Cassio Audi Leads The Earky Development Of Viper

In 2017, Cassio Audi has become known across Brazil for opening up the financial markets to everyday people who may never have felt they had the opportunity to seize control of their own finances before. In the early stages of his career as an investment specialist, Cassio Audi was also a popular figure at some of the world’s leading financial institutions where he became known for leading the opening of Brazil’s markets in the late 1990s and early 21st-century. Read this article at

These achievements would seem like enough to fill the life of many but Cassio Audi has another set of strings to his bow after making an early mark as the drummer with one of the most famous heavy metal bands ever formed in Brazil. Cassio Audi joined the still-touring band, Viper in 1985 as the original drummer with the group who were heavily influenced by the British new-wave of heavy metal bands spearheaded by Iron Maiden. Having already found a small amount of local success as a drummer with different bands, Cassio Audi threw himself into the music industry with Viper and found both live and recorded success with the band.


Finding success appears to have been easy for Cassio Audi in whichever field he turns his hand to as he was a major part of the development of Viper into one of the top heavy metal bands produced in Brazil. Cassio Audi is now part of a hall of fame worthy legacy created by Viper which includes his position as part of the lineup of the band still seen as iconic after appearing on the debut studio album, “Soldiers of Sunrise”. Giving up on his music career in 1989 prior to the launch of the second studio album of Viper which led to their global breakthrough, Cassio Audi has found his natural home in the financial industry. Watch this video on Youtube.