Brazil’s Economy Is Starting To Breathe Again According To Some Corporate Executives

The story of Brazil crashing and burning, economically speaking, is no secret. In 2012, the Brazilian economy took a devastating hit from China. The Chinese economy was going through a major upheaval, and the country stopped exporting some of Brazil’s natural resources. China was Brazil’s largest trading partner, and the decision to cut back on Brazilian exports started a chain reaction. The government didn’t react fast enough to curb inflation, and the banks didn’t cut the high-interest rates that hurt consumer buying. In a nutshell, Brazil went from an emerging market superstar to an economic disaster.



But those days are over, according to the new president of Brazil, Michel Temer. Temer is cultivating new trading partners, and he is proposing a $18.5 billion spending bill that will inject new energy into the country’s economy. Temer also put new rules in place, and they are attracting more than $6.3 billion in private investment money to modernize Brazilian ports. The new investment in ports will help companies like Eucatex, the Sao Paulo building supply company. The CEO of Eucatex, Flavio Maluf, thinks his country is on the road to recovery.



Eucatex is one of Brazil’s leading exporters. The company sells building materials to home improvement stores in North and South America. Eucatex also has a large presence in Europe. The company manufactures all products in the four modern factories in the state of Sao Paulo.



Flavio Maluf spent time in the United States before starting his career in the family business. Maluf’s grandfather is the man who put Eucatex on the radar of home and offices builders back in 1951. Back then, the company only had one product to sell, but it was a good one. Maluf’s eucalyptus wood ceiling tile was a hit, and the company began exporting ceiling tiles in 1959. Today, Eucatex is one of Brazil’s top exporters and Maluf is one of the country’s leading environmentalists. Flavio is a staunch cause capitalist who gives back some of his company’s profits to help the environment. The Eucatex eucalyptus tree planting program is one of Brazil’s most successful environmental programs in the country.



Favio Maluf Gives Some Tips to Remain Productive In Your Work

Productivity at work is a vital component of success. It provides you with the high reputation and usually delivers super deals and good service. Favio Maluf, the Eucatex President, who is an entrepreneur, gave some tips on the way to overcome possible challenges and to avoid your business from dropping income.

  1. Stop Exaggerating Unnecessary Conversations

It is the habit that can consume a lot of employees’ time in addition to diverting attention. In that manner, the end results of the practices could be lower than anticipated. According to Favio Maluf, what thing that can lead to such occurrences is frequent breaks of snacks and coffees. It is during these moments that people begin random conversations that are not vital for business building.

  1. Avoiding Too Much of Cell Phone

Favio Maluf noted that, the access of modern technologies around is makes it difficult to stay away from such devices. Even as jobs need to be linked, informed and updating, however, there is always a limit. For instance, the Founder of Longitude School added that, looking at news and messages is tolerable but ought not to be much frequent and tamper with the work progress or even minimize the professional outcome.

  1. Never lose Focus

By quoting David Pinto’s theories, Favio Maluf indicated that, it is a more challenging mission compared to what someone imagines, although the person should remain firm. Losing focus will only bring disastrous implications; accumulation of tasks and consequently minimizing the period to notice every one of them. It also causes delay of delivery time, total panic and professional despair. It is ideal to plan yourself well, stipulate on monthly, weekly and daily goals and following exactly on what is planned.

  1. Getting open to New methodologies

There is something that leads to low income, and that is lack of methodologies in expertise activities. According to Favio Maluf, the best solution to remain productive is by always looking for new ways to operate. That entails searching for new avenues, looking for modern and evolved technicalities that need to be practiced which will ensure maximizing the income at your work.