April Is a Great Month to Visit Avalon, California

California has many great places to visit. Unfortunately, the summer is when all of the airlines jack up their prices to cash in on the travel demand created by the warm weather. However, California is a very big state. Avoiding the most popular tourist areas can save you a lot of cash when you are booking your flight. There are plenty of beautiful locations in California that will not cost you an arm and a leg to visit. One of those is the city of Avalon. You have probably never heard of it before. You should not let that deter you from exploring its amazing scenic beauty.


The city of Avalon is located on a small island that is off the coast of Southern California. It is south of Long Beach. There are some amazing deals that you can get on traveling to Avalon. However, you need to do your traveling during the month of April. Booking your flight during the third week of the month is the best way to go. This is because you will be able to save as much as 50 percent on your plane tickets. Obviously, this type of discount to a location as beautiful as Avalon does not come around every day. Therefore, people who are looking to get away for some fun in the sun should take advantage of this offer.


Plane tickets are not the only things you will be able to save money on if you decide to travel to Avalon in the month of April. There are also plenty of great deals on hotels that you will find. The rates on airfare and lodging will bounce back up to their normal rates in May. Therefore, you must not delay if you want to take advantage of the low prices.


You will not get bored during your visit to Avalon. There are a variety of cruises that are available for people who want to explore the marine life that lives in the waters surrounding the island. There are also many restaurants that offer every type of cuisine you can imagine from around the world.