Avaaz Sponsors Volunteer Campaigns Aimed at Improving the World

Avaaz translates into “voice”, is a civic group that uses the internet to organize large groups of people to fight against injustice and other global issues. They sponsor volunteer campaigns in seventeen languages on six continents. It was started in 2007 and to date Avaaz has sponsored several protests and events working with its 46 million members in 194 countries. An example of Avaaz’s focus is the attack of the Amazon that’s being waged right now. Loggers and cocoa growers are swarming the recently deforested areas of the Amazon. The area de-logged is far greater than the government of Brazil originally claimed as was revealed by satellite photos of the region.

Members of Avaaz are protesting from all around the world in the Netherlands, Germany, Panama, France, the U.S., Mexico, Spain, Greece and Poland, to name a few. Avaaz protests the ruin of poverty, climate change, regional, national and international issues. Their forms of protesting result in signing petitions, media campaigns, emailing, lobbying, protesting and other events. This united force is aimed at changing the decisions made by those in power. Avaaz sponsored an attempt to change the U.S. presidential election from the 270 electoral votes to the popular vote.

There was a deadline of July 20 that was mistakenly not met, so we were stuck with the electoral candidate in the 2016 election. They also tested a fundraising campaign to sponsor The Ocean Cleanup; however their partner wasn’t ready to start any united efforts. The money raised was still donated to the project, but Avaaz members were not asked for further support of the project.Both these projects were extremely important, which shows you just how much value Avaaz adds to the world. Avaaz will continue garnering support for important issues facing the world, regions and communities for their ultimate goal is a clean and safe world that provides freedom, opportunity, shelter, sustenance and peace for all.