California Natives To Experience Relief After Recent Onslaught of Storms

Western California natives are expected to breathe a collective sigh of relief at the announcement of pleasant weather by several of the state’s top meteorologists and weather teams. The entire state of California, especially the western region, has been heavily impacted by the series of winter storms that have occurred over the last several weeks. As a result of this series of severe storm systems, travel to the western United States has been dramatically reduced. Thanks to the mild weather front which has emerged in the western portion of the Golden State, travel to the west is expected to return to normal rates just in time to welcome travelers to California in the spring.

Although the recent storm system has caused major problems to the western United States’ winter travel industry, California natives have also experienced unpleasant results of this major storm system. Dramatic snowfall and ice storms have caused an enormous amount of damage to both the personal property and the overall economy of several of California’s largest and most profitable cities. Because tourism makes up almost a third of the revenue of cities like San Francisco and Hollywood, (as this Business Insider article explains) citizens have been understandably concerned about the impact of a lasting storm system on the California economy. The recent storm system has caused such chaos in the western United States that several mayors, including the mayors of Los Angeles and Napa (two cities which rely heavily upon tourism for economic stability) have issued statements discussing the reality of the devastation brought on by recent storms. Officials stated that western states look forward to the spring season, where storms are expected to decrease in number and tourism is expected to rise at a rapid rate. With mild weather on the horizon, California’s tourists and natives are experiencing relief.