Seattle Tourism Industry Fears the Trump Slump

The Emerald City of Washington State has been quietly emerging as a major West Coast travel destination over the last few years thanks to innovative marketing and strategic positioning, but tourism officials are worried about a phenomenon they call “the Trump Slump.”


According to Travel Seattle, the official trade group of the tourism industry, 38.9 million visitors spent $2.2 billion in 2016, which benefited more than 74,000 local employees and their families. The number of day visitors grew by three percent on an annual basis, and the revenue realized by means of state and city taxes netted $718 million dollars.


Although the Seattle tourism industry is booming, industry leaders are concerned about the effect that certain policies enacted by the Trump administration could have on their business. The Trump Slump refers to the administration’s general attitude towards foreigners and the failed ban on Muslim travelers. Would-be foreign visitors are also experiencing longer lines and greater scrutiny at U.S. embassies and overseas, which are not granting as many tourist visas as they did during the Obama administration.


The immediate effects of the Trump Slump have not yet been quantified, but some business operators in the hospitality industry are concerned about protests at airports and the general sentiment by foreign visitors who vow to never return to the U.S. after being treated like suspected terrorists by customs and immigration officers at airports, seaports and land borders.


Even though international tourists only make up seven percent of total visitors in Seattle, they spend as much as 15 percent of the total revenue.


Travel to California Through Self Driving Car

California is one of the most popular travel destinations in the United States. While people from far distances often travel to California by either plane, train, or car, there will soon be a new way for people to get to California. According to a recent new article (, it will soon be possible to get to the state through the use of a self driving car.


According to Elon Musk, who is the CEO of Tesla, it will soon be possible to use Tesla’s self driving car to get from New York to California. The new self driving service is in use in some markets and is still being beta tested, but there are a lot of reports that state that the service will be in full swing by the end of the year. The company already has released a detail way for people to get across the country while having plenty of battery by using a number of different stops along the way.


Ever since the first generation of electric cars was released a few years ago, Tesla has been one of the most popular cars on the road. It is also a very popular option for investors. The stock has gone up a lot in value over the past few months and it is now the second most valuable car producers, based on market capitalization. The company is considered to have a lot of different growth areas as well as they continue to look into trucks and commercial vehicles.


The American West Coast is Ripe for Gastronomical Tourism

Tourists in the United States who are looking for the best cuisine they can taste during their visits should strongly consider staying in the West Coast. According to the 2017 list of Best New Chefs published by Food & Wine Magazine, more than half of the selected chefs are from California, Oregon and Washington.


Up until the late 20th century, New York, Miami and New Orleans routinely topped the lists of best chefs; however, that no longer seems to be the case. The West Coast has been quietly dominating the American gastronomical scene, and this is a trend that many tourists are noticing.


Some of the best restaurants in the United States are either located in the West Coast or are otherwise managed by West Coast chefs. One such restaurant is Han Oak in Portland, operated by a chef who trained in New York before moving back home to open a Korean eatery that specializes in noodles, dumplings and barbecues.


The abundance of fresh produce in California, Oregon and Washington is another reason why local chefs are either returning or choosing to stay in the West Coast. Such is the case of Kismet, a trendy restaurant in Los Angeles that features a Mediterranean menu. It so happens that California’s agriculture offers many of the fresh ingredients needed in Turkish, Greek and Italian recipes, and this is something that chefs can certainly appreciate.


Another restaurant attracting many tourists is Californios, located in San Francisco. This restaurant is dedicated to the fusion of Californian and Mexican cuisines, and the result is tastier than Tex-Mex.


West Coast Travel to and from Hawaii to get Cheaper

One of the most popular flights for tourists is from the west coast of the United States to Hawaii. For people that live anywhere in the country, Los Angeles, Seattle, and San Francisco are very common places for a layover. Unfortunately, travel to and from the west coast to Hawaii is often very expensive. While flying to Hawaii is not cheap, there is an airline today that is boasting incredibly low prices (


Virgin Airlines, which is already known for its great service compared to other major airlines, is now providing very low fares for people that are trying to go from the west coast to one of several different Hawaiian destinations. Virgin America is now offering round trip flights from Los Angeles to Maui and Honolulu for as low as $350. Those that are looking to travel to and from San Francisco and Seattle will also get great deals.


These prices that are offered by the airlines are less than half of what some competing airlines are offering today. Those that are looking to take a trip and would like to save money should consider booking soon. The company will be only offering these rates for summer travel. Once the current promotion is over, flights are likely to go back up to where they were in the past. Those that are looking to travel could either book the flights directly through the airline or take advantage of package deals through Expedia and other online travel booking websites available today.


