Goettl continues to expand with more purchases

Goettl Air Conditioning recently acquired Moore Air Conditioning services. The acquisition is a great step by Goettl as it plans to expand and offer better services. Bill Moore the president of the Moore Air Conditioning was hopeful about the future of the company. In a recent press release he said he was very happy about the step and hoped that Goettl will continue to offer superior services in market created by Moore. The leadership team in Goettl took over the company and plans to offer better services.

Goettl is owned by Ken Goodrich, the company has a well-established history of offering air conditioning services and equipment for more than 70 years. Goettl was established by Adam and Gust Goettl in 1939. The company expanded from their home and in 1968 was moved to Las Vegas Valley. After the recession of 2007, the company had experienced massive losses and moved to Southern Nevada. Ken Goodrich acquired the company in 2013. Since then he has led the company to paths of growth and great success. In April 2016, the company had grown enough and expanded its offices back to its initial home town in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is where Goettl’s first products and services began.

Mr. Goodrich’s experience with Goettl and air conditioning goes to the time he was aged ten. He frequently walked with his father on air conditioning servicing trips. He was there to hold a flashlight as his father went out to service equipment during the evening. Mr. Goodrich has often stated the kind of mentorship and training he received from his father to have built him to the successful person he is. As an owner of Goettl, he has managed to expand the company and now owns Moore Air Conditioning. Moore Company has a long history of air conditioning services and equipment that date back to 50 years. The merging of the two companies makes Goettl double its experience and the quality of services it will offer.

Goettl plans to grow through acquisition of a new workforce. Mr. Ken Goodrich has signed up a deal with the college of Southern Nevada through the air conditioning program offered by the school. Goodrich plans to have the trained students from the school work at Goettl upon graduation. The above is an indication of Mr. Goodrich’s service to the community through creation and offering jobs. Goettl has several plans to grow and expand. A lot is expected from the company especially under its current leadership of Ken Goodrich.

Goettl Air Conditioning Is The Real Deal

When it comes to air conditioning in the Tuscon, Phoenix, and Las Vegas areas, the answer is truly quite simple: Goettl Air Conditioning. They are run by not a good man but a great man in Ken Goodrich. He has helped the company stay profitable, helpful to the people, and running smoothly here in 2016 and for the future. One must remember the great legacy of this company which dates all the way back to 1939! That is filled with a lot of hard-working men that have made the place what it is today and Ken Goodrich is adding to that also while also running The Sunny Plumber and taking care of his 16 year old son, Duncan.

When looking at Goettl Air Conditioning, it is truly wonderful what they provide for their customers. One of the things that really stands out is the fact that they help maintain the air conditioner. With a lot of people, they oftentimes don’t think about this, but Ken Goodrich and Goettl Air Conditioning make sure they are aware of it, know about it and are up to date on it. When living in those areas, the heat without AC is something no one should have to experience. That is why it is important to see how it is running and how much longer it will run for.

It might just need a few simple repairs and it has a long shelf life ahead of itself. That happens in many instances. Sometimes a thing or two on the AC is just not working or up to its usual standard and with some kinks here and there, it is good as new. In some cases, the machine has simply run out of time and it is time for a replacement. They take care of that as well. No matter what the AC is going to put on a customer’s plate, they will handle it.

In addition to that, Goettl Air Conditioning recently helped out a widowed man in his seventies that was suffering from the heat because of plumbing and AC issues. Because he lived on a low-income, he had some rough days and saw nowhere to turn. Ken Goodrich, however, has his ear to the ground, heard about it, and stepped up along with his son, his other company, The Sunny Plumber, and they did $8,000 dollars worth of work for this man and he is forever grateful.

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