California State Parks Are a Popular Travel Destination

There are a total of 116 state parks in California. These have always been a popular place for people to visit while they are in California. However, that will increase a lot on November 25. This is Black Friday, a day that is traditionally known for being the most popular shopping day of the year. However, there will be a serious incentive for people to pay a visit to California state parks instead of going to their local shopping mall. This is a result of free passes being given out for all of the state parks in California. These passes are only good for Black Friday.


This should increase the number of people visiting these parks during the Thanksgiving weekend. Therefore, visitors should expect large crowds in areas that are frequented by tourists. The park service will be increasing patrols because of the larger amount of people that will be in the parks on Friday. The park service has said that they might make giving away free passes on Black Friday an annual tradition if the response is good this year.


The Thanksgiving weekend is typically a busy one at state parks throughout California. This is because of the amount of people visiting from other states. Also, people prefer to visit many of the parks in late November when the temperature is much lower than it is during the summer. Visitors are advised to get to the parks early in order to take advantage of the most convenient parking areas.