All Things Pixar at Disneyland

The long-awaited Pixar Fest is now officially underway at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. To celebrate the release of the 20th Pixar film, Disneyland went all out in true Disney fashion to commemorate the milestone and honor the legacy of all of the past beloved Pixar films. Now through September 3, both of California’s Disney theme parks will host a variety of new attractions and events designed to pay homage to all things Pixar. The five-month-long celebration will center around the unveiling of the new Pixar Pier section in Disney’s California Adventure park on June 23. The former Paradise Pier neighborhood is being transformed into a Pixar lover’s dream, featuring the revamped Incredicoaster and new Pixar themed restaurants and gift shops.

In addition to the grand opening of Pixar Pier, the festival will also feature a series of new parades and nighttime spectaculars. Together Forever — A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular is Disneyland’s new fireworks show devoted to the iconic Pixar characters and music. Paint the Night has moved from its former home at Disneyland to Disney California Adventure and now highlights many new Pixar characters and themes. The classic Pixar Play Parade is making a comeback with the debut of new additions from the movies “Up” and “Inside Out”. Never to waste a merchandising opportunity, the Disneyland gift shops and restaurants will be stocked with a myriad of new souvenirs, trading pins, and themed food items designed to make the visit as immersive as possible.