Cassio Audi Financial Executive with Keen Interest in Metal Music

Cassio Audi is known not only for his prowess in the field of finance but is also a well-known musician. He is the co-founder of the music band named Viper, which was a favorite band during the 1990s and 1990s. Cassio Audi has always been passionate about the music and was one of the few musicians who helped in progressing the metal music scene in Brazil. Cassio Audi was a drummer with Vipers, but he was also known for his ability to write profoundly meaningful lyrics. Cassio Audi played a vital role in the development of metal music scene in Brazil, and the best part is that the band didn’t only released songs in Portuguese, but also English.

One of the first albums of the Vipers was released in 1987, which was an instant hit with the people. What Cassio Audi helped in achieving his drumming skills is giving the band a new and unique voice as drummers play a very vital role in the metal music. The kind of music played by Cassio Audi and his band Viper got massive recognition in the country and abroad, and some of the songs of the band such as Killera, Princess from Hell, Killer Sword, and others, became hugely famous. The first album of the band namely Soldiers of Sunrise was a huge hit, and it helped pull the group up the ranks in the music industry. It is what helped Cassio Audi become a well-known personality in the music scene of Brazil.

Currently, Cassio Audi is a reputed financial executive with extensive experience in the finance sector for over two decades. Even when he is attached to the financial industry, he continues to remain keenly interested in music. Some of the songs of his band continue to be a famous number in Brazil and is often seen being played in metal influenced events.