Amicus Therapeutics: seeking cures & treatment for rare diseases:

Amicus Therapeutics is a New Jersey based company located at One Cedar Brook Drive in Cranbury. Amicus is a biotechnology Company that designs therapies to create rare as well as Orphan type diseases.


Migalastat is a treatment created by Amicus Therapeutics that is used to treat Fabry Disease. Fabry Disease is a genetic lysosomal disease. This disease is quite rare and it is inherited. Inherited diseases can be much more difficult to treat due to the fact that you are dealing with genetic factors.


The researchers at Amicus Therapeutics are about to release a new Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy. Chaperone Advanced Replacement Therapy is essentially an enzyme replace therapy for Fabry Disease.


Researchers at Amicus Therapeutics are committed to discovering new treatments useful therapies for rare debilitating diseases. Enzyme therapy is continually being researched and tested in an attempt to discover new and more sophisticated cures.


John Crowley is the Chairman and CEO of Amicus Therapeutics. John Crowley has a special connection to Amicus Therapeutics (Google Finance). Both of Mr. Crowley’s children were diagnosed with Pompe disease. Pompe Disease is a serious neuromuscular disorder that can sometimes be fatal. Mr. Crowley hopes that Amicus will one day discover a therapy that will help his two children.


Much has been written about John Crowley. Mr. Crowley has been featured many times in the Wall Street Journal. In addition, John Crowley has been talked about many times on the Bloomberg network. Mr. Crowley is a savvy businessman with many years experience within the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. Bradley Campbell is the Chief Operating Officer of Amicus.


Amicus is quite passionate about what they do as well as what they stand for. The researchers at Amicus Therapeutics work very hard and they take smart risks. In addition, Amicus supports disease communities as well as thier family members. Amicus feels they have a duty to help those suffering from rare diseases that are quite serious, even life threatening in some instances.

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