A Look At Health And Wellness Site, Dherbs.com


What Is Dherbs.com?


It is a health and wellness company. According to its official webpage, the goal of the company and its content is to help facilitate health and healing from within. Dherbs helps facilitate healthy living and promote shealing in individuals by providing tips, advice, recipes and selling health boosting products.


Another goal of Dherbs is to help people reconnect with nature. The company believes in promoting all natural remedies and products in order to help people become more healthy and vibrant in their lives. The motto of Dherbs.com is to experience inner healing. Products sold and and made by Dherbs all promote inner healing and help restore our body’s natural healing powers. You can check out Dherbs.com for more information.


What Products Do They Offer?


One the most popular products offered by Dherbs is the fully body cleanse. This is a bundle of several supplements along with instructions on how to complete a full 20 body cleanse. As part of the package you get six different supplements to take over the course of the cleanse. In addition, you get a packet of activated charcoal. The charcoal helps remove heavy metals from the body during the cleanse. Each of the six supplements helps the body to cleanse a certain organ system in our bodies. They include the cardiovascular, digestive tract and lymphatic system to name just a few.


Kusi.com writes that the full body cleanse sells for only $120.00 and has numerous touted health benefits. They include an improved complexion, more energy, regularity in bowel movements, better sleep, and elimination of food cravings for sweets and fatty foods. Another touted benefit of the 20 day body cleanse is that people who follow the guidelines and use the products as directed by Dherbs can lose up to 10-30 pounds in only 20 days. The entire supplement package is all natural and is meant to be accompanied by a raw foods diet.


Another cleansing product offered by Dherbs is the full body cleanse tea, which has become extremely popular with many people. This is a specifically formulated herbal tea that helps detoxify tissues and cells of harmful substances. It is also an excellent tea to drink during a full body cleanse. Or, you can drink it to help maintain an optimal state of health.  Be sure to follow them on social media as well, including their Twitter, and Tumblr pages.