Betsy DeVos Created Educational Opportunities

Having the ability to choose a diverse education is something that was previously reserved for those who were able to make a lot of money. These were the people who were able to spend a lot of money on their children’s’ educations and it was something that set them apart from those who did not have a lot of money. While it wasn’t necessarily fair, it was something that happened as a direct result of the public school system. The people who were not able to get what they needed were those who were poor and could not afford a great education. Betsy DeVos wanted to change that and did everything that she could to make sure that even those who were not able to afford that type of education were getting what they needed out of it. This was something that Betsy DeVos worked on for many years and something that she still continues to do as the secretary of education.

Starting out over 20 years ago, Betsy DeVos wanted to see the difference in what things would be like for people who were poor and could not afford private education. She wanted to come up with something that would make it easier for people to do new things and to try new things for their children. Because of the way that Betsy DeVos did things with educational opportunities, she was able to help those who were very poor and who could not go to private school because they were so poor.

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Starting out with the voucher program was something that Betsy DeVos knew that she needed to do. The voucher program allowed people to make sure that they were going to a private school without ever having to pay for it. Similar to a public school, the government paid for the vouchers. The people who had the vouchers would then give them to the private school which would pay for the child’s tuition depending on the amount that it was at that point in time. It worked well and Betsy DeVos was pleased with the way that she was able to help children get a better education through the program.

Recently, charter schools have been popping up all around the United States. This is something that has been done by Betsy DeVos and the foundation that she has to make things better for children. The charter schools allow the children to get a private education even if they don’t have the resources that they need to be able to do so. This is something that has been helpful for all of these children and something that has made a huge difference. They don’t even need vouchers for charter school. Visit Betsy’s profile page on

Chinese Tourists Flock to the West Coast in Search of Nature

Oregon is one of the most pristine tourism destinations in the West Coast of the United States, and this happens to be what many Chinese tourists are looking for these days.


Disneyland, Las Vegas and San Francisco are still popular tourism spots for tourists arriving from China, but those who are returning for a second and even third visit are more interested in the sheer natural beauty of Oregon as well as its culinary offerings.


According to a recent article published in China Daily, officials in charge of the Oregon Tourism Commission have noticed an emerging trend among Chinese tourists in the sense that they are more attracted to clean water, fresh air, pristine views, fresh fruit and vegetables, seafood cuisine, and craft beers. One of the reasons behind this travel trend is that many cities in China are overly industrialized and have lost their natural beauty.


Now that Chinese tourists can be approved for a 10-year travel visa to visit the U.S., tourism officials in Oregon are excited about the opportunity to lure more visitors. At the Active America-China Summit, a tourism industry meeting that took place in Portland in April, attendees noted that the $226 million spent by Chinese tourists in 2016 could be increased with the right marketing approach.


The most popular nature attraction for Chinese visitors is the Crater Lake National Park. These tourists are also very interested in visiting craft breweries and catching Portland Trailblazer when teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers or Boston Celtics visit.


Brazil’s Economy Is Starting To Breathe Again According To Some Corporate Executives

The story of Brazil crashing and burning, economically speaking, is no secret. In 2012, the Brazilian economy took a devastating hit from China. The Chinese economy was going through a major upheaval, and the country stopped exporting some of Brazil’s natural resources. China was Brazil’s largest trading partner, and the decision to cut back on Brazilian exports started a chain reaction. The government didn’t react fast enough to curb inflation, and the banks didn’t cut the high-interest rates that hurt consumer buying. In a nutshell, Brazil went from an emerging market superstar to an economic disaster.



But those days are over, according to the new president of Brazil, Michel Temer. Temer is cultivating new trading partners, and he is proposing a $18.5 billion spending bill that will inject new energy into the country’s economy. Temer also put new rules in place, and they are attracting more than $6.3 billion in private investment money to modernize Brazilian ports. The new investment in ports will help companies like Eucatex, the Sao Paulo building supply company. The CEO of Eucatex, Flavio Maluf, thinks his country is on the road to recovery.



Eucatex is one of Brazil’s leading exporters. The company sells building materials to home improvement stores in North and South America. Eucatex also has a large presence in Europe. The company manufactures all products in the four modern factories in the state of Sao Paulo.



