Brad Reifler History to Present

Brad Reifler has had a long series of successes after graduating from Bowdoin College. A self proclaimed serial entrepreneur, Brad Reifler entered the financial service industry and has since made a lasting impression on it.

Immediately after graduation, Brad Reifler worked at Refco and quickly became one of the most accomplished traders in the business. He also created Reifler Trading Company, a business that was eventually acquired by Refco itself. Finally, he is a founding partner, chairman, an CEO of Pali Capital. Through these different business ventures, he has learned much about the financial service industry and as a result, has come to recognize the inherent disadvantages in the current Wall St. systems.

For example, the stock options that are available to the average American citizen in the current financial service industry is dangerous and risky. When accredited as an investor, you have options to private equity funds, hedge funds, and many other lucrative and safe investment options. The problem with that, however, is that the process of accreditation is very long and arduous, not to mention expensive. As a result, a very small minority can take advantage of these resources. Everyone else is stuck with a portfolio that is dangerously correlated to the performance of the stock market. As a result, the investments for most of middle class America are more often than not undesirable and can actually cause you to lose money more often than not.

Another problem with the current financial system is that firms tend to charge exorbitantly high management fees with portfolios handled. Regardless of the performance of a portfolio, brokers who manage them will still be getting the same flat management rate. This means that the brokers who potentially lose you money and handle your poorly performing stock options are actually getting rich in the process. This is not as detrimental for the wealthy as it is for the average American, but it is a problem still.

Brad Reifler has created Forefront Capital to combat these issues. With no management fees and an eclectic array of investment options, Brad Reifler helps the common man.  Check out his official website, and even his for more information.