It’s Time To Get ‘Handy’ With Spring Cleaning

It is here once again. Spring has come and so has all of the cleaning you realize you need to do. The garage is probably a bit more cluttered than you’d like and the basement is in need of a good clean up.  If you have a large house, this can be quite the undertaking. All of the moving of the furniture, the dusting, wiping, on and on it seems to go. Then you realize there is more to do than you thought at first.

Thankfully, there is a company like Handy. They have quickly become the go to on-demand service for basic services. You need some cleaning done? No sweat. Just set up a date at your convenience and have it done for you at a fair price. The popularity of the service is rising very quickly. As the number of companies has declined, Handy’s business has only been increasing. They have recently stated that they have been generating at least $1 million per week regularly now. They have even started a new service on the site where you can have them shop for, purchase, deliver and assemble for a flat fee starting at $49.

This service alone is well worth the fee. Think of all of the time, effort, driving and stresses you can avoid completely. It is a very good option for people who have little time for their own responsibilities. Handy is looking to make life easier for folks by offering great service on-demand, on your schedule. Spring cleaning can be a nightmare. It can also be a whole lot easier to accomplish with Handy’s services that they offer. Whatever the job is for your spring clean up, it’s very likely that Handy can handle the job for you.

Take a break on the cleaning and let the professionals handle it for you. Get out and spend the spring having fun instead.

Brad Reifler’s Top Tips for New Investors

There are certain people that you need to listen to when they try to teach you something. In the world of investing for profit, Brad Reifler is one of them. Brad Reifler is the creator and CEO of Forefront Capital as well as Forefront Investments and he has been a major player in the industry for decades. His work has largely been focused on helping out the ’99 percent’ of investors in the world, as reported by Reuters. Reifler knows how hard it can be to get into the game of investing when you don’t have stacks of cash at your back and that’s why he came up with the following tips to try and help these people out.

When you need to invest your money you need to do one thing above all, Reifler suggests. His first tip to successful and profitable investing is to be wary what you invest in. You don’t want to get into investing for the sake of having money in the game.

Reifler’s next tip is to create a solid relationship with a manager as you try to put your money out into various investments. Having a relationship with a manager that is built on trust means that you will never be struggling to put faith in their advice. A common piece of advice from quality managers, as Brad Reifler points out, is to consistently diversify as well. Don’t put all of your money in the stock market.

Making money with investments isn’t easy and it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. However, following Reifler’s advice can lead to profit sooner than later.  On Wikipedia there’s further information.

Highland Capital Management: Preparing To Scoop Up Argentinian Debt

Bloomberg recently released an article that discussed how Argentina will be allowed to release its debt onto the international bond market. The country’s goal is to raise 12 billion dollars and, according to Bloomberg, Highland Capital Management will be one of the major buyers. Bloomberg got this information directly from Highland Capital’s founder and chief executive officer, James Dondero. Dondero and his firm already manages about 19 billion dollars in assets. A significant portion of this 19 billion dollars is already Argentinian debt that is due in 2033.

Argentina’s goal is to sell enough so that they can pay settlements with Paul Singer and other holdout creditors. Dondero is confident that Argentina will price the debt fairly and he is hoping that it will trade better than other emerging economies. Dondero has the numbers to back up his confidence. They have been seeing returns on their Argentinian bonds of around 20 percent annually. This is major when you compare it to the average 3.3 percent return for other emerging markets.

Highland Capital Management is an investment banking firm that has been around for more than 2 decades. James Dondero sits at the helm and has the goal of leading the company to success in the niche market of collateralized loan obligations. The firm also offers high yield credit, structured products, long and short equity, distressed and special situation, health care, emerging markets and real estate. The company invests both in real estate equity and real estate debt. In the emerging markets division, Highland Capital has many options for investing in Brazil and they are now also looking at opening up a fund in Argentina as another emerging market investment opportunity. In the health care division, Highland Capital offers their investors options in equity, fixed income and loan assets. The long and short equity division has many different strategies available to investors, such as fund with typical net long exposure of 20 to 60 percent. Highland Capital Management also offers their investors the opportunity to invest in distressed or special situations in the healthcare, industrial and media or telecom sectors.

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Securus is making it Easier for Correctional Facilities to Contain Inmates

Securus is a communications company that specializes in providing equipment and technology to correctional facilities. The equipment that is installed in within correctional facilities at Securus gives prisoners the ability to speak fact-to-face with their friends and loved once. Video visitation terminals are set up in various prisons that accepts this technology and inmates can see their loved ones or friends when they chat.

Correctional facilities all over the U.S. have implemented this latest trend in inmate communication technology. This equipment helps to cut down on long lines for the phone and it helps to keep order inside of the prison system. One of the biggest problems that prisoners have is being able to adjust to prison life. Life behind bars is not easy and it becomes harder when a person cannot see their family or friends.

