Carnival Reveals New Cruiser in Long Beach, California

Carnival Cruise recently announced the plan to base a new cruise liner in Long Beach, California. Because the cruise company is based in Miami, a majority of their US-based offers are based in Florida. This announcement marked the first time in two decades that one of the company’s cruise ships will be based on the West Coast. This is a major addition to California’s already booming travel economy.

The name of the 3,960 passenger cruiser is Panorama. This massive ship weighs an astonishing 133,500 tons and is set to be revealed in 2019. In is currently undergoing construction in Italy. Carnival Panorama will be replacing an older version and still making the same cruise route to Mexico.

In true Carnival fashion, the new Panorama will sport a water park on top-deck, bars, countless places to eat and even a sky ride. The Panorama will be the third addition to a relatively new class of cruisers from Carnival that are the largest yet. The announcement is in perfect timing with the recent reveal of a reconstruction of the Long Beach cruise terminal.

The current Carnival cruise terminal in Long Beach was once used to house the famed Spruce Goose, one of the largest planes ever created. The reconstruction plans include a doubling of available facilities while creating a more efficient flow of passengers. The power system on the ports is also planned to be improved.

The Carnival Cruise company plans to have bookings available from March onwards for those interested travelers.