Flavio Maluf spent time in the United States before starting his career in the family business. Maluf’s grandfather is the man who put Eucatex on the radar of home and offices builders back in 1951. Back then, the company only had one product to sell, but it was a good one. Maluf’s eucalyptus wood ceiling tile was a hit, and the company began exporting ceiling tiles in 1959. Today, Eucatex is one of Brazil’s top exporters and Maluf is one of the country’s leading environmentalists. Flavio is a staunch cause capitalist who gives back some of his company’s profits to help the environment. The Eucatex eucalyptus tree planting program is one of Brazil’s most successful environmental programs in the country.



Nine9 a New Way into the Entertainment Business

Do you have talent? Are you looking to break into the entertainment industry? Maybe you want to be a model. Well if that’s the case, Nine9 just might be exactly what you’re looking for to get your career going and learn more about Nine9.

Anthony Toma, founder and CEO of Nine9 started this company to help inspiring actors, models, and musicians get started in their careers. Most people don’t know exactly where to start or what to do. Yes, there is that 1% that gets scouted by a top agency but that is rare. Anthony was interested in the other 99% that really needed the help and guidance that could follow a proven process to reach their career goals.

Nine9 is not an agency. Most agents get a commission from the client once they get booked and finish their project. Nine9 is anunagency. They do not get a commission. This is a company that represents the people that are looking for representation.

Nine9 takes students through a 4 step proven process to help them reach their goals. The process teaches them in television, film, modeling, and music videos. Students learn how to audition, things they need to know about the camera, what to wear, and what not to wear, etc. Casting directors are also fans of Nine9. They appreciate how easy it is to navigate and they know exactly what they are getting and more information click here.

Students that have used Nine9 talk about how Nine9 has given them opportunities for all kinds of auditions, commercials, and photo shoots. Instructors give on camera classes, and tips and tricks for a photo shoot. People really don’t realize how much is involved. Students need to know what to bring, what they need to do with their hair, have a few different selections for clothing, etc.

Nine9 has put everything together for the students. It’s a proven process that works! They still have to put in the work, but it’s lots of fun and they get the experience! and this company of website.

Photographer Begins Road Trip to Capture Abandoned Drive-Ins

Lindsey Rickert is a photographer passionate about drive-in movie theaters. While she has fond memories of her first viewing at age seven or eight, a chance encounter in Oregon rekindled her interest in those venues right as their operations have continued to diminish. Currently, only 324 drive-ins are operational; a ghost of a movie-going experience that used to number in excess of 4,000 locations.


After encountering Oregon’s abandoned 99W drive-in, Rickert decided to plan a road trip. Her goal: to photograph as many drive-ins in the country as possible. Rickert’s portfolio for this adventure covered 28 different theaters, some of which are still operational.


Rickert began planning her route by combining Google and Flickr to find websites dedicated to drive-ins. She then laid out a massive map and started pushing thumbtacks into every point of interest until a route began to manifest. After marking the abandoned sites, Rickert planned out the best path to travel between abandoned and active sites-only one site was discovered demolished.


When asked about her favorite locales, Rickert was awestruck by an abandoned theater in Nevada, right as a heavy storm began to rage. After the weather cleared, Rickert was able to capture a beautiful sunset rainbow against the theater’s projection wall.


When asked about why some people are nostalgic for something that many have never experienced, Rickert likened drive-ins as a metaphor for the transition from analog to digital. Even if they are kept operational, drive-ins are mostly seen as relics of a previous era.


Marina Del Rey and Coronado Island Stand Out in Latest Tourism Reports

Two of the most attractive travel destinations in the West Coast of the United States are seeing a greater number of visitors and increased revenue. Coronado Island and Marina Del Rey are two of the prettiest jewels of Southern California, and the bulk of their economic activity revolves around tourism.


A market research study conducted by CBRE Hotels indicates that Coronado and Marina Del Rey continue to capture a nice share of the West Coast tourism market. In the case of Marina Del Rey, located near Los Angeles, the economic activity in 2016 is estimated to have produced more than $430 million; this represents an increase of more than 70 percent since 2012.


In Coronado Island, tourism has extended beyond visitors from nearby San Diego who are visit for just one day. The new focus is on marketing to foreign visitors, particularly those who arrive in San Diego for major conventions but would like to stay at a nicer location.


Marina Del Rey expects to complete various enhancement projects in 2017 and 2018. A new dock was installed at Fisherman’s Village while a splash park is expected to be completed in time for summer. The Yvonne Burke Park will have a new fitness course and Pier 44 will feature new boat slips this year. In 2018, two new hotels will begin construction: the Residence Inn and Courtyard Marriott.


The Coronado Tourism Improvement District is currently engaged in discussion about a project that will beautify the bridge that connects the island with San Diego as well as the docks.