Hunting the Best Burritos in California

Huffington Post recently ran a story on the different styles of burritos available in California. If you want to try the best burritos in the state, then buckle your seat belts as you will need to do some traveling.


Encinitas, California


Start your journey by visiting Las Olas for their charbroiled chicken and black bean burrito. Have them combine the red and green sauce unless you like things really spicy.


Mountain View, California


Hit the open highway while enjoying the scenic views on your way to Mountain View for a super carnitas burrito at La Bamba. This heavenly creation contains just the right amount of rice and guacamole.


San Francisco, California


Hit the highway again until you reach Papalote in San Francisco. Order their delicious chile verde super burrito. They let the pork simmer in a green serrano sauce before blending it with sour cream, rice, beans and guacamole. Have them top this masterpiece with their house sauce.


San Francisco, California


No trip for burritos would be complete without a stop at La Taqueria in San Francisco. Order a carnitas super burrito at this family-owned diner. You will find just the right mixture of ingredients in a burrito that is sure to leave you satisfied.


You have enjoyed some mighty fine burritos while enjoying great scenery. While no one knows for sure who invented the first burrito, many people are sure glad that they did.