Aloha Construction: Placing Employees in the Forefront of Success

Aloha Construction is winning by placing employees at the forefront of success for the company. Due to this methodology, along with other strong business characteristics, Aloha Construction has been honored by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with the 2017 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics. The team has a resounding employee base that supports much of the Wisconsin and Illinois areas.

Aloha Construction rewards their top performing employees in a multitude of ways. One of their more noteworthy honors includes an all-inclusive week in Hawaii for top-notch team members. All expenses are covered by the company and the employee has an opportunity to bring the family along. The company promotes work and life balance. Employees get paid vacation time to spend with family without having to worry about expenses or costs. This alone is an awesome incentive. The incentive also confirms that Aloha Construction delivers on workplace appreciation. All employees are honest and hardworking. The team diligently works together for the same common goal of providing stellar roofing construction services to the community.

Aloha Construction, a bonded professional roofing, and construction company’s headquartered in Lake Zurich, Illinois. The company got its start in 2008. The construction enterprise takes care of customers in the Greater Chicago, Midwestern, and Great Lake areas. It was founded and created by Dave Farbaky. Chief Executive Officer, Dave Farbaky values the company’s quality standards as well as his pool of committed employees. Mr. Farbaky drives for team success by providing his employees with the proper tools and training. He also is a huge proponent of maintaining and nurturing a highly productive and content workplace environment. Dave Farbaky realizes that his employees are an integral of the company’s triumphs. He and his team put there best foot forward on a continuous basis. They are proud honorees of the prestigious 2017 Torch Award by way of diligence, hard work, and dedication.

Flavio Maluf and the Evolving Face of Eucatex

Flavio Maluf achieved a lot within his life at only the age of 55 years. Born to a Brazilian politician, Flavio carved his path to becoming a thriving businessman. Among the key of his accomplishments is Eucatex. The company commenced as a family business in the year 1951 although Flavio just equipped with postgraduate business management and engineering degree, joined the organization in 1987. Flavio became the Eucatex S.A. CEO in April 2005 and since the time; the organization has gained momentum and currently is far ahead in production.


Eucatex was launched in 1951 even before Flavio was born but later came in 1987 after 36 years. The organization was special during the time since it was the first company to focus on environmental conservation in spite of its small size. Eucatex involved in the planting of several eucalyptus trees with the aim of conserving the environment for future generations. After launching their first factor in 1954 in Sao Paolo, Eucatex diversified its products to include wood fiber plates, ceilings, and soft sheets. To date, the organization manufactures insulation and acoustic panels. Under the management of Flavio, the portfolio of the company’s product has extended to include furniture and construction items. Visit to learn more

Flavio Role in the Company

After joining Eucatex, Flavio Maluf mainly focused on trade aspect instead of the technical department. With time, he became actively engaged in both fields. Finally, he joined hands with the organization’s board after an invitation from the president of the company then. Presently, Flavio is the Eucatex CEO, and his duties have likewise diversified. He is presently investing in innovative companies alongside starting new items by Eucatex. Flavio has been capable of spearheading the company via embracing innovation, and as of now, Eucatex has a modern management structure. As the leader, Flavio comprehends the significance of advancing his skills. More so, he proceeds with other courses in accounting, foreign exchange, and trade. Presently, the organization is mainly modernized and exports its products to more than 37 countries across the globe. Additionally, Eucatex makes bigger profits and has continued to create a bigger impact in globally under the leadership of Flavio.



More investments in PPPs, reports Felipe Montoro Jens

The Chief Executive Officer of Odebrecht Properties, Felipe Montoro Jens is currently in charge of 12 public private partnerships. Felipe Montoro Jens has over 20 years of experience working as a consultant for several industry leaders across real estate, oil, and sugar/ethanol sectors.

Felipe Montoro Jens has reported on several public private partnerships being implemented by the Brazilian federal government. Recently reporting growth in the GDP, Brazil wants to continue pushing the economy in the right direction and sees public private partnerships as a solution during these trying times. Belo Horizonte, the capital of the state Minas Gerais has implemented the largest public private partnership ever in Brazil’s history. According to Felipe Montoro Jens the public private partnership projects is upgrading all public lights to LED lights, from the current luminary lighting. The project is scheduled to end by 2020, and have replaced 182,000 lights. Felipe Montoro Jens has also reported in the upgrade of internet access infrastructure in Bahia. Felipe Montoro Jens reported the Light Rail Vehicle Project (VLT) is scheduled to upgrade 19 miles and include 21 stops. Read more at about Felipe Montoro Jens

The city of Rio de Janeiro has implemented a huge undertaking with the plans to expand the child daycare and education networks. The network will expand to include 20,000 day care centers, and 40,000 preschools. Rio de Janeiro will use public private partnerships to implement the education expansion. The city has mapped out the responsibility for construction and general maintenance will be that of the private partners. Rio de Janeiro is hiring a World Bank Affiliate, The International Finance Corporation (IFC) has the senior consultants of the private partnerships. The International Finance Corporation will contribute financial support, and expertise in the implementation of projects in the most economically and efficient manner.

The government of Brazil made another investment of R $ 44 million to fund 57 public private partnerships to be initiated in 2018. Felipe Montoro Jens detailed the scope of projects are to include road construction, airport facility management solutions, and transferring government businesses to the private sector. Felipe reported the Mint will be auctioned to the private sector, to access better technology solutions. Check:


Market America — Expanding the Global Mindset

Market America is a leading entrepreneurial engagement company in America. It has created wealth in more than 20,000 Americans and continues to grow every year. The opportunities that are presented by Market America are unique because they allow members the opportunity to become owners of their very own business with little or no risk. It is an amazing trade off – work for success. They recently held their national convention and more than 20,000 employees were in attendance. The event was sponsored by the corporation and it was packed with top tier celebrities. Performers like Fat Joe and Jamie Foxx performed. Market America unveiled their latest technological innovations at the event. The advancements were amazing.

