New Biotech Hotel In The Works On America’s West Coast

In just a few years time, travelers to the American West Coast will have the opportunity to stay in a state of the art biotech hotel. This hotel is currently called the Genesis South San Francisco, and it will be located right by Airport Boulevard in San Francisco.


Phase 3 Real Estate Partners, the main company behind this biotech hotel, recently bought both of the Centennial Towers for this project. Representatives from Phase 3 told reporters that they want the final hotel to have over 100 rooms, exercise spaces, research facilities, a retail area, and a restaurant.


Designers hope that the biotech workers in this property will be able to attract other experts interested in the field. The hotel is being designed to have many areas of “collision space” where both biotech workers and hotel residents can meet and exchange ideas.


One of these towers will be more hotel oriented, while the other will have greater facilities for hard research. Phase 3 hopes this project will be completed sometime in 2018.


The overall goal of this project is to help increase innovation within the field of biotechnology on the West Coast. By including many areas where workers and hotel guests can relax, exercise, and eat together, Phase 3 hopes to create an atmosphere of innovation and progress.


Some experts claim that Phase 3’s project is an attempt to compete with the Kendall Square area of Cambridge, Massachusetts. There are over 150 biotech companies working in Kendall Square, which makes it one of the most concentrated areas in the world for biotechnology.


The Genesis South San Francisco hotel could be the first step towards a vibrant biotech community on America’s West Coast.