Disneyland Announces New Restaurant By Jungle Cruise

Foodies on the West Coast can look forward to yet another amazing eatery at Anaheim’s Disneyland Theme Park in the near future. Disney execs just announced they are working on a new dining area near the popular Jungle Cruise ride in Adventureland.

This new restaurant, named The Tropical Hideaway, will take the space of what used to be Aladdin’s Oasis. Visitors can enjoy fantastic views of the Jungle Cruise ride as they eat on an outdoor patio.

No further details were released on when this restaurant will open or what kinds of foods they will offer. The lack of official facts, however, hasn’t stopped Disney fans from speculating about this new addition to the beloved theme park.

A few Disney bloggers pointed out that the city of Anaheim received a permit three years ago asking to use flame-lit torches in this area of the park. Many believe this restaurant will offer Hawaiian cuisine and have an ambiance close to that of the Tiki Room, which is only a short walk away.

Amazingly, Disney announced this new eatery on their official “Parks Blog” one week before it got any mainstream attention. TimeOut LA was the first major company to report this restaurant opening.

While foodies might have to wait a bit to try out The Tropical Hideaway, there are many exciting restaurants opening up all across Disneyland this year. Disney fans can look forward to the opening of the Ballast Point Brewery later in 2018. Disney’s California Adventure theme park will also open the Lamplight Lounge on June 23rd.

Three New Hotels Coming to the Strip

The stalled Fontainebleau Las Vegas Resort project is now being given new life. After dumping almost three billion dollars into the resort, the work was shut down in 2009 due to economic concerns. The empty 63-floor tower sits just across the street from Circus Circus on the northern end of the famed Strip. The new project is scheduled to be complete in 2020 and hopes to be done by the time the Las Vegas Convention Center expansion is finished.

New York developer Steve Witkoff bought the property last August for $600 million and is currently partnering with Marriott International to relaunch the resort. Witkoff’s group announced that the new resort will feature nearly 4,000 guest rooms, allowing it to accommodate more than 600,000 annual visitors to Las Vegas. The property will encompass three separate brands: the iconic and luxurious JW Marriott, the boutique brand Edition, and a new hotel called the Drew. The resort’s official name will be The Drew Las Vegas, as the Drew will occupy the most space within the property.

The resort will delight guests with an 8-acre pool deck, a casino, an upscale retail space, 20 restaurants, and various entertainment options. Not only will business travelers be able to take advantage of the property’s 500,000 square feet of meeting space, but the resort will also be connected directly to the Las Vegas Convention Center along Elvis Presley Boulevard.

Two New Dining Locations To Open At Disneyland

A new dining location has been announced to open in Disneyland Park later this year. The new Tropical Hideaway will replace Aladdin’s Oasis in Adventureland.

The space was formally a dining location known as the Tahitian Terrace. The restaurant was Polynesian themed to match the theme of the neighboring Enchanted Tiki Room. During peak times, dancers would perform a show during dinner. After the success of Aladdin in the 90s, the space was converted into Aladdin’s Oasis. The spot is not as popular as it once was.

Disney is returning the spot back to its Polynesian roots. It has been reported that the construction permit for the Tropical Hideaway will expand the stage. Many speculate that a dinner show will be brought back. It is not known whether the space will be a new restaurant or an added dining space to accomodate already existing restaurants.

As construction continues on Pixar Pier, new plans for the land are being revealed. The Lamplight Lounge, named after the iconic Luxo Jr. lamp in the Pixar logo will open along with the rest of Pixar Pier. The dining location will replace the former Cove Bar and Ariel’s Grotto. The two spaces will be joined to form large seating areas to accommodate more guests. The famous lobster nachos will return, but princess character dining will not. The Cove Bar will reopen one last time on March 16 before closing again in May. The Lamplight Lounge will open June 23rd at Disney’s California Adventure.

West Coast Fitness Vacations

If you’ve been looking forward to taking a vacation and want to spend time doing yoga, exercising and meditating while you take some time away from the norm, you’re in luck. There are a number of west coast destinations that will help you stick to your fitness goals while centering your mind and body as you make the most of vacation time.

Spiritual retreats like Vacaville California’s Silent Stay Retreat Hermitage is the perfect facility to help you get some peace and quiet during vacation. The owners of the retreat run a similar wellness program in Assisi, and guests in both locations are encouraged to practice yoga and meditate. This is a great vacation to take if you want to travel solo; you won’t have to worry about the awkwardness of making conversation, since silence is actually preferred.

When you want to take a quality vacation that involves getting pampered, you can visit Baja, California’s Rancho La Puerta. This fitness resort was the first of its kind in North America, and provides personal training sessions for guests, as well as fitness classes, outdoor recreation activities, cooking classes and a variety of beauty treatments that will keep you looking and feeling your best.

