Building Better Communities Is What Troy McQuagge And The HOPE Initiative Is All About

The USHEALTH Group has come a long way since Troy McQuagge took over leadership of the company. Not only has the company seen new levels of success and growth, but they have been making a great impact on the community at large thanks to Troy’s HOPE initiative. This program was started back in 2010 shortly after Troy joined the company and became president. HOPE has been majorly successful thus far, and Troy wants to continue spreading HOPE’s message further by expanding internationally. Today, HOPE is the defining feature for the USHEALTH Group, as the whole company and its staff shares the same values and work to impact their communities. Learn more at about Troy McQuagge US Health.

Health insurance sales have never been higher for the company since Troy took over the company, and more success has been coming from the efforts of HOPE. This is not the main intention of HOPE of course, as Troy’s main mission has always been to help others and give back to the community, which can be seen throughout his entire career. HOPE was first kicked off when they received the okay to take on disaster relief in the New Orleans area, which had been devasted by Hurricane Katrina years ago. As one of the worst hurricanes in history, it left a huge number of people without any possessions and nowhere to go. HOPE dedicated hundreds of hours rebuilding homes and fixing up lots that had been flooded to help restore the community. Following this project in 2010, HOPE took to charity in 2011 when they donated thousands to the Crisis Nursery through clothes, bottles, formula, food, and much more to aid the needy kids and families of the Pheonix and Scottsdale community.

When it comes to the USHEALTH Group and what they truly stand for, Troy McQuagge Ushealth has stated that companies have souls. This soul defines a company and what its core values really are. HOPE is the soul of the USHEALTH Group and Troy McQuagge. Helping others is just as important as growing the company and for him, there is nothing more rewarding than giving back and bettering the community for everyone. Read more:


Breaking Into Real Estate May Be Easy If You Learn From Nick Vertucci

Whenever you hear about making big investments in residential or commercial real estate, it’s easy to think only the wealthy and the big corporations can make any headway into that market. But if you were to go to the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, you’d find out quite differently. This academy is a short-term training seminar that shows anyone from any background how they can buy homes even without a lot of money and flip those homes into amazing profits.

Nick Vertucci, the founder of this academy had no background in real estate or the financial industry at all. But he was willing to do his legwork and learned just how quickly he could turn a home into a greater source of money than he ever dreamed of.

Nick Vertucci has a story that everyone who’s had financial troubles or who can’t afford a home should hear. He grew up in California to a family who had a low income and lived paycheck to paycheck. His father died when he was only 10 which made life even more difficult, and his mother didn’t make enough to send him or his siblings to college. By the time he was 18 he had to live out of a van, and he did what he could to support himself.

Then for a few years, things started to turn around for Vertucci when he started his own tech business and made enough money to buy a home and get married. But unfortunately it didn’t last forever because the dot-com bubble burst and he ran out of business, and one year later he and his family were on the verge of being homeless again.

It was a friend of Nick Vertucci’s who told him about a seminar on making money in real estate and convinced him to go. To his amazement, he found out just how easy it was to make money in the field, and soon he was investing and flipping homes as if he had been doing it his whole life. He didn’t want to keep his secrets to himself, so he started the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy which has changed people’s lives so dramatically they can’t speak highly enough about the work he’s done. The best part is instead of taking years of training to get people to work, it happens within a very short time and homes are sold at better rates than ever.

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How Troy McQuagge Made Giving Back A Key Component Of USHEALTH Group

At USHEALTH Group, Inc., the philosophy of Chief Executive Officer and President Troy McQuagge is summed up in the company’s motto of H.O.P.E. This stands for “Helping Other People Everday” and it lies at the heart of what the company is all about. Every day the management and employees of this company do everything they can to do their jobs to the best of their abilities and make a positive impact in the lives of each other and the customers they serve. Follow Troy McQuagge USHealth on Twitter.

The H.O.P.E. program was started by Troy McQuagge in 2010. He came up with this term shortly after he became the president of the company. Since that time the company has had huge growth and success in their mission of selling health and life insurance products. The H.O.P.E. program was first put into effect in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina devastating New Orleans, Louisiana. Along with other business executives, Troy McQuagge US Health formed a partnership with Phoenix of New Orleans. They rebuilt many homes that had been heavily damaged by the hurricane throughout the city. Employees of USHEALTH Group donated hundreds of hours of their time to the rebuilding effort which included tearing down structures and replacing them with new housing.

Another example of the H.O.P.E. initiative took place in 2011 when they saw that The Crisis Nursery of Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona, badly needed supplies for the babies they take in. Troy McQuagge and his team donated several thousand dollars worth of items they need such as baby formula, diapers, shoes, and clothing. One of the executives of the company said that the business was more about just making profits because it had to also be about serving people.

