An Unusual Heat Wave Has Been Hitting California

This past Monday (January 29th, 2018) , there was record-setting weather in Southern California. The temperatures became abnormally high, reaching 88 degrees in Santa Ana, 90 degrees in Vista, 85 degrees in Newport Beach, 89 degrees in LAX, 91 degrees in Long Beach and 89 degrees at UCLA. At 93 degrees, Lake Forest was the warmest sport in the United States.

Powerful winds prevailed. In some peak and canyon areas, winds hit around 50 miles per hour.

Due to the hot, windy conditions, a small brush fire erupted in Malibu. On Monday, a number of firefighters were on a hillside in Malibu, spraying water and mopping up places that they thought were hot spots. The fire reached someone’s backyard, but the firefighters were able to stop it before it did any damage to the person’s property. In total, under three acres of land burned in this fire.

It’s abnormally dry in California for this time of the year, and the temperatures of days and nights are breaking records that have been set years and decades ago. To an extent, the winds are normal because of the Santa Ana wind phenomena.

It is good to know about these dry, hot conditions if you are planning activities on your trip to California. Extra-hot days make good beach and pool days. If you are sensitive to the heat and prefer not to be outside, you may want to visit a place that is air conditioned–like a library or museum.