An Experienced Developer, Brian Bonar Understands Finance And Technology

It takes years to properly navigate financial seas. Between contracts, projects, and market inequalities that come from items that cannot be predicted, the modern world of finance is volatile and often unpredictable–unless you’ve got enough experience to identify trends, and where go they lead.

Brian Bonar knows his business. He wasn’t always the high-powered financier he is; he started out working at IBM in the UK, where he spent seventeen years learning his craft intimately. Today, Brian Bonar works as the directing force within Dalrada Financial Corporation; and has done since August of 1995–though this certainly isn’t his only “horse in the race”, as the saying goes. He also runs ITEC–but, as pertains to Dalrada, December of 1999 saw Bonar becoming chairman of the company’s board. Before his advancement, he had served in capacity as the company’s Technology Sales Director.

He worked in this position for a little over a year and a half, from August ’92 through April ’94. At that time he became the Vice President of the company’s sales and marketing division. By September of the same year, he had become the company’s Executive Vice President. By ’97 he became President and COO–that’s: Chief Operating Officer. By ’98 he’d climbed the ladder to the CEO position.

Brian Bonar understands software, and he understands technology. He’s the CEO of ITEC, the Imaging Technologies Corporation. ITEC develops color management software and also integrates digital imaging hardware service organization.

Bonar understands expansion, and he understands what is necessary to continuously facilitate successful business. He understands that increased provision of well-executed services will yield increased returns. He also understands there must be strategy between this increase, as acquisition can’t be done without proper resources, and those don’t exist in a company that doesn’t cautiously approach its technologies; ensuring they work as they should before they’re launched on the public.

Brian Bonar understands sales, and that when putting together a sales team, it must be done in such a way as to get the right sellers in the right spots according to Modern Luxury. Savvy, motivated personnel who enjoy a challenge are a great fit for a sales team, but they may also fit in IT if their people skills aren’t quite right. Bonar has had enough time between ITEC, IBM, and Dalrada to know who goes best where, and allocate them appropriately.

Sales people make the world go round, and Brian Bonar has made it his business to put the right sales people in the right spots in order that the right deals can broker expansion and development. To that end, he’s been a very successful man.

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  1. Bonar works to get the right people for the right job, and to put them to work in a way that most completely compliments their existing talents. It is also a nice way to help dissertation and get everything you want from them too.

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