When describing H.O.P.E., Troy McQuagge says that all companies have a soul to them which defines what they’re all about. For him, there’s nothing more important than helping others and he is gratified that others in the company have made it their mission to serve when are where they can. Another executive at the company, Brian Clark, then commented that serving others is something that is not just a saying but something that is part of the company’s DNA.

Taking initiative themselves, many of the insurance agents that sell USHEALTH Group policies have helped others as well. One division office in Scottsdale, Arizona, for example, decided to make supporting the Wounded Warrior Project a priority. They set up a bowl in front of their frequently used meeting room. The insurance agents that worked there were free to put money in the bowl at any time to help this very important charity. Now every week the bowl is filled with hundreds of dollars which is sent to this nonprofit on a weekly basis.

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Cassio Audi Financial Executive with Keen Interest in Metal Music

Cassio Audi is known not only for his prowess in the field of finance but is also a well-known musician. He is the co-founder of the music band named Viper, which was a favorite band during the 1990s and 1990s. Cassio Audi has always been passionate about the music and was one of the few musicians who helped in progressing the metal music scene in Brazil. Cassio Audi was a drummer with Vipers, but he was also known for his ability to write profoundly meaningful lyrics. Cassio Audi played a vital role in the development of metal music scene in Brazil, and the best part is that the band didn’t only released songs in Portuguese, but also English.

One of the first albums of the Vipers was released in 1987, which was an instant hit with the people. What Cassio Audi helped in achieving his drumming skills is giving the band a new and unique voice as drummers play a very vital role in the metal music. The kind of music played by Cassio Audi and his band Viper got massive recognition in the country and abroad, and some of the songs of the band such as Killera, Princess from Hell, Killer Sword, and others, became hugely famous. The first album of the band namely Soldiers of Sunrise was a huge hit, and it helped pull the group up the ranks in the music industry. It is what helped Cassio Audi become a well-known personality in the music scene of Brazil.

Currently, Cassio Audi is a reputed financial executive with extensive experience in the finance sector for over two decades. Even when he is attached to the financial industry, he continues to remain keenly interested in music. Some of the songs of his band continue to be a famous number in Brazil and is often seen being played in metal influenced events.

Daniel Taub Retirement

Daniel Taub was born in the United Kingdom in 1962 and graduated from the University College in Oxford, University College in London, as well as Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. In 1989, he moved to Israel and served in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) as a medic. In 1991, he began working for the Israeli Foreign Ministry.He career dedication to making connections and building a relationship between the U.K. and Israeli.

In an article written by the Algemeiner, Taub’s dedication to increasing trade between the U.K. and Israeli is showcased. During his tenure between 2011 to 2015, the trade between the two countries doubled. Bilateral trade between the U.K. and Israeli grew to over $5.5 billion according to the Israel-Britian Chamber of Commerce. British Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, Sajid Javid, put the growth around $7 billion.

In 2014, according to the article, Taub visited Bradford after George Galloway, the city’s representative to parliament declared the area an “Israel-free zone.”

Taub retired as the Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom in 2015. During his tenure, trading with the U.K. has double. The linkage between the two countries has significantly grown in academia, business, and culturally under Taub’s leadership. It was announced at the British Israeli Business Awards in May that the two countries had entered a “golden era.” More than 300 Israeli businesses have begun operating in the U.K. Throughout Taub’s career, he risked his safety in order to challenge others thinking and better understand situations. Not only was Daniel Taub an Israeli diplomat and international lawyer, he is also a writer. Taub’s writing has been published in The Times, the Guardian, the Daily Telegraph, and the Huffington Post. His books, ‘Parasha Diplomatit, gives insights on the biblical weekly sections. Daniel Taub is also the creator and chief scriptwriter for a popular Israeli drama series. The show chips away at stereotypes of secular and religious divisions in the Israeli society. He has also been interviewed by several news channels, including CNN.

Daniel Taub was a monumental mover in promoting the union between countries and disrupting stereotypes of his culture. His commitment to his country and his country of birth. Taub’s dedication to increasing the trade between the two countries. Learn more:



The 5 Magic Tips Every Young Entrepreneur Should Know, From Sawyer Howitt

Sawyer Howitt, besides being a famous racquet ball player is also a learned person. Sawyer has surprised many people with excellent skills in all fields. Sawyer is interested in the economic trend. He wants to see how the economy will be with the constantly changing technology.

With the changing economy, it is hard for entrepreneurs to establish themselves in the market. Sawyer Howitt gives the young business person’s five things that they need to keep in mind. These five facts include;
* No time is the right time
Every entrepreneur should stop procrastinating the time to set up the business. If what is stopping you is not a legal process, then whatever is stopping you is a mere excuse. If you want to start a business, use the little resources that you have. Waiting to have a big capital may keep you waiting forever.

