California Emission Laws

In a recent article by Buzzfeed News, a clash between The State of California and the new White House Administration has been reported concerning the laws auto makers must abide by. The confusion is between an Obama White House Policy which allowed California the ability to grant itself waivers from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Policy mandating car manufacturers produce vehicles with at least 54.5 miles to the gallon fuel efficiency.
These waivers were not intended to decrease the strictness of emissions in the state, but rather allowed California to make harsher regulations due to the higher prevalence of greenhouse gases produced by traffic in this area of the United States. California also has the ability to make its own laws regarding the use of electric vehicles under the previous policy.
With a new president, has came a shift in the way emissions are viewed by lawmakers in Washington D.C. President Donald Trump has moved forward with a plan to decrease the mandated fuel efficiency of new vehicles and remove the California waiver granting process. Opponents of the new administration claim that this will destroy almost a million jobs related to the car production industry.
Unfortunately for California, the struggle for cleaner air has started to become a back-and-forth battle beginning with the Bush administration in 2007 proposing more relaxed emission laws similar to the current White House Administration’s plan. In 2012, Barack Obama allowed California the ability to make its own emission laws, now in danger of being stripped once again by a conservative White House.
Regardless of the changing power structure in Washington, gas prices have decreased drastically since the Bush-era policies and California will have to once again adapt to the changing landscape of transportation practices within its own borders.