The newer communications systems allows inmates to use video kiosks to communicate with visitors as long as they have a mobile device. This mobile device can be smartphone, tablet or laptop. As long as the unit has the ability to make and to receive video inmate phone calls then a person can contact an inmate behind bars. There is a fee to use this technology and a prisoner’s behavior must not have any problems that will stop them from losing their privileges.

Securus has been conducting research to figure out how well their technology is doing. The organization discovered that their equipment is beneficial to most of the prison facilities where the equipment is installed. Securus technology save facilities money from having to use old and outdated communications equipment. This technology is also good at helping to keep order inside of prisons because many inmates want the ability to contact the outside world on a more frequent basis.

Securus has been in business for many years providing communications equipment and solutions to criminal and law enforcement organizations. They implement high tech security hardware that is efficient, productive and cost effective. This organization is based out of Dallas, Texas and it is currently a leading company in the change for improved prisoner communications. More information about this organization and their efforts to change the communications systems within the correctional system is available from PRN News.

Securus Technologies is not partnered with the pain and anxiety reliever Securus product nor is it a part of the agency site, Securus America.

George Mason University Becomes Koch Favorite

While the Koch brothers have supported a number of different charities, and universities over the years, one university is quickly becoming a favorite for them; George Mason University.

George Mason University is a private school located a short distance from Washington D.C and is considered to be particularly strong in areas such as law and economics. While there have been a significant number of successful alumni from George Mason University the school is not thought of as a conservative school. This is important because Charles Koch is thought of particularly in accordance with their donations to conservative causes.

The Koch brothers, David and Charles, are multi billionaires who are the majority owners of Koch Industries which earns close to $120 billion per year in revenue. Koch industries is a diversified conglomerate but is centered in the energy industry. The Koch brothers are well known for contributing significant amounts of money to conservative republican political groups. Many of the causes Charles Koch supports are concerned with the expanse of government and are interested in promoting individual growth and development for the good of themselves, as well as for society at large.

Their beliefs and the basic profile of George Mason University as an educational center for higher education is not inconsistent with their belief system. What is inconsistent about the donations to George Mason University is the amount of the donations to this one university.

As an example of the move towards George Mason University if you view the schools that received money from the Koch brothers in recent years, George Mason University emerges as number one with close to $50 million received during the time of 2011 to 2014. No other school received more than $1 million in each year during the time period stated. Since neither Koch brother is an alumni of the school there is little to explain why George Mason University received so much to the school.

The school has recently received a $10 million contribution from the Koch Foundation, along with $20 million from an unnamed donor, in order to rename their law school after the recently deceased conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. While this donation is set aside for the law school, no other gift from Koch had other stipulations assigned to it.

An Experienced Developer, Brian Bonar Understands Finance And Technology

It takes years to properly navigate financial seas. Between contracts, projects, and market inequalities that come from items that cannot be predicted, the modern world of finance is volatile and often unpredictable–unless you’ve got enough experience to identify trends, and where go they lead.

Brian Bonar knows his business. He wasn’t always the high-powered financier he is; he started out working at IBM in the UK, where he spent seventeen years learning his craft intimately. Today, Brian Bonar works as the directing force within Dalrada Financial Corporation; and has done since August of 1995–though this certainly isn’t his only “horse in the race”, as the saying goes. He also runs ITEC–but, as pertains to Dalrada, December of 1999 saw Bonar becoming chairman of the company’s board. Before his advancement, he had served in capacity as the company’s Technology Sales Director.

He worked in this position for a little over a year and a half, from August ’92 through April ’94. At that time he became the Vice President of the company’s sales and marketing division. By September of the same year, he had become the company’s Executive Vice President. By ’97 he became President and COO–that’s: Chief Operating Officer. By ’98 he’d climbed the ladder to the CEO position.

Brian Bonar understands software, and he understands technology. He’s the CEO of ITEC, the Imaging Technologies Corporation. ITEC develops color management software and also integrates digital imaging hardware service organization.

Bonar understands expansion, and he understands what is necessary to continuously facilitate successful business. He understands that increased provision of well-executed services will yield increased returns. He also understands there must be strategy between this increase, as acquisition can’t be done without proper resources, and those don’t exist in a company that doesn’t cautiously approach its technologies; ensuring they work as they should before they’re launched on the public.

Brian Bonar understands sales, and that when putting together a sales team, it must be done in such a way as to get the right sellers in the right spots according to Modern Luxury. Savvy, motivated personnel who enjoy a challenge are a great fit for a sales team, but they may also fit in IT if their people skills aren’t quite right. Bonar has had enough time between ITEC, IBM, and Dalrada to know who goes best where, and allocate them appropriately.

Sales people make the world go round, and Brian Bonar has made it his business to put the right sales people in the right spots in order that the right deals can broker expansion and development. To that end, he’s been a very successful man.