Nick Vertucci: From The Bottom Up

Nick Vertucci is very successful in the real estate business and has a passion to teach others his knowledge of the real estate industry. Nick Vertucci had his ups and downs financially like anyone else. His childhood was pretty great and he lived a pleasant life. It wasn’t until Nick lost his father that things changed in his life. His mother had to work long hours to provide for Nick and his siblings. She would not get home until Nick was asleep for the night. At 18, Nick Vertucci found himself struggling and living in his van.

At last, a few years later Nick’s luck changed and he started his own successful computer parts business. Around that time, he got married and started a family with his wife. Then, around the year 2000 due to the dot com crash, Nick Vertucci found himself unemployed and struggling again. He lost everything except his home. He realized that he had not prepared for his future properly when he was successful, so he had nothing to fall back on.

A good friend invited Nick to a seminar one weekend. Although Nick was hesitant, his friend insisted he go with him and Nick would not regret it. It was a three day real estate seminar. For those three days, Nick soaked up every ounce of information he could about how to be successful in real estate. Although, at times he did not understand the real estate lingo the trainer was talking about, Nick realized that he may have just found a way pout of his financial problems.

Nick has spent the last decade in the real estate industry. He has learned many things that have made him a millionaire today. Now, that he has found his success, Nick’s goal is to help others learn the real estate market. He teaches people how to make money in real estate with proven steps that are not difficult. These steps are simple and can be used by anyone to gain financial success. And it all starts with a free NVREA seminar.