California Will Fight Trump in the Name of Tourism

Many people who travel to the West Coast of the United States specifically seek to visit California, a state that rivals Florida in terms of tourism. According to a recent article published in East County Magazine of San Diego, tourism in the Golden State is being negatively impacted by some of the Executive Orders being signed by United States President Donald Trump, and the State Attorney General is determined to fight in this regard.


Many communities in California intend to keep their status as “sanctuary cities,” which means that they do not cooperate with immigration enforcement agents seeking to arrest undocumented immigrants for deportation and removal. The Golden State as a whole is a sort of sanctuary jurisdiction for migrant families, and this is one of the reasons why the state has resisted the Muslim travel ban; in other words, California is trying to protect its image as a place that welcomes foreigners, and that includes tourists.


Another Trump order that California Attorney General Xavier Becerra intends to fight is related to offshore drilling. Citing oil spills off Santa Barbara in 1969 and 2015, the Attorney General made a formal announcement that explained he is ready to protect tourism by resisting any drilling efforts off the California coast.


Tourists these days are well informed about environmental issues and tend to stay away from beaches known to be affected by the pollution caused by oil drilling, which is something that the California tourism is not willing to accept without a fight.