California’s Wine Country Tourism Tries to Recover After Wildfires

After the most devastating wildfire season in history, California is working on attracting visitors to the wine county region in the Napa Valley. Even though the devastating fires destroyed hundreds of residences and claimed dozens of lives, many vineyards and cellars in Santa Rosa County were largely spared; this is something that tourism promoters in Northern California are trying to convey to prospective visitors.

The wildfires that raged across Santa Rosa County decimated more than 150,000 acres of land; however, vineyards and wine making facilities that routinely receive visitors were not affected thanks to numerous firebreaks. The local tourism agency, Visit Napa Valley, has kept local business owners in the loop about the status of the wineries and vineyards; the next step will be to invite guests to a wine region tour hosted by celebrity chefs, who will prepare a feast for more than 700 people.

Mendocino County was also affected by wildfires, but local tourism operators are anything but idle; they recently organized a mushroom tour also hosted by celebrity chefs. Visitors learn about the many gourmet edible mushrooms that can be found in this part of Northern California, and they also learn to prepare delicious recipes taught by famous chefs who regularly appear on reality television programs.

To get an idea of the importance of wine country tourism to California and the Wet Coast, it helps to note that the Napa Valley attracts more than seven million visitors each year, and these are the type of tourists who tend to be wealthier and likely to spend more during their visit.