Richard Mishaan Design Uses Bold Patterns with Bright Colors and Light Combinations to Create Live Environment

Richard Mishaan and his interior/architectural designing firm are known for experimenting with different patterns and combinations to create a unique and live environment. He is an expert in creating great combinations with curated antiques, decorative objects, vintage pieces, light combinations, and bright color patterns that can impress everyone. Mishaan has also written books, Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury, to share his search for unique interior designing options. He loves a combination of vintage plus modern, and this means that he conceptualizes a room with modern decorative and improvements along with traditional design combinations to give a nostalgic feeling to the older generation and contemporary sense to the youngsters.


“I am looking for rooms which are collected over time similar to old families of Florence or Venice with proper use of the works of artisans along with silks and velvets layered. Additionally, treasured items are purchased over a period and creating an environment inside a museum,” Mishaan said. While coming to his own experiments, Mishaan agrees that he used animal prints in silk velvet, Fortuny fabrics, cords and woven tape, to create backdrops for the room’s décor. He also used wall coverings with the depiction of Topkapi palace along with contemporary Audubon painting and orientalist art. Richard Mishaan understands that the historic value and place of origin of each decorative inside any room is surely making a journey through generations and the mix of it making most memorable.


Through his firm, Richard Mishaan Design, he focuses on designs made from the heritage that creates both style and trends. Mishaan is also very specific about craftsmanship especially handmade artisanal textiles, other decorative art, and porcelain that can give an environmental standout. He thinks that interior design is not about being expensive, and he doesn’t like everything is calculated according to monetary value than the real change it creates to the environment. Richard Mishaan advocates buying quality interior products which can be used for a long time. He is using the same sofas for the last 20 years at his Upper East Side apartment, which is featured in his book, Artfully Modern. He considers his home and apartments as a place to experiment with new interior and architectural designs with various contemporary and traditional patterns followed around the world.


Richard Mishaan Design is a major interior and architectural designing firm in New York with a focus on producing an impressive interior experience for both residential and hotel projects. Being the principal force of the business, Mishaan is taking inspiration from everything around him and create mind-blowing design patterns. He charges himself up by visiting international design shows, art exhibits, and more. Mishaan also gets inspiration from fashion, theater, movie, from exotic places, people’s cultures and customs, etc. He believes that interior designing is a journey to find new inspirations and creativity from the every aspect of life. Mishaan lastly explains a trend of recent years that many people are asking the interiors similar to a hotel room they visiting during their journeys and conversely hotel owners are asking interiors with more homely feel; he sees a convergence of both hotels and homes in the recent decades.