel to and from Ireland, Air Lingus has announced that they will now offer direct flights from Dublin to several major cities in the US. For now, these flights will be limited to a daily flight to and from Los Angeles and San Francisco each day during the summer months. However, in the coming years the amount of flights to and from the West Coast will likely increase and expand to other cities throughout the year.


The new agreement is likely to increase travel to both countries. This is not the first time that the Irish airline has offered new travel offers in an attempt to get new customers. The airline has previously offered similar promotions to and from a variety of other cities in the United States including Chicago, Boston, and New York City. The new air offer and promotion is part of a massive tourism push in Ireland called the Jump to Ireland promotion. Those who take advantage of the promotion could also receive hotel and activity discounts.