The product lines on the website have been improved and expanded to offer many more products. Customers will be glad to know that the offerings are catered specifically to their needs. They are offering groceries to parents who need extra time getting to and from the grocery store and other options that are specifically targeted towards new and growing families. The upgraded rewards systems are making it an even faster system and customers can engage in shopping while earning reward points. The rewards points are then converted into free items from Market America.

They have been rated #57 on Internet Retailer’s top 500 Magazine and they are still climbing. Their goal is to make their website a one-stop-shop for anyone searching for products for their home. The overall experience is one that is guaranteed to improve as the company grows. They are developing their app so customers can even shop from their phone. It is currently available from Google Play and the App Store.

The advantage of purchasing your groceries through Market America include fast delivery and no membership fees. Customers can purchase items in bulk and not have to worry about being taxed outrageous prices. They are currently engaging in a growth strategy that will take them into emerging markets. Places like Jamaica, Spain, and Panama will be eligible to benefit from the great products offered by Market America. They are a revolutionary company with a great vision.

Bob Reina: He Will Go Above And Beyond

Bob Reina is the type of person that goes above and beyond in his life. It is the way he has always done things, and there does not appear to be anything slowing him down anytime soon. He knows there are a lot of animals and a lot of people that need help. He knows that if he slows down, perhaps these people won’t get the help they need and they won’t know what to do. Bob Reina wants to show them and let them know they have a bright future ahead of them. He wants to let them know they have options and they can have a second chance.


A second chance is something a lot of people crave, need, and want, but they don’t know if they will ever get it in their life. Talk Fusion provides that with video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. These are the tools for the new type of business and the new type of worker. It is for the go-getters, the people like Bob Reina. As a matter of fact, there are 30-day free trials of Talk Fusion right now for people out there. If they want to go after it and if they want to do something about their lot in life, there is no better time like the present to capitalize on it and make the most of it. This is an award-winning company, so they can rest easy knowing they are in good hands.


Bob Reina is also known as the man that made the million-dollar donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. This saved a number of animal lives and it gave the Humane Society some much needed money to take care of all of the animals that come their way on a daily basis. Bob Reina is also known for paying vet bills for people that can’t afford it. He does that in silence and he does it because he wants to do it.


Bob Reina is a generous person and it shows in his actions, which carry a lot of weight with people. Learn more:




Bob Reina: The Cop That Changed Many Lives

Bob Reina’s story is one that shows that anything is obtainable for people in the world today. They can do anything they set their minds to, no matter what their background is or where they come from in their lives. It does not matter where they have lived or what they look like or what their gender is as a human being. It matters that someone cares and someone is going to put their best foot forward in whatever they decide is their career for them. For a lot of people, they were told they had to do one thing and one thing only. They had to make money. They might have been raised by parents that grew up in a different era and struggled for money. Because they raised them, they felt like they had to do whatever they could to make money.


However, times have changed and people have changed. Bob Reina used to make money as a police officer. Now, he is making money as the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, the very best in video communications. It is an award-winning company, as a matter of fact. One of the awards they received was the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. It is easy to see why they have won these awards when they have features such as video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. That is just the tip of the iceberg. They have even more to offer the video world and the world itself.


Bob Reina has been quoted as saying he is looking out for the next big thing ( It just goes to show the world that no matter what someone’s background is or what their former job was, they can do anything if they care, show up for work, and put the time in to make it right. There is nothing out there to stop them or get in their way. They have all of the skills right in the palm of their hands with Talk Fusion.


So many people are beyond grateful they have discovered Talk Fusion and Bob Reina has come into their lives. They don’t know what they would do without it.


Bob Reina Propels Talk Fusion to Greater Heights

Bob Reina, Talk Fusion’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer has over 25 years of experience in network marketing industry. He shares his vast experience in network marketing with Talk Fusion’s associates through motivational videos and written resources. Recently, he has launched Talk Fusion University, a private virtual hub to share his over 25 years of experience in network marketing. Previously, Bob Reina worked as a police officer in Hillsborough County in Florida. He was introduced into network marketing in the 1990s. He became a top earner in the industry through his duplicable four-step system.

According to Bob Reina, success in the network marketing industry depends not only on individual efforts but combined efforts. Here, you deal with people from all walks of life, different educational background, and different personality. You have to focus on teamwork for you to succeed in network marketing industry. Talk Fusion’s new system appeals to people from all sorts of background. Over time, Bob Reina has built a massive global following that reveres his winning mentality, marketing expertise, and work ethic. He often delivers motivational messages to his Facebook page and corporate broadcasts. The Talk Fusion University has helped Bob Reina to take his training to a different level.

Currently, Bob Reina hosts over 30 videos in which he uses to expose Talk Fusion’s business opportunities and award-winning products. Bob also uses written resources and motivational videos to showcase his ever-growing journalism portfolio and company’s blog. Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion University sets itself apart from the competitors through its excellent performance and price. Bob’s expertise and knowledge of the industry have helped him to get to the top and help others get their ideas off the ground. Learn more:

About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion pioneered the world’s first fully-packaged video marketing solution. The firm devotes to helping its associates retain their customers, increase sales and profit, and set themselves apart from the competition. Currently, Talk Fusion distributes its products and services through its independent associates in over 140 countries. Talk Fusion uses dynamic marketing approaches to reach its customers across the world. Again, it devotes to giving back to society by supporting various charitable initiatives.