The Roll of Andrew Rolfe as the Chairman of Ubuntu Fund

Ubuntu Fund is a non-profit organization whose aim is to ensure that it has touched and changed the lives of people within its location. For some years, the group has been collecting money from donors with the aim of helping the lives of many. However, the donors have been in their particulars ways blocking the organization from developing and influence the same people they targeted to change.

Through the able leadership of Andrew Rolfe, and other team players in the leadership chain, the organization was able to say no to donors that kept following through and see their money being spent in a certain way. Andrew Rolfe has ensured that the group maintains its main call of action regardless of how much they have.

Andrew Rolfe and the entire Ubuntu team has, therefore, been able to gain its ground and achieved much since saying no to the donors. Although the organization suffers the lack of adequate fund to run its affairs, it enjoys the freedom of doing things as they want without the fear of having to answer everything to the donors.

In Andrew’s leadership, every board member gets a chance to explain how they would invest given extra cash. It has been a better way of finding new projects that would boost the economy of the organization shortly. Also, he ensured that at least every member has a say on how they would want the team to grow.

Andrews plan ensures that the round community is poverty free and that all the children around attain the best education. Therefore, he ensures that all the organization staff gives room for all the others to get position before they remember themselves in sharing the existing fund. Andrew Rolfe ensures that the charity work is done and completed in the most appropriate way possible.