Can Americans Afford to Travel to the West Coast?

In a recent Huffington Post article, David Landsel helps American travelers with helpful ways to afford an exciting trip to the west coast. For the past five decades, California has been one of the most popular destinations for travelers in the United States and abroad for good reason. This populous U.S. state is filled to the brim with beautiful landscapes, breathtaking ocean views, and some of the best restaurants in the world. Although California undoubtedly holds certain fascinations for every type of traveler, the trip can also be quite costly for the average American traveler. Because California holds some of the most expensive markets for hotel stays, restaurants, and local travel (taxi cabs, trains, etc.), it has become unrealistic for some families to make a trip to the Golden State, as much as they may desire to go. David Landsel of the Huffington Post has developed a list of tips and strategies that can make this trip more affordable and fun for the average American.


Finding Cheaper Hotel Rates


One of the most costly portions of any traveling experience is the fee associated with temporary residence. Hotel rates combined with the hotel tax and adjusted fees can make trip to the west coast almost unbearable even for upper middle class Americans. By finding alternatives to expensive hotels, travelers can make their trips 70 percent cheaper than if they booked hotels at their normal costs. By opting to use travel sites designed to find the lowest hotel rates combined with lowered plane rates, Americans have considerably lowered their west coast travel bill. Websites that offer alternative housing for temporary trips like Airbnb, are also quite beneficial to those seeking less expensive travel to the west coast.