Cal Jet Service to Las Vegas Suddenly Cancelled

The short-lived commercial air service from Carlsbad to Las Vegas offered by local airline Cal Jet was suddenly cancelled this week on the heels of many cancelled flights and much speculation about the future of the airline. The flights had begun operation last September, serving customers flying out of Carlsbad’s McClellan-Palomar Airport. In an email this week, Cal Jet assured customers that more flights will be launched later this summer to multiple west coast destinations, signaling that the airline is not ceasing operations. A Thursday announcement on Facebook by Cal Jet CEO Bob Daly and president George Wozniak stated that the airline would resume Las Vegas service in June with plans to Oakland and Phoenix also that month. In July, Cal Jet plans to add service to Sacramento, Cabo, and San Jose.

Signs of trouble had been brewing for months with unexpectedly cancelled flights and customers unable to book flights in the system. Cal Jet officials assure customers that they are working to add the necessary aircraft and crew members needed to operate at full capacity. It remains to be seen if Cal Jet will continue its partnership with Portland, Maine based Elite Airways. Officials at McClellan-Palomar Airport expressed support for Cal Jet, stating that they will be ready for them to resume service when the airline is ready.

Residents of North County delighted in the convenient service directly out of the local Carlsbad airport and hope that the airline is able to return and begin servicing even more destinations.