Betsy Devos: A Great Philanthropist, Educator and Leader

She is a distinguished woman with a distinguished career. She has always been at the forefront of society. This lady knows how to help and she provides aid to millions. As the 11th U.S. Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos is truly an outstanding political leader of our day.


Betsy knows that people need help and she realizes that she is in a position to make the changes that are needed to make people’s lives better. Let’s take a closer look at the life of Betsy Devos and how she has impacted people throughout the years.


First, Betsy Devos is a giver. Over the years Betsy Devos has given organization millions of dollars to help people get out of poverty, to receive a quality education and to develop profitable skills. She supports the arts, she works to do eliminate poverty and hunger and she even teaches students at her aviation based charter school about how to fly planes.


As an educator, Betsy Devos helps people to understand the importance of education. She never taught in a classroom but she has worked in a political, social and administrative capacity within Michigan’s education system. She has been on various school boards, school committees and has been a part of the process that creates laws and legislation that impacts education throughout Michigan.


Devos knows that a good education helps people to grow and to live a better life. She has been committed to improving the education system inside of her home city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Other school districts from the state of Michigan benefited from her input as well. She has helped to quietly change the lives of people in Michigan. She now carries this practice over to other people from around the country.


As the leader of America’s field of education, Betsy Devos has managed to improve some of the problems associated with student loans and debt. She is also helping to formulate a workable solution that will help to standardize the way American students are tested. Devos is also leading the way in using public funding to support private and religious instruction.


Betsy Devos does a lot of work to ensure that people are getting the education and help then need in life. While she is a part of the Trump Administration, she will do everything she can to represent the Republican Party and its influence on education. Betsy Devos is a great representative of an American leader who knows how to impact the field of education. She is a credit to her party and to American people everywhere.


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