Arthur Becker: Man With No Limits

Arthur Becker is a one-of-a-kind leader in the modern technology world. As an investor in real estate,, Bio Tech and Info Tech, he has done more for his company than most other managing executive members alone can say in their lifetime. In fact, he is also Madison Partners LLC’s current top managing member.

Mr. Becker earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Bennington College in 1972. He continued his business education at Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth in 1972. Greater and higher things were in store for this exceptional leader, and “time” itself would be the determining factor. It was only a matter of “time” before Mr. Pecker became CEO for Navisite in 2002. It was but another step up the ladder before signing on with Madison.

In his recent interview with US Magazine, he shares much on the importance of strategic planning in all levels of business implementation and execution for long-term success. He identifies talent as the main contributor to full success. He also mentions the importance of having a vision and sharing it in a way that makes it contagious and widespread in all levels of a company, affecting even the employees at the very bottom of the corporate ladder. In his many years of study, training and experience, his wisdom and insight gained have been well taken into account by all present in the daily discussions at corporate headquarters.

Mr. Becker mentions the initial idea of the origins of Madison Partners LLC as having sprung from within. It sprung from his desire to grow in the vastly-rising field of biotechnology, which had been increasing more and more in popularity at the time. He had both a vision and a desire to jump on-board and grow in this ever-growing field, and the result is what is seen today as a multi-million dollar corporation leading the way in new ideas and innovation for all biotechnological pursuits. As is usually the case, there is far more to come. Both Mr. Becker and his company are not done in their plans and goals for greater achievements in days to come.