Eli Gershkovitch: Craft Beer Expert

Craft beer found worldwide and comes in many different cultures. Canadians are fond of their beer and thus its right to say that Canada and beer comfortably live together in a sentence. Craft beer is the most popular and highly consumed alcoholic drink in the country. Recently craft beer is trying to gain itself, although their demand has faced downfall there is a constant rise in sales of breweries reported.

The Rise of Craft Beer

It does not matter what is your preference, whether you go for the culture or for the new inventions, still, breweries working at all scales offering you the best they can.

Those were the days when craft beer used to work at smaller scales, now the same company work nationally and internationally and have become really popular reaching the sale bar rate around 20 million CAD a year.

Canadian craft beer produces some of the most famous and highly consumed products which are one of their best productions as well which includes the Red Racer Pale ale which has a unique hoppy flavor, Brewed in Surrey, British Columbia in the Central City Brewing Company.

Nutcracker Porter is one of the other very famous beer they produce, which the producers and consumers both think is perfect for some special occasion and Christmas because of their cinnamon taste. This beer is originated from Black Oak Brewery in Ontario.

Saison station 16 from Hopfenstark in Quebec is one their best seller as well, it is more sparkly and fizzier than other beers, but you can’t say it a summer soda, no it’s not for summer. It’s made up of citrus fruit and cloves thus making it really refreshing.

Native on the task:

The CEO of craft breweries named Eli Gershkovitch has a lot to offer to the people. After law school, he didn’t practice law before starting his career and took some time off. For the break, he went to art classes and French Alps which were perfect time pass for him. During his break, he was introduced to Belgian beer, and he just fell in love with the taste.

It made him switch his career and started working to peruse his passion which was beer brewer (LinkedIn). Eli Gershkovitch then met Walter Cosman, and both of them worked as a team and turned an empty space into a facility for producing beer.

But Eli Gershkovitch degree of law didn’t go in vain. His study in law made him understand the legal requirements and aspects to beer brewing. He had an experience in getting licenses for alcohol selling for his clients which made his path very easy; he also had a better understanding of how to run business in legal boundaries.

The company production rate is high; it produces fifteen to seventeen beers annually. They sell it around the country to private retailers and for storage as well.