* Have a Good Relationship with your Employees
When you are starting your business, your labor may be sufficient. However, if you play your cards right, your business will expand, and you will require hiring employees.

You need to be wise when recruiting your staff. Ensure that they are people who can easily fit into the culture of your business.

The other thing you need is to create a good relationship with the employees. Research shows that satisfied employees are very productive.


* Stay Focused on Your Goals
Many entrepreneurs get distracted and end up diverting their attention, to other opportunities that seem more rewarding. It is this distraction that is going to fail your business. To be successful, you need to give your business all your energy.

Instead of implementing all your ideas at the same time, note them down and implement them some other time.

* Be Keen with your Numbers
Ensure you keep checking all your numbers. This includes your financial resources, performance key as well as the number of visitors to your media page.

It is important to ensure that you keep abreast with the numbers to be able to run the business.

* Sharpen your Social Skills or Partner with an Extrovert
The social media is crucial in the current world. You need to be fluent, have the tongue of a salesman and be able to entertain your clients.

It is important to improve on social skills for the sake of your business. If you find it difficult; partner with someone else, who has excellent communication skills.

The above is a workable plan that an entrepreneur in every line of business can apply.

Sawyer Howitt works as a project manager in Meriwether Group. He studied in Lincoln High School and will be attending University of California. He loves racquetball, photography and music. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

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Bob Reina: Everyone Matters To Him

When people say that everyone matters to Bob Reina, they need to understand that is an organic statement and it is authentic. Bob Reina is a former police officer and because of this, he has skills and empathy that other people lack. He might not be the first person you think of when you think of someone running a company that has video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. However, that is the beauty of it. Bob Reina is proving, day after day, he can do things that others can’t do. Bob Reina would never say this out loud and I imagine he does not think it, but for others, they would be happy to prove the doubters wrong.


One must remember it is not the reason Bob Reina started and founded Talk Fusion a decade ago. He did it because he saw a gaping need for the world to become a better place and for people in bad situations to come into a good situation. One thing that stands out with Bob Reina, although there are many things that stand out with him, is his compassion. Compassion is something a lot of people lack and a lot of people struggle with in their lives as human beings. They are not sure how to handle anything that is not directly involved in their own little world.


Bob Reina gave a lot of money to the Tampa Bay Humane Society and it has been said it saved a number of animal lives in the process. Animals are just as important as human beings, and Bob Reina treats them with the same amount of respect. Respect is a big thing with Bob Reina. When he meets someone, he gives him or her the time of day, gives them the proper treatment, and shows them know they are a valuable person and they matter. Learn more:


Not a lot of people have heard that, either growing up or in a long time. Bob Reina wants them to know it and understand it. It is the first step toward them being on their way.


Glen Wakeman an idealist and revolutionary businessman

Glen Wakeman is the CEO and Co-Founder of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC since November 2015. He has over 20 years’ experience in business and finance. LaunchPad Holdings empowers entrepreneurs to be able to increase their success rates by guiding them through approaches that produce clear objectives and adequate liquidity. He graduated in 1981 with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton. Glen Wakeman also holds an MBA in Finance, he graduated in 1993 from the University of Chicago.


Glen Wakeman began his career in December 1985 at GE Capital, until May 2006. He worked in various P&L and business development departments. He has 20 years of experience with GE Capital, 15 of which he lived and worked in Europe, South America, and Asia. He gained a lot of experience in operations technology, country management, general management, and regional management at a global level. Glen Wakeman was recognized for his leadership qualities by the Board of Directors and was branded a Growth Leadership role model. In August 2006, Glen Wakeman began working for Doral Financial Corporation, a multi-billion-dollar Bank Holding Company. He then became CEO, President and Board Chairman of Doral Bank.


Glen Wakeman has managed to revolutionize several businesses which have resulted in development and success by being a mentor and entrepreneur. He has assisted in the guidance of start-up businesses, advised on new market penetrations, exponential growth, and divestitures. He applies his proven management methodology in five key areas: constructive governance, execution (through the integration of processes, technology, and people), management of risks by minimizing disruptions, human capital (by aligning the company’s vision, strategy, and tactics) and leadership by preparing organizations for change.


Glen Wakeman is also a writer (News Sky). He shares his insight by writing blogs regularly on international fiscal policies, business transformations, emerging markets, leadership, and global affairs.


Glen Wakeman is the founder of Nova Four where he serves as President. Nova Four provides businesses with strategic advice and financial support for developing companies. He provides coaching for CEOs and onboarding duties to assist in sustaining the improvements done. Glen Wakeman is very passionate about the growth of businesses, innovation of companies and the executive development of business leaders.

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