Burning Man Is Great For People Of All Ages

Burning Man is a great event to go to for those who are traveling to or near the West Coast.

The Burning Man event started in the summer of 1986, and has been happening annually ever since. During Burning Man, tens of thousands of people come to the Black Rock Desert In Nevada to erect a temporary city called Black Rock City. This city is dedicated to encouraging self-reliance, art, community and self expression. The event is held for a week prior to Labor Day.

People dress up in costumes, ride bicycles, put on art displays and make art during burning man. There is singing and dancing.

Some people may get the impression that Burning Man is a hedonistic event for adults. In reality, it is actually a very family friendly event. Of course, there are large variety of activities to take part in. Some activities are obviously more geared towards adults, though there are many activities that are geared towards children and families.

People must bring their own supplies—water, tents, food and various other things. There are ATMs at Burning Man, though people use a barter system.

There are authorities all over Black Rock City. They are not around to harass people; they play an integral role in maintaining safety and security. Illicit drug use is not allowed. If someone becomes too disruptive or becomes dangerous, that person will catch the attention of the authorities.

At the end of the festival, a large piece of artwork representing “the man” is ceremoniously set on fire at nighttime.

The whole point of burning man is to develop a sense of community, a sense of gratitude, a sense of good will, a sense of moral responsibility and a feeling of love between people.