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Lime Crime: Saves Animals & Makes Unicorns

Wear Lime Crime’s makeup products if you care about animal rights. This company is actually backed by PETA and other organizations for its cruelty free makeup products. They have a wide selection of amazing products that will delight everyone around you without killing or harming our furry friends in the process.

This vegan makeup is for you if you care about your appearance, still want to look beautiful, and want to sleep easier knowing you are putting your money towards a good cause.

Buy Vegan Friendly ASAP

If you actually care about animal rights enough to read this far, then you should know that by purchasing Lime Crime you are putting your money towards a product that is ethical. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that you didn’t support one of the many other makeup companies that regularly test their products on animals.

Lime Crime is safe to use. Also, it is 100% vegan friendly, since the makeup does not contain animal products like beeswax or whey.

Love the Way You Look

Get ready for some serious compliments from people around you as you will look like the magical unicorn that you have always dreamed of becoming. You’ll surely dazzle your friends with products like the Venus XL Palette. It includes a fabulous selection of colors like Fresca, Scallop, and Goddess. If you happen to be the goddess of your neighborhood, then you must be craving the Opalescent Unicorn Highlighter. This fun product comes in unique styles for unicorns, mermaids, and more. This makeup adds the highlighted finishing look that you have been longing for.

Win over the affections of the cutest guy or gal in the room while knowing that animal rights are being upheld along the way. You’re looking good without making a negative impact on the environment.

Spread the word. Tell your friends: animal rights is important and so is looking good!

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O2Pur Making Its Mark in the E-Cig Industry

The consolidation of companies within the tobacco industry is continuing. In consideration of the confined connections between the big cigarette companies around the world, the stock purchase one or a couple would result in a complete collection of cigarette alternates.

As an example, British American Tobacco acquisition of Reynolds American is currently underway, although BAT has already a forty-two percent investment in the latter because of its leading e-cigarette gadgets. Philip Morris International, which was a part of Altria, still retains a close business relationship with the latter (and the grapevine has it that they may buy either buy each other), and continue to do business worldwide in marketing e-cig commodities via the Marlboro brand.

After British American Tobacco finalizes its purchase of Reynolds American, it will be the largest tobacco company leaving Philip Morris behind. While it has existing cigarette alternatives on the market as of the moment, it is staking a wager that the heat-not-burn (HNB) mechanism will be the next big trend in the market.

Reynolds American, on the other hand, was a pioneer in the e-cigarette venture. In 2012 it acquired blu eCig in the amount of $135 million and created it into one of the most popular brands on the market that has approximately 50% share. It sold blu eCig to Imperial Tobacco to evade issues on anti-competitiveness when it bought Lorillard.

Philip Morris International is likewise a significant player in the industry of electronic cigarettes with its rechargeable iQOS device that is well-liked by consumers in the market.

O2Pur is likewise a trusted brand since 2013, and it uses better tasting and fast acting nicotine salts. Its products are mixed, formulated and bottled in the USA. The goal of O2Pur is to deliver explosive flavors that would produce exceptional results with better money value compare to other e-liquid providers in the US. O2Pur provides services in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Felipe Montoro Jens: Infrastructure for Rio De Janero

Felipe Montoro Jens knows how important public and private business partnerships are. The city of Rio de Janeiro is aimed at using Public-Private Partnerships or PPPs to grow their network for child education. Felipe is the specialist in Projects of Infrastructure and he suggests there are to be 20,000 upcoming areas for day-care centers, and 40,000 upcoming places for pre-schools by the year 2020. This will continue the growth of Brazil in their economic recovery.

PPPs or Public-Private Partnerships were formed on December 30, 2004 by Law number 11,079. This law gave general rules to contracting and bidding of PPPs. Felipe explains that the agreement refers to a substitute government to acknowledge the small amount of resources in public services. Public administration entities sign the arrangements. This can be private partners, Municipalities, the Federal District, or the public administration.

The Public-Private Partnership used for Rio de Janeiro is similar to the PPP model they used in Brazils school systems. The City Hall of Rio de Janeiro is to hold responsibility for school lunches and the pedagogical area. The private partner is given responsibility for administrative maintenance and construction of the EDIs or Infant Education Units. This follows Belo Horizonte’s school model.

The IFC or International Finance Corporation will be the institution holding responsibility for the expansion program through the Public-Private Partnership. This company was hired for roughly 2.3 million dollars. They give their innovative thinking, financial resources, global experience, and superior expertise to aid their partners. It is the biggest developmental private sector for countries in expansion according to Felipe Montoro Jens.

Felipe Montoro Jens has experience in water, sewage, petroleum, infrastructure, project development, auditing, structure finance, consulting, real estate, and technology. He also has an education background in Business Administration.

Find out more about Felipe Montoro Jens: https://exame.abril.com.br/negocios/dino/china-disponibiliza-aos-empreendimentos-brasileiros-fundo-de-us-3-bilhoes-reporta-felipe-montoro-jens/

Michael Burwell and Financial Services Proficiency

Michael Burwell is a renowned businessman who is located in the United States. He’s Willis Towers Watson’s Chief Financial Officer as of now. He often operates in the Detroit, Michigan area. He’s been a part of the sizable financial services field for quite a while. Burwell has been working for Willis Towers Watson since the fall of 2017. This position is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Burwell had a strong career before becoming part of the Willis Towers Watson team. He was an employee with Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP for more than three decades. He worked in assurance practice for more than a decade. He tackled various audit clients while there. Burwell got partnership approval back in 1997. This enabled him to create the company’s practice that focused on transaction services in Detroit. Michael Burwell did extremely well for himself in the Midwestern metropolis. That gave him the chance to guide the firm’s central area. He got the chance to function as a respected head of transaction services. Burwell was called the Chief Financial Officer in 2007. He was given the Chief Operating Officer title the following year as well. 2012 was a year that was full of positive things for Burwell, too. He landed a position as the Vice Chairman who was in charge of transformation in the United States and all over the planet. These transformation duties proved to be significant for the professional. He set up adjustments and tweaks that enhanced efficiency for the organization as a whole. This efficiency related to supervising many different kinds of inside components. Some of these components are technology, finance, international strategic sourcing and human capital. See This Article for additional information.


Burwell went to a public school that’s called Michigan State University in Michigan. He left the school with a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) degree in 1986. This is a diligent, focused and detail-oriented man who possesses many skills that enhance his career regularly. His skills are mergers and acquisitions, financial reporting, finance in general, leadership, tax, financial assessments, auditing, internal controls, accounting, portfolio management and CPA (certified public accountant) topics. He can commit hours and hours to discussions that relate to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. He can speak about US GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) topics for extended periods of time as well. People sometimes call Burwell “Mike” as a casual nickname. This is an individual who is always trying to strengthen his abilities in the financial services sector.


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A Look At Some Awesome Summer Road Trips In California

The California coast is famous for its beautiful beaches and mild year-round climate. However, there is much more to this coast than just the beaches. It is full of attractions that include mountains, museums, historic towns and lively communities. Here is just a tiny bit of what you can experience on a drive from San Francisco in the north to Los Angeles in the south.

When you begin your journey from San Francisco, you will want to head towards Carmel. Along the way to Carmel, you should head to Santa Cruz. It will help you transition into a more natural and peaceful environment than the hectic and urban San Francisco scape. After Santa Cruz and its boardwalk, an excellent place to go next is the city of Monterey. It is home to one of the largest Ocean Aquariums in the world.

When you reach the beachside town of Carmel, you should stop and rest there. There is plenty of food and charming little shops to explore. After you have rested, you should make your way towards the town of Cayucos. Right after you leave the vicinity of Carmel, you should notice bluffs and cliffs along the waterfront and hills on the opposite side.

Another highlight of this trip is the Bixby Creek Bridge which is as famous as it is scenic. As you continue driving on the Pacific Coast Highway, you should also begin seeing the Santa Lucia Mountain Range. There is plenty more to see and explore on your journey to Los Angeles. You can read more about it here as you plan a west coast trip down California’s Pacific Coast.

Parlour Cars Removed From Amtrak’s Coast Starlight Train

Travelers who are looking for a unique way to experience the Pacific Coast may want to consider taking Amtrak’s Coast Starlight train. Despite the fact that this train no longer has parlour cars because of the high maintenance cost, the spectacular views along the way will amaze travelers.

Riders can choose to ride the train from Seattle to Los Angeles or from Los Angeles to Seattle. The train runs on a daily basis. They can also choose to stop at numerous points along the way. For example, bikers and white water rafters may want to consider adding a stop in Klamath Falls, Oregon and Dunsmuir, California. This is also a great area for a hike.Additionally, the train will pass along high rocky coastline along the Pacific Ocean, through the Cascade Mountains on its 30-hour journey. Riders can enjoy views of San Francisco Bay, Puget Sound and Mount Rainier.

A park ranger will board the train as it passes through Klondike Goldrush National Historical Park in Seattle or Portland, Oregon, to teach riders about the exciting history that happened there. Another park ranger will get on the train as it passes along the Juan Bautista De Anza National Historic Trail.

This train is equipped with sleeping and dining cars. Those who choose to upgrade to business class can enjoy a complimentary wine and cheese event.

This trip that is usually priced at $180 when booked in advance often goes on sale making it a great way to explore the area without having to